Poem: Father, Take the Reins


Father, Take the Reins

We are all one, a part of the whole,
the entirety of existence, one big soul.
Humanity, the children of our father,
the hands of the one who has all power.

My life is yours, I’m your child, your hand.
Please manipulate and do with me what you can.
Take me, for I am yours to do with as you please.
Hear me, O Lord as I am on my knees.

You are my father, you know what is best.
I am your child and want to be obedient.
Teach me to follow you with every step.
I need you in my life, for without you I am lost.

In an ocean of water, I’m but a drop in the sea.
The bigger purpose of life I can not see.
Like little insects crawling in a space,
no clue as to their role in this wide-open place.

As an eagle soars above the wind up high,
let me fly through life with you by my side.
Teach me your ways, give me your will.
Constantly, I’ll pray for more knowledge still.

Give me old age, so that I can be wise.
Give me death, so that I can realize,
there is a new house where I can reside,
containing your spirit, deep inside.

This anger, self-will, control and resentments,
gives me heart-breaking, stomach-aching, unhappiness.
This thunder and lightening, head-splitting noise
the storm inside me deafens me to your voice.
Kill my enemies, give me shelter from the storm.
Restore my vision, keep me safe from harm.
Remove my layers, rearrange my parts.
Turn me inside out Lord, so I can find your heart.

I love this place, deep peacefulness inside.
Your loving presence where I can hide.
Like a caress of the wind, your soft touch,
your eternal love, its more than enough.

My judging, comparing and finding fault with others,
makes me feel imperfect, unloved and worthless.
My self-importance, envy and wrongful sight,
only blind me to the truth of living in your light.

O Lord, I will not ask for anything more for myself,
except to humbly pray for your supreme guidance.
To accept what comes and to go with the flow
to let go of my thoughts and let you control.

O Lord, kill my self-will, strike it dead,
and fill me up with your will instead.
Become my chariot, my will and my desire.
Father, take the reins and be my fire.

~ Betsy ~
June 2006

Inspired by my taking of AA 3rd Step: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.

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One comment on “Poem: Father, Take the Reins
  1. Asaf Ayub Pesiwarissa says:

    Mother Betsy, what a nice poem/prayer,
    I already copy it to be used by my self, my wife Mellyawti, and my children. Thank you.
    Thanks God for showing me the Way to You.
    Asaf Ayub Pesiwarissa, Jakarta, Indonesia

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