Poem: Fear is Not Present

Poem: Fear is Not Present

Fear, the master of my emotions.
Forgetting the present, being self-centered.
Time wasted, fearful of the future
and events that rarely happen.

Events are stressful because of what I expect.
Vivid imaginings of how they will play out.
You run the show. Let me accept that it will go the way you set.
Take away my desire to have things turn out the way I want.

Let me forget myself, the future and let go of the past,
and treasure each moment on earth as if it is my very last.
Let me know that I am perfect just as I am
and that everything I need is available HERE right now.

Let me rejoice in all that happens, the easy and the hard,
and accept myself today for exactly where I’m at.
Let me face my feelings, however uncomfortable they may be,
and know that each experience will give me exactly what I need.

~ Betsy ~
July 22, 2006

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