Poem: Letting Go


L E T T I N G  G O . . .

A moment of stillness and simply SEEING that there is:

No Past
No Future
No Birth
No Death
No Inside
No Outside
No Up
No Down
No Thing

The outside is reflected within
translated energy from human senses
into information important for our survival.

The illusion is the world we see is out there,
but what we see is happening inside and it’s always past tense.
Due to mistaken self-identity we keep our focus in our
picture world and get lost in our own creation.

The only thing that is real, eternally, is *this moment* is *seeing*.

Surprised to discover an obvious truth
that only Oneness exists and we are made of that
and everything arises out of it.

May 1, 2015

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One comment on “Poem: Letting Go
  1. Peter Wang says:

    Beautiful, non duality. Happy “no birth” day 🙂

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