Poem: Polish the Mirror of Our Heart

“If you are an enlightened soul why are you not with your enlightened soul? If you have no enlightened soul, why don’t you become an enlightened soul, meaning to polish the mirror of your heart?” – Anonymous


Poem: How to Polish the Mirror of Our Heart?

By describing the indescribable, does reality come more near?
Could eternity be different for enlightened souls or
of what use would a soul have for enlightenment?
Can a world-view being perceived by one’s split past
give information about what exists in the present moment?

If the soul doesn’t desire enlightenment, then
wouldn’t this be a ‘key’ to find out exactly who does?
If you are your soul mate, then there isn’t anything
to connect with, except to meditate being in this very
moment, not identified with passing images.

Before we know what it means to be split,
all motivation serves to validate our separated existence
subconscious hidden motives are our private agenda
– whatever is foremost in your mind –
keeping us separate from the whole.

We aren’t meditating, living within a mental framework,
as long as there is an individual goal – no matter how noble –
our blinders are in place, walking the path of circles!
What can be said about ‘spiritual enlightenment’ is that
the resulting daydream is the subtlest of the mind’s tricks.

I agree we should polish the mirror of our heart,
but the practical question remains on how to proceed?
Surely it’s not by adopting different viewpoints –
I’m not fooled by the magician, who with a slight of hand
merely swaps one version of reality for another…

For sure it’s not layering another image on the image I see,
or a concept trying to live the concept of a spiritual being.
What is left is a tedious task, methodically finding
the specks of dusts and removing them – one by one.
But I could change my mind and be happy with that.

~ Betsy ~
September 5, 2004

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