Poem: The Politician


The Politician

Telling us what he thinks
we want to know.
Steering our lives by
his judgments and beliefs.
Not representing – but presenting
his own view of himself.

The ultimate, actor on the stage
false face, false views
lying to the world.
A man with a mask in a
masquerade, hiding himself
from all who would look.

Irony, sadness & dismay to see
how he performs for appearances–
But don’t we all play this
game of hide-and-seek,
not willing to look within
at ourselves and what we project?

Filtering our words with
our desires, fears and beliefs.
Hiding from our inner-self
within a world of pretending.
Presenting a face of desired images
lying to oneself and others.

Once aware of the game
we play with our mind,
changing our true nature
with desires and beliefs.
Then we will be empowered
to throw away our worn-out faces.

~ Betsy ~
December 1, 2006

Graphic is ‘7 of Clouds’ from the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

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