Poem: Question What You can SEE


Poem: Question What You can SEE

Question what you can SEE
inside and outside of yourself.
Senses make the unseen tangible and visible.
Thought is visible consciousness
tracing the passage of your invisible self.

Asking ‘Who Am I?’ is a good start
The question makes you momentarily visible
but then one might wonder: “Who is it that’s asking?”
Reflecting is process of seeking the source,
and will continue until the seeker is found.

Consciousness and what is known
is always past-tense.
You are not inside of consciousness as
Nothing can contain you.
Fluid Spirit has no boundaries.

Moments of Being one with oneself
the universe opens in all directions
but limitless boundary can’t be sustained.
Coming back to ground and daily life
continuing on with one’s meditation.

Ecstatic experience of bliss only happens
when one is completely quiet without a notion of self.
With regular practice, blissful moments lengthen
a new proof confirming that nothing is ever lost:
each time we give our ‘old life’ – we receive ‘new life’.

~ Betsy ~
January 25, 2009

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