Poem: Response to September 11, 2001

Poetic Response to September 11, 2001

Silence of sadness
no bird sings in burned forest
cold ash covers soil.
Hiroshima still present
human’s omni ignorance.

    Desolate landscape
    money filling holes of loss
    paper substitute.
    Opportunity wasted
    to find essential longing.

Victim’s reactions
scrambled shrinking shocked egos
illusion’s carte blanche.
Hidden in ash covered soil
subtle seeds waiting to sprout.
    Ghost town, USA
    zombies beginning to see
    side-effects of past.
    Things can’t hold security
    source of strength comes from within.

Weight of attitudes
painful deep engraved patterns
suppressing soul’s urge.
Conflict of existence grows
quest towards a step to Self.

    Circle’s endless road
    footsteps building energy
    eventual change.
    Pain results from resistance
    directing one to look inside.

Numbness from smashed goals
ego’s card house blown flat down
pain seeing one’s crash.
Will all waste their chance for change?
Looking outside for the cause?

    Exposed illusion
    bright light illuminates cracks
    there’s no place to hide.
    Turning to face one’s dark side
    acknowledgement – seed of change.

Sprout’s strength cracking shells
urge of growing towards light
birth movements of growth.
Let’s drop empty shells of self
focusing essential goals.

    Transformation pain
    can be minimized, choosing
    unified intent.
    All is growing towards the whole
    energy will be expressed.

Life penetrates us
light to be exchanged for free
present NOW within.
Through all existing beings
me and you – no boundaries.

    Losing grip of self
    seeing that there is a choice
    of how to focus.
    Identifying world gone
    one can be expressed through you.

On worn out railroads
blind men are guiding blind men
trapped in power games.
Let’s jump off this rotten train
walking pathways of surprise.

    The time is right now
    to listen to our own hearts
    intelligence is beating.
    Letting a new source guide us
    dropping material world.

BeiYin: Sept. 21, 2001
Betsy: Sept 23, 2001- Autumnal Equinox 12:05

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