Poem: Unconditional Love, The Universal Cure


Unconditional Love, The Universal Cure

Nobody wants a teacher
that talks down to them
that analyzes them like
a rat in a laboratory experiment.

Rather, what we all want and need
is to be accepted exactly as we are
in our reality of this moment – to be seen
even if it’s not pretty or not wanted.

If someone has a cancer,
then allow them to express their pain,
don’t look away – meet their eyes
and let their pain enter into you.

Know that cancer is a sign of healing
not something to get rid of or to fix
Don’t offer things not being asked for
but rather listen or ask them what they need.

When you can look into a face of pain
and feel it fully and not want to run
then you are centered and can ask questions
forgetting your own agenda, you forget yourself.

Live gives us opportunities every day
to express ourselves unconditionally
But unconditional never happens
when we have reason for our doing.

~ Betsy ~
January 9, 2008

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