Poem: What’s It Like to Be Aware?


Poem: What’s it like to be aware and how does it happen?

There is no internal chatter
thinking is totally silent
knowing is instant and direct.

There is no emotion
one’s body is totally relaxed
filled with blissful tingling.

Sound has no formed edges
rather you hear all at once
extending to far reaches of cosmos.

Sight has no delineation
you see interacting changing shapes
expanding into distant horizons.

Touch has no barriers
vibrations blend and bodies melt
the two are merged as one.

Your life IS transformation
spontaneously adapting to the new
no resistance, no pain, no disease, no death.

Your body no longer confines
you can travel to far spaces
and be everywhere at once.

Upon awakening “I think therefore I am.”
is replaced with “I AM when I don’t think.”
these are changed perspectives and neither is truth.

Believing you are awake ends your evolution.
You confirm your belief by ability to willfully
focus attention when desired – which is merely meditation.

Thousands of hours of meditation are needed
to slowly distinguish the mirror
transforming oneself into invisible being.

Then there will be no need to stand firm
focusing intently to manifest your energy
into your vibrational concept of being.

Actually, while ‘being’ it’s not possible
to ‘stand firm and observe clouds’ as
when aware there are no clouds to observe.

When you no longer seek proof that you are aware
based on what you observe and how you react
when you are always one with one, the meditation is over.

~ Betsy ~
February 16, 2009 11:00 am

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