Pulling Runes – Life is A Journey

Yesterday there were six of us sitting at the table and I suggested that we all pull a rune and have a reading. When I asked Michael what should be the question he said: “What is it that the Universe wants to tell me right now?” With that question in mind, in turn we each pulled a rune…

I pulled the first one and the message was very clear for me. The message was about developing compassion for all parts of life, to know that we are all One and also that there is no higher or lower life form, that all are needed as parts of the growing whole. It warned me not to think about going into a physical partnership at this time, that this would take me off track. I could see myself thinking this way of late, so took the warning to heart. In the past I’ve always sought the support of another person to have in my life, when I felt alone. I do see that this would be a distraction for me and what is most important is that I use this ‘alone time’ to develop an inner support and trust in life in a general way that isn’t dependent upon any outside material: a person, place or thing.

This is a difficult step for me because I’ve seen that my happiness in the past has been so dependent upon the mood of other people around me or from what I perceive I have in my life. If they are happy, then I’m happy and if not, then I’m not. While it is true, in a general sense, that we are affected by the energy of others, what I haven’t learned to do is to ‘be the source of my own joy’. I know that one’s resulting happiness comes predominately from one’s inner attitude and is reflected from the inside to the outside, but realizing this in one’s life is another thing. My error has always been identifying with the outside of what was going on around me, with all my interpretation about it and then having my emotional reaction about it. This I can see is the essence of what is meant to personally ‘turn around oneself’. I can see that if I can grow in my ability to accept happenings and people how they are right now (especially myself) and not react out of emotions that are triggered, and then this can result in an inner silence and the space to respond out of that quiet presence.

I also see that if one is not involved in one’s own inner sulking, that this takes one out of oneself, and can result in one looking outward at what is around in life with the corresponding possibility that one might have compassion or love for what is around. To have true compassion I see that I have to realize deep down, that I am nothing more than a part of the growing whole and not a separated and thusly ‘important’ entity. We are all needed and we are all parts of the growing whole. For me, my message is all about developing compassion in my life, which I see is only possible if I can drop the dark cloud of turning around in my own personal worldview.

After my rune, the other people each drew one and as I watched each in turn, I saw that the message for each person was very fitting for that person’s life. Each face grew serious as they received their reading and I could see how each person had a challenge to face in their own growing process. I felt compassion for each person, seeing the step they faced and how it would challenge them. I saw that nobody in our group was sailing on ‘easy street’ without something in life that they needed to confront. I saw that there was no way to push people beyond what was their step, they had to go through it, and they would deal with it when they were ready to do so. I also saw that everybody had to face their individual challenge alone, in the sense of it being an ‘inside issue’, yet that there was support around from others if they wanted it. I saw that this is how life is; we are on a journey, unfolding and growing by facing these challenges. Seeing this aspect, made life look a whole lot less complicated.

I felt at that moment that we were all equal, all human beings walking our paths, facing our difficulties that life was presenting to us. I saw that everybody was on a different step. Some steps I had been through yet also I saw that the step for them was different, as it was tailored for that individual’s life – thusly unique. I realized that certainly there were steps ahead of me that I would face in the future (besides my current one), and that there would be no end to the steps as long as I am living. That thought alone, makes it easier for me to deal with what is here right now, seeing that this is what is the most important, also seeing this common bond with all of us was humbling.

In essence, I saw through our readings that life is a journey and each of us is making our unique walk through it, yet also walking together on this path of Oneness on this planet, each of us expressing unique and important parts of the whole. I saw that everybody is facing his or her own challenge in life at any moment, and this makes that nobody’s life is more important than another persons. Together, we are expressing Oneness. The simple truth is that we are all here together – right now – walking our paths and facing our individual challenges from life the best that we can and this is our common bond.

August 6, 2005

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