When Pushing IS NOT Effective


you were born“The thoughts we generate based on our choices and perspectives can either block or facilitate the energy flow. The choice is ours. Thoughts that block or make us more closed not only repel people, events and actions we desire but also our energy for that action. The closed mind operates as a separate entity using will power as the only drive it has, but it cannot fly or go to the infinite areas that are in the universe. Once you learn not to give importance to the thoughts that block you, then those thoughts go away. Negative thoughts are the basic resistance factor in our system. Once you reduce your resistance, your body can accept more energy and you do can do things based on your intention.”

From Life is Binary: Life is Energy, by Vivbala

Thoughts About Pushing

I rose much earlier than usual today and thought about having a glass of water with lemon to start my day as was hinted to me to do yesterday. However, I chose to ignore that impulse and instead drank a cup of coffee as is my habit. I have three reasons why I drink coffee, it gives me an energy boost, it helps to move the bowels and I like how it tastes. I have a regular routine each day, doing things in sequence. After I have a coffee, I go to the bathroom and then take a walk. Today the bowel movement was not urgent like usual, I tried anyway and had a partial movement. After returning from my walk, I ate a meal and then the rest naturally released.

Afterwards I realized several things. The first was that my bowel movement was tied to the time I ate my meals more than any other factor. It was a false belief that coffee helped with that. The second was that I had plenty of energy in the morning, it is why I rose early. I actually had no need of an energy boost. These observations have eliminated two of my reasons for drinking coffee, which leaves the last that I like the taste of it. To let go my last reason I will next observe closer how the caffeine affects my energy level. I predict I will observe that the sudden energy surge from the caffeine will actually reduce my overall level of energy once the drug wears off. I am also aware that consuming coffee causes deforestation of the rainforest, which gives me another reason to stop.

Next I realize that I am becoming more aware of my patterns and rhythms throughout the day, not just in my life but also how I interact with the outside world. I feel fine with my decision to drink coffee today because if I had not done it this morning I would not have seen these things. The next realization has to do with the article title: Pushing is Not Effective. This quote makes it clear, that if you push something before it is ready then you not only waste energy but also you can harm yourself (or others):

“Mom: You know your dad just had hemorrhoid surgery and it’s very painful. That’s why you don’t push, if it’s not happening then you get up and come back later and try again.” – Kate McKinnon speaking to her children in SNL skit: Mother’s Day Game Show, 2014

Vivbala’s quote made it clear that if you can create something using the power of the source energy behind you versus using your own power it is much stronger and more effective and you don’t need to struggle or fight to achieve what you intend. The question then arises: How can we know which way we are doing it? I feel this is a very important question because if we are using will power to achieve things in the world, it means we are channeling energy through our mind or limited self versus channeling the energy of one. The energy of the separated self is much less than the energy of one! With will power, we use the energy that is held in the body whereas with one-power we use the energy of the source that is unlimited and infinite.

The Blind Runner

Next, I went for my walk. It was very pleasant and quiet with hardly anyone around because it was so early. I enjoyed hearing the birds singing, which I realize is the best time of day to hear them. The birds sing loudest at sunrise. I only saw one person on the walk today who was a very fit middle-aged man, who was running fast along the trail. I noticed as he approached me that he was not looking at me, rather his head was tilted a bit upwards and he was looking left, right, left at the trees and nature as he ran. I said “Good Morning” when he approached but he did not even see or hear me! Then it hit me! He was totally focused on looking at the beautiful scenery and his running! I clearly saw a person in motion who was using will-power and trying to SEE. It was the answer to my question. He totally believed he was seeing and enjoying the beautiful nature all around, but was not able to see an alert and alive being who was right there on his path smiling and saying Good Morning to him! That one image sharply delineated the differences between flowing with the one source versus doing one’s own thing. The quality of experience, being and opportunities are much different depending upon your alignment.

If you have read this far the question might arise: How are forcing a bowel movement and the blind runner related?

They are related because it is a matter of pushing your own agenda, using your will power to do things when they are not ready. It is mostly a matter of timing! This disharmony happens when we have not aligned ourselves with the rhythm of life that is unfolding all the time around us in the moment it is happening. It happens because of our habit to think and use our mind to determine what we want to do and then act on that without taking a moment to really SEE what is there right now. While busy thinking, we lose time with what is unfolding and then when we respond we are always out of synch with life. When we are out-of-synch with life, life can’t get behind us to support us with it’s abundant energy because when we are not aligned with oneness we are rather occupied using our own limited power, which is mostly memory based and always a moment too late in time.

June 8, 2014

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