Quantum Entanglement Experiment with Distance Healing

Quantum Entanglement Experiment with Distance Healing

yin-yang-hawks Quantum entanglement describes a quality where two molecules are entangled by being in communication or connected with each other. Then you can separate them to opposite ends of the universe and they are still connected. Then any change that happens to one molecule would instantaneously affect the other molecule, no matter the distance.

How can two objects be entangled at huge distances and have changes happen to the two objects simultaneously? I think it has something to do with the presence of energy, perhaps dark energy that fills all space and fills the space between every particle of all objects. Because dark energy has no particles it is the most liquid of all substances, no object can prevent being saturated by it. It is as if we are living in a sea of dark energy, where everything is instantly connected to everything else because dark energy is everywhere at once including being inside of us. Energetically, there is no distance between objects. Energetically, you do not have to travel to the location of another object to interact with it. It can be done from afar through the vehicle of dark energy that is ever-present.

Because we are conscious beings, we have the ability to place our attention on any object or thing that we are aware of or believe may exist. If we are aware of the existence of dark energy, then we can place our attention towards it. We do this with acute attention to being still and not reacting to anything, we hear, see or feel. We become the observer. This is the art of mediation, which needs much practice to be able to sustain quiet mind for a long interval. When we are completely still inside, thinking is non-existent and time seems to stand still, and you feel like you can reach to the far ends of the universe. The experience is as if you are engulfed in the galaxy and you have no sense of borders of your body. When you can sustain quiet mind for a long interval, an hour meditation can seem like only a few minutes has elapsed. Physics has shown that as you approach the speed of light, time slows down. At the speed of light time stands still. While you are in the meditative state you are not experiencing physical reality, you are experiencing energetic reality, which moves much faster than physical reality. These side-affects have often been reported by mystics over the ages.

It seems to me it could be proved scientifically that human beings can form a quantum entanglement with the art of distant healing. I believe quantum entanglement happens when two objects are in communication with each other, and it inherently has something to do with consciousness that is present in every thing. Dark energy is also a thing, and it contains consciousness as well. Now, think about that, consciousness is everywhere, all around us and inside us to and we can intimately connect with it, and transport ourselves around the universe, time travel and affect objects at great distances.

The experiment is actually quite simple, is much cheaper than the quantum experiments being done and I am ready to participate if someone wants to test it out. This experiment can show that quantum entanglement can be established with human intention and can show how when entangled, both objects change. I have been giving energy healings for many years and am sensitive to feeling electrical activity in muscles and neural activity in the body and mind, which I feel as a subtle vibration. I can detect where energy is working in the body, according to where I feel the vibration. I am quite certain that when I give a distance healing, both of us are entangled and both of us receive a healing. A change in the person I am connected to (entangled with), affects me and a change in me affects them. When I give distance healings to people who are sensitive to feeling energetic vibrations, they are able to report feeling energy working in the same areas of their body that I described to them.

The main quality I feel in an energy healing is vibration moving around in the body and firing of neurons in the mind. Both of these phenomena can be measured in the laboratory. To do the experiment a medical facility is needed with an electroencephalography (EEG) machine to record current flows in the brain, and an electromyography (EMG) machine to record electrical activity in the skeletal muscles.
A designated person at the facility needs to receive the distance healing and has to be hooked up to these machines, which will make recordings for the duration of the session. A good candidate to receive the healing would be someone with good health and equal balance in use of left and right brain. The higher the candidate’s self-realization level and health, the stronger the neurons will fire. Equal use of left and right brain is a sign of higher level of self-realization. A distance healing lasts one hour. I only need the full name, geographical location, time and date, and photo of the person who is to receive the distance healing. Travel is not needed…. At the appointed date and time, I will give the distance healing and record where I felt energy working in the body, and of course, the medical facility would have the machines recording during the session. Other tools such as brain scanning tools may also be useful.

I have no doubt you will see a spike in activity in both the EEG and the EMG from the control state as soon as the distance healing starts, which will prove that humans can affect objects at a distance. As the distance healing progresses, certain patterns of body and mind activation follow a certain sequence and firing of neurons in general gets stronger as the session progresses. Of course, one experiment is not enough to prove a point and many more can easily be done. A distance healing can also be sent to past, present or future times, which is another interesting aspect by itself.

I am serious about doing this experiment and am ready to go. Think about it…

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