Quicken Touch Healing Method

Quicken Touch(Tm) – Healing Method using Reiki & Acupressure

The trick needed for self-healing is to increase our  energy level which can be difficult if we already have serious health problems. As we age, blocks build up in the body due to tissue, ligament, muscle and bone adhesion’s as well as emotional trauma and also very important blockages are due to our repeated caricature-like body movements due to expression or our personality. These mostly come from our subconscious mind as repeated or programmed behavior and through repeated use over time, our responses to life from the way we think, feel and move eventually cause energetic blocks in the body which create areas for disease to start. The way we think, express emotions and our beliefs are major energy blocks and eventually we need to be address them to further heal. I still feel my Quicken Touch healing method will bring each energetic block to the surface to be healed and dealt with in the natural order it needs to be addressed for you to gain the maximum amount of energy and awareness. Therefore, you do not have to decide what to do next, your innate wisdom can do it for you. All you have to do is surrender, which is easily said than done!

The body will find a new energy path around blocked areas and we might not even know we have these blocks, but the new pathways won’t be optimal and eventually health problems will lodge into, around and behind the blocked pathways. Be they mental, emotional or physical. Blockages tend to have a domino effect, so health problems accumulate as we age. Blockages reduce one’s overall level of energy so must be removed to increase our internal energy level. Given how you don’t know where they are or how to remove them, the best is to let your own healer do the work for you. There is a simple way you can facilitate this. The first is to believe it’s possible, the second is to do the exercise as much as possible and the third is to boost your starting energy available for the healing. This is what I describe next.

Note that you are made of energy and have energy to use through palpation – through the endpoints of your fingers. Your fingers have many nerve endings and are a natural pathway of energy exchange to other objects – including yourself! When you apply the energy of your fingertips or hands to yourself, you amplify your own energy by creating a loop through your nervous system touch receptors. So you see, you need to use both hands, as this creates a positive and negative pole and a closed loop. When electricity travels in a circle with positive and negative poles, it speeds up, just like that in the copper coil windings of a motor. All the cells in the body act like miniature batteries, and respond to positive and negative charges and build energy in each cell. It’s that simple. Other objects that have clear and strong energetic frequencies can be used to ramp up your own starting energy through the principle of entrainment.

The most effective way I found to amplify my own starting energy is with reiki and applying it to the endpoints of the main Chinese meridian pathways of the body. My technique uses Reiki and Acupressure and I call it ‘Quicken Touch’. Each meridian in the body consists of a line of points, called acupoints. The acupoints are areas where the energy in the body is near to the surface and are thus easily palpated and stimulated. Stimulation of the acupoint excites the nerve cells, and this causes a domino affect to excite the whole meridian in the body. With excitation of cells, a force is generated which is that which works to open blocked areas of energy flow in the body, primarily along the neuromuscular junctions. My technique excites energy in the body along all the major pathways and your healer will then use this ‘energy boost’ to make the openings it needs, always working intelligently on the most important blocked pathways – always with the end goal to ‘get more energy’ in the ‘most efficient manner’. You don’t have to know how your own healer heals your body, you only have to trust it is so and allow it to happen. This self-healing technique is different, in that it is not necessary to diagnose what is wrong and try to treat the affected part, which tends to rely on guesswork. Rather it relies on super boosting all main energy pathways of the body, and then allowing your healer to use that surplus in the way that’s best for your highest good. This is the same thing that happens when you sleep at night, your healer takes over when you ‘go to sleep’ and can heal anything in your body, restoring you to health, whether it be a cut finger, a broken leg, a headache, emotional upset, rashes, etc.

The other way I boost my energy at the start is I hold a copper ring of about 12” in diameter, for around 5 minutes while standing before I do the acupressure technique. I found out that the ring acts as an oscillator, exciting my bodies nervous system in a ramped up fashion, almost like an oscillator behaves in a motor.

Details of Copper Ring I made and use with the Reiki:

Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG
End view of inside portion of electric utility cable, with 7 packed copper wires. Detail showing how the ring is connected by overlapping and wrapping wire around ends. Completed copper ring, consisting of 7 wires with a single wire wrapped around overlapping ends to hold it together. 12″ in diameter.

Reiki energy works, because it is a clear frequency that you can entrain to with your intention, and using this tool substantially boosts your energy and makes the meridian’s excite faster. You do not have to use reiki, nor the other tools I suggest above for the Quicken Touch method I describe next, your own starting energy would work, but it would be less effective. You will get a big boost and quicker results by using these boosts. As you progress in your healing, with each block you remove your energy will keep growing stronger, so each subsequent session will be more effective.

In case you wish to try the Reiki, here in brief is how to do it. If you don’t want to try the Reiki now, then skip on down to the Acupressure Section.

chokurei seiheiki
Cho Ku Rei Se Hei Ki

Reiki Technique: Invoke the above two energetic frequencies. (If you prefer you can get reiki level 1 attunement by a reiki master, which you can easily find people in internet willing to give this for free.) You can do this simply by visualizing the symbol and having positive intention that you will be able to resonate with that frequency. Then sing the syllables of the symbol, splitting it into 4 syllables (Show, Ku, OO, Ray and Say, Hey, EE, Key) and singing it from your stomach with a full voice. Have Faith, entrainment works… You can get Reiki Attunement and Instructions for How to do Reiki from the Reiki Ascension website.

WARM UP – Amplify Starting Energy

Stand, holding the copper ring (or: crystal, rechargeable battery, coil of steel wire) with both hands or if you don’t have an object put your hands together in prayer fashion. Stand for around 5 minutes in total. At first meditatively focus on the feeling between one’s feet and the ground, while holding the object. When your feet start to feel tingly or you sense a light buzzing, then switch your focus to feeling the energy between your palms or on the object you are holding in your hands. Your focus should always be on the interface of the energy happening between your hands, palms and/or fingertips and the object you are touching with them (which sometimes is your own body). You are NOT making this energy, rather it is already there and the better able you are to stay in contact with the focal point on the feeling in this interface, then the more the energy in your whole body will accelerate. Focusing on the subtle pulse of nerve pulse exchanges happening when you touch something, is a focus on feeling, which is that which quiets your mind as you have withdrawn attention to thinking, this focal point is what makes this technique meditative and also that which increases your energy. Anytime during this technique, when you notice you’ve lost focus with the feeling at the interface of your hands and the object your touching, then you might notice you’ve lapsed into thinking. This is normal and expected. When it happens, then simply acknowledge it and shift your focus back to feeling the energy exchange happening between your fingers/palm and the object you are touching. The more you can focus on feeling the energy the better results you will get, as feeling doesn’t require thought and is a good meditation.

As experiments on different days, you might try this first without any reiki symbols, then add one symbol and see if you notice a difference in the level of energy excitement, then add the other, then both together and note the differences. There are distinct differences in energy and one can feel the difference between no reiki symbol use, no ring use and even a difference between the 2 reiki symbols: ChoKuRei and SeHeiKi. This you might need to do to convince yourself that Reiki indeed works. As you practice you will become more sensitive to feeling energy in objects, inside of yourself and in nature as well.

You should now be vibrating at a higher rate, amplified with one of the techniques described – even if you can’t feel it, just trust that you are. Each time you practice you will feel it more.

Quicken Touch Acupressure Technique

1. Sit Down: Next sit down in a position which is comfortable to reach your toes. You can sit in a chair, on a couch with legs raised or on the floor with legs apart or legs straight out if you are flexible. (If you can’t reach your toes you can do the same technique starting on either the knees or hips or even from the arms, if you need a modification contact me.)

2. Treat the Feet: Treat each toe for around 2 minutes each. The meridian points on the toes in general are on the outside corner of each toe nail at the base of the nail, sort of kitty corner to the bottom edge. See the Urinary Bladder Meridian chart (ref. below), to see exactly what I’m describing here if you are not clear on this. However there are meridians on either side of each nail, even they are not documented as such, so apply acupressure to both sides of the nail at once, to activate the meridian more strongly. For exact meridian points check out the website: Yin Yang House. Excellent acupuncture and meridian database and charts!

Acupressure Technique: Using your thumb and index finger (or middle finger) put light to firm pressure on the inside and outside corner acupoints at the base of the nail of the pinkie toe. Treat both pinkies on both feet at once. Meditatively, feel the energy under your fingertip where it touches the acupoint, it’s much like feeling the pulse in your wrist, just it’s more subtle. With practice you will feel it more strongly. If you are on the meridian you should feel it, if you don’t feel anything you can try to adjust position slightly until you can sense the energy pulse under you fingertip. However, feeling energy takes practice so you might not feel anything, this doesn’t matter it is still working, just keep trying to feel it and do regular practice and your ability to feel it will grow. After you feel the pulse established you can back off on the pressure a bit. You don’t have to press really hard to do acupressure, just hard enough to stimulate the deeper, touch nerve receptors.

Apply the acupressure for 2 minutes to same toes on both feet, and successively do the toes in this order: pinkie toe, 2nd toe, middle toe, index toe, ending with Big toe. After the big toe, do the kidney points on the bottom of the soles of the feet. This is the indentation in the middle of the foot just under the soft fleshy pad of the front of the foot. Doing these 6 pairs of points, on the feet, then should take around 12 minutes. After this you should feel that the feet are tingling, energized and activated as a whole. (Note: Later on when you have cleared sufficient blockages, you can do all 5 toes at once, both feet at the same time. To begin it is better to do one meridian at a time, because the energy concentrates only on that meridian. You need more energy to start the clearing. Later when you have more you can disperse it more widely.)

3. Treat the Hands: After you have finished the feet, then move on to the hands. It is difficult to do both hands at once. Yet, both hands can be done at once, but to describe it is nearly impossible, so I leave it to the reader to experiment with it. With single hand treatment, do the left hand first then after this do the right hand. I put my thumb under the pad of the finger and two fingers on the acupoints at the base of the nail and hold from 1-2 minutes. However, you can use whatever fingers are most comfortable for you to do it. Treat the fingers in this order: pinkie finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger and lastly the thumb. Then treat the other hand. To treat both hands should take from 10-20 minutes. After both hands are done then press the points in the middle of the palms of your hands (acupoint: PC9), both hands at once. You can do this by laying your hands palms together, fingers going in opposite directions and pressing with your middle finger. Hold this for 2 minutes. You should now feel that your hands as a whole, are energized and tingling. (The palms of hands and feet concentrate the energy of all meridians and activate the limb.)

4. Treat the Central Channels: For self-treatment: Put one finger of one hand on the spot between the anus and genitals, in the center of the perineum (acupoint CV1). Put the other finger of the other hand on the spot in the indentation of your chin (acupoint CV24). Hold these two points for around 2 minutes, this activates the Conception Vessel meridian which flows on the front of the torso up through skull. After this, leave your finger on CV1, and move the other finger on chin at CV24, to the spot just above your lips and below your nose. This is acupoint GV26 on the Governing Vessel Meridian and activates the meridian going up from your tailbone, up spine, up neck, over top of head and down to top teeth – basically the spinal column. Hold these two points for around 2 more minutes or as long as feels good for you or have time for — this will finish the whole body activation of all meridians and your session. For treating another: it is not appropriate to use acupressure on the CV1 acupoint in the perineum area, so in this case, put one finger on acupoint CV24 in indentation of chin, and the other on acupoint GV26 in indentation below nose and above upper lip, then use acupressure on these two points for 4 minutes.

That’s it! Now you only need to practice this as much as possible and you will stop the progression of your disease and/or rise your awareness. You will see changes each day and various symptoms which are signs of healing taking place. Be satisfied with steady progress on a daily basis. Healing takes a long time, so don’t have unrealistic expectations. When you’ve practiced this for a few weeks you should get direct confirmation that indeed it works, so see the great potential this is, you are now in a healing process versus being in a degenerative process. The more you practice it, the better you will get at it. If starting from the position of having a chronic sickness or advanced stage of disease, then one will need to do this up to 6 hours per day. It can help to get a caregiver learn how to do it, so then they can give it to you, if you can’t do it yourself, as well the caregivers energy can be higher than your own, at least doing it for you until you can take it over yourself. If you can’t reach your toes,, then you can start by just doing your hands, until your body gets more flexibility.

Additional Information

Laying on of Hands: Laying on of hands, uses the same principles above using acupressure. After you have done the acupressure session, then your whole body and especially the palms of your hands are highly charged. You can now just put your palms lightly on any part of the body and just focus on the feeling of energy exchange happening between your palm and the body part you are touching. This will activate the nerve and muscle cells of that part of the body, essentially healing this area, that you are touching with your palms. This is a good thing to do as a second follow up session after the acupressure method if you have time, placing palms on the joints of body in this order: tops of feet, around the ankles, backs of knees, fronts and sides of knees, at hip/leg bone joint, on sacrum/hip in back, on wrists, on elbows, on shoulder joint tops, on collar bones. After this do the chakra tuning lying down: place hands on groin, and then move up the front of body with palms horizontal, leaving higher hand in place, and moving lower hand above the other, like stepping up the front of body, then ending with palms at top of skull — holding each position for a few minutes. One can also use palms on any body part that is tense or has pain. Intoning the reiki symbols and then doing the chakra tuning section above is a great way to help you fall asleep.

Advanced: After you have worked with this technique for some time, later you can internally watch the activation of an energy meridian path to see how it flows through your body. When the body starts to work on an adhesion or blocked are you will notice the energy is stopped in that area of your body, you will sense it as a tugging sensation, pulsating, pushing against the blocked area. When what was being worked on in that area is opened, you will get a tingling feeling and notice the energy go farther along the path up to the next blocked area. Other meridians may open as a reaction later on as well.

Spot Treatments: Later you will discover areas of larger blockage in your body where the energy works hard to open it. A short cut to increase work on this area is to find a clear meridian point on that area of the body on either side of the blockage and apply pressure to the points on either side of it. This is also known as sandwiching. An interesting fact is that wherever you apply two points of pressure on the body, the work happens between those points. Electricity makes the connection to the shortest path. Everybody knows that. So when you apply pressure to the same meridians on the right and left foot you work that meridian throughout the entire body. One side of your body WILL BE more blocked than the other. Some meridians will be more blocked than others. Each meridian when totally cleared forms a cricle in the body. In later healing, the meridians dissolve as the nervous system connections expand and get multi-facted, but that’s another topic Let this be your meditation to find your blockages and feel differences. But please remember, you can’t outguess or outsmart the intelligence of your body, it will make the right decisions and in the right order to clear you of blockages. You don’t need to know the details of how to heal your body, you can trust that your own healer can do it way better than you ever could. In general stick with the suggested workout, you will get the best results. In fact you will only slow it down if you try to be the driver of your healing.

Working with Intuition: Lastly, if you are practicing this regularly, your intuition will become stronger and insights will come to you, as you will be more receptive to receiving information from your ‘higher self’ in regards to adjustments or amendments you might need to make/include to make more progress with your healing. Asking questions, asking for guidance, paying attention to vivid dreams and listening for answers or subtle messages on how to proceed, is part of becoming independent and self sovereign in your self-healing journey. Acting more in this way, will give you more trust that indeed you will be fully healed and are being guided in all that you do.

Triggering Kundalini Awakening: One’s healing process has to be pretty far along before this event will happen, so don’t have high expectation of it happening or worry about it happening. There is a lot to heal in the body, before this is triggered. I put this information here to cover all possibilities. Eventually you might notice that the whole leg will energetically activate, it is like it floods with energy and feels larger than it actually is, and will feel tingly all over and somewhat numb. This will happen first to your left leg. After this you will notice your right leg activate. After this your hips will activate. After the hips activate then the energy goes up the spine and then the shoulder girdle will activate and lastly the arms. After this the skull will activate. When you have progressed far enough in your healing process, the internal activation of your legs and hips will eventually start to cause spontaneous movements. At this point your routine should change to include another meditation standing session after the acupressure reiki session. Just stand with palms together (your energy will already be very high you don’t have to use any other techniques at this point), relax and just allow your body to move or fold by itself. Be one with your body even if in a session you don’t actually move — it takes a lot of practice and a very quiet mind to allow your body to move by itself without you interfering and moving it in a way you predict it might move. To make it easier to stay in quiet mind, you can tune into feeling and watching how the energy is coursing around in your body, try to focus on a larger path, like the circle that forms along a meridian pathway (you will already know these from previous work). Also you can imagine you are trying to ‘go to sleep’, as this will relax your mind. At this point, your nervous system has been sufficiently enhanced and strengthened so that there is now more energy available and this phase of the healing process is working on removing larger blockages in the skeleton and muscles as a whole, and an automatic stretch reflex is how the central nervous system does it. The spontaneous postures you move through are very yoga like. But you don’t have to develop any routine or exercise postures. Always start with standing and just move as your body dictates, move as one with the growing energy that is pulsating in your body. You don’t need any special physical prowess or any special level of health to begin. You will never be given more than you can take or be taxed more than you have the capability. Your own internal wisdom will heal you if you allow it to, your largest obstacle will be your own resistance to change.



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2 comments on “Quicken Touch Healing Method
  1. Kaynis Chong says:

    Interesting, will try it out even though I am now in a wheelchair doing self healing as an Usui Reiki Master for by long term spinal injury recovery.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      The technique can be modified to work on the leg meridians if you can’t reach your toes.

      You can find all acupoints corresponding to the ones in toes which will be around the knees by looking at acupuncture charts for each meridian.
      You should do them in same order around knees as listed in instructions for toes. If you can’t find exact point in knees, that is okay too,
      just press in approximate area where you think it might be. You may also find it with feedback of tingling or pulsing sensation.

      For instance this link shows the Urinary Bladder Meridian

      UB 67 is the toe access point,
      UB 54 is the access point behind the knee,
      UB 36 is access point by back of buttocks / thigh
      You can even activate from the head, using UB1 on inside of eye.

      I would be very interested to get your feedback after you try it a few times.

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