Recharging Batteries Using Your Hands

Recharging Batteries by Hand Using Your Own Energy

I read on a quantum touch forum that you can recharge batteries using your hands with focus and concentration techniques using reiki or with quantum touch technique. (For details how to do energy healing see Quicken Touch.) At first I was skeptical that it would work. I tried it with one battery in each hand and did not see any change on the voltmeter. Then I read more about it and see that to get it to work one must cup the batteries in your hands. You make a cup with both hands and have 2 batteries lying in one palm. After each session of cupping the batteries in various ways, I then did voltmeter readings to see the result. I also tried it with normal AA batteries. The results are below.

Normal AA batteries:

Battery 1 Battery 2 Notes
1.289 (start) .65 (start, read as bad) Both cupped together in hands for 30 min.
1.316 .83 One in each hand for 30 min.
1.312 .85 30 minutes cupping both together.
1.306 .84 Stopped, because it was going down over time.

I noticed when you placed normal alkaline batteries on the voltmeter leads then the longer you hold it there, the more it reduces the charge. The bad battery reading rapidly went down from .84 to .70. It seems the alkaline batteries respond the first time, but then after they don’t. Why? It needs another test to make sure one is holding the batteries correct with alignment of + and – anodes for both kinds of batteries. I think one way it drains it and the other charges, so I think one must put them in cupped hands, one with positive charge up and the other with it down, lying side by side in your palms. I still need to do another round checking polarity to get a conclusion.

Rechargeable AA Batteries:

Battery 1 Battery 2 Technique
1.311 1.330 Cupping both together in hands for 1 hour.
1.318 1.331 At this charge they work now in camera
1.45 1.452 11 hours overnight on electric wall charger until light was green, voltmeter readings show they don’t go to 1.5V.

Rechargeable AA Batteries (I discharged them using camera until  my camera would not work.)

Battery 1 Battery 2 Technique
1.264 1.253 Start
1.268 1.278 20 min. cupping 2 in hands, both got very hot.
1.271 1.283 30 min. cupping 2 in hands, both got very hot.
1.278 1.285 1 hr cupping both together, hot.
1.279 1.285 1 hr each, one at a time in cupped hands. Green light is now on in camera.
1.282 1.290 30 min, cupping 2 in hands, both got very hot.
1.285 1.292 30 min, cupping 2 in hands, both got very hot.
1.285 – 1.264 = .021 1.290 – 1.253 = .037 Result: .021 + .037 = .058V

.058V total charge over 290 minutes (4.83 hrs) of hand charging time. 4.83 hrs. * .012 (avg of 20mV for 60 minutes) = .058 V – Exactly that!

Using the voltmeter I could generate 20mV between my fingers holding red and black leads, it took some time to get it this high. The maximum registered was 23mV. So if the average voltage I can generate is 20 mV between hands, then this would result in a charge of .006V for 30 minutes or .012V in 60 minutes. This jives with the result above, in fact, it’s exactly that. One can see from this, it can take quite some time to charge up a rechargeable battery fully by hand. After 4.83 hours above to bring the two batteries at 1.285 and 1.292 to full charge it will take 27 more hours. [ 1.45 – 1.285 = 0.165; 1.45 – 1.292 = 0.158; 0.165 + 0.158 = 0.323; .323V / .012V = 27.0 hours more needed to reach 1.45 volts.]

The other thing to notice is that the camera using the batteries has a certain tolerance level where it considers the batteries to be low and needing to be recharged. My camera uses 2 batteries so that is 1.5 + 1.5 = 3.0 volts. When done with electric charging the total was actually: 1.45 + 1.45 = 2.90. The camera then fails when the total voltage falls below 2.5V. When the voltage reaches 2.58V, the camera works again, so you can see why so many are getting a result from charging by hand, it doesn’t need much to get the devise working again. Yet, one will see that it doesn’t last very long, but the good news is that it can work in a pinch…

Another thing I noticed is that recharging the batteries makes my hands go numb and the batteries heat up fast, recharging batteries is then an excellent way to energize or activate one’s own energy meridians – to raise one’s energetic vibration before giving oneself or another a hands on energy treatment.



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