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Question: “After having several reiki treatments, I had a kundalini awakening. I thought it felt great, and continued for the next year learning and practicing reiki. The Kundalini energy keeps getting stronger and I am wondering if it is wise to progress further with Reiki and take more courses. I am afraid to set off my Kundalini energy too suddenly. I am afraid if I get reiki empowerments and attunements it will set things off even more! I was fine with Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 so I don’t know why I have this fear really. It may be really good for me; I guess it’s the unknown. I don’t know what’s going to happen next with the Kundalini energy I guess.”

As soon as I started with Reiki, I noticed the effect that it raised my energetic vibration, and when this happened I also observed my momentary awareness was much more acute. Immediately I was hooked, because I had been looking for a way to raise my awareness level. I now knew that I had a very powerful tool that would help me transform to full spiritual awakening. I intuitively understood that when my energetic vibration level rose, this was the same as raising my internal healer, or the higher self, and at the same time putting the lower self to rest. When vibration level is high, it’s similar to lower self being asleep, and higher self ‘while fully activated’ is transforming the lower self. This is the essence of the healing process. The most important thing for me was to come to full spiritual awakening, so I switched from my other spiritual routines to giving myself 6 hours per day of reiki sessions, as many as I could work in. With me, the signs of kundalini awakening started right away with the reiki treatments, and 2 months later I had a full blown kundalini awakening. As I write this article today, the kundalini transformation process is still underway, and I continue to give myself 2 reiki sessions per day.

There are people who say that using reiki healing when kundalini is activated should not be done. I do not agree with this and have used reiki techniques ever since my kundalini awakened. Kundalini energy is the universal energy that is present to different degrees in all humans and reiki techniques merely activate that energy.

To understand this, one must understand Reiki. The reiki healing effect is not happening due to channeling of external energies, it is not due to the symbols, nor due to anything outside of oneself. Put most simply, Reiki is a technique to raise one’s energetic vibration level. When one’s energetic vibration level rises, then one’s internal healer has ability to heal. Risen vibration = risen higher self and at the same time the contrary state of sleeping lower self. The reiki technique works well for several reasons. 1. You entrain your vibration to a known vibration that has a high resonant frequency (that frequency which is represented by the symbols). 2. You put your hands either on yourself or another person (same as lying on of hands). This works well because there are strong nervous system endings all over the palms, which activate and react to the object being touched. 3. As soon as you put your hands on an object and hold them there, the two vibrations of toucher and touched start to entrain to the vibration of the other, this is due to Newton’s 3rd law of motion. This is the physics principle which is raising the vibration level. 4. When you put your hands on yourself or another person, it creates a circuit, like a big circle, which acts as an oscillator to increase the speed that energy flows through the bodies. The faster it goes, the more the vibration rises as well. This is like a motor. 5. When you do reiki you are trained to tune into simply feeling the movement of energy and not trying to ‘do anything’, the more you practice like this, and the more you can feel the electrical pulses. This is happening, because as you work with reiki, your vibration levels are accelerating, as well your awareness level. As your awareness level rises, you are vibrating faster, and become more sensitive to energy. As you become more sensitive to energy you can feel it more. The more you just feel energy, the less your mind and ego are activated, and the more awareness is present and active, and the more you transform. That is what Reiki is; it is not due to the symbols or any kind of mysterious external power. It is merely a technique that was intuited that uses knowledge of entrainment, nervous system, and human body, and awareness, principle of electricity, light and physics, to develop a tool whose primary purpose was to RAISE AWARENESS LEVEL. Now it turns out that when awareness level is risen then healing happens, and so then Reiki became better known as a healing tool, than what is actually its primary purpose. Now we come to the next subject of Kundalini Awakening.

As long as you are working with raising your energy in various ways: healthy diet, yoga, tai-chi, fasting, cleanses, kung fu, meditation, self-inquiry, astral travel, conflict resolution, power of now, philosophy, sleeping, contemplation, volunteerism, self healing tools, such as EFT, reiki, Quantum Touch and all kinds of other tools, then you are in the spiritual awakening process. You will experience kundalini awakening reactions, from the time you start along this road. The symptoms you will experience are well known, and they happen at intervals along the way in varying intensities. As your vibration goes up over time, due to effectiveness of your tools and frequency of practice, then the reactions will get stronger and more pronounced. Really there is no beginning to this process. It is more like there are stages, and you can describe the symptoms and then kind of get an idea where you are at in this process. The end to this process is when your body is fully transformed from the old human form to the new human form, which I believe can be done in as little as 7 years.

How fast you want to go in this process is a personal choice. I can tell you the more you work with healing energies, which are effective such as reiki; the faster it will likely go. I often did from 10 to 12 hours per day and got strong results. Today I do 2 hours per day, which allows for a gentle pace and ability to work a normal 9-5 job. When you get treatments or empowerments from people who have higher vibration levels than your current level, such as reiki masters or healers, then it’s likely they will give you shaktipat, which might set off a stronger reaction. Really it depends where you are at in the process, and what will happen. Kundalini energy tends to build up slowly internally, and when a high enough vibration level is reached, it triggers a stronger reaction and then there are fireworks. The reality is you don’t know where you are at, and you can never predict these kinds of things.

I understand the fear you express, and you hit the nail on the head, it is fear of the unknown. Now one might ask who is afraid. If it is true that risen vibration = higher self taking control, then one must conclude, lower self is afraid to let go of control to higher self. Only the ego has fear, not the higher self. I can also tell you while strong reactions can happen they don’t last forever, they rise up and settle down. So if one happens, and you decide to lay off the reiki to let things settle that will probably work to slow things down. There can be strong reactions, which might need a few days to work with, but I think one will hit these eventually if needed, one day or another and probably can’t be avoided. It has a lot to do with what needs to be healed in the body, which is very individual, depending on past injuries, defects, etc. With practice one can learn to modulate how much reaction one gets ‘on average’ and is tolerable with the number of hours one works per day with it.

I can also tell you, that YOU will never lose control of yourself, YOU will never be swallowed or disappear or die, YOU ARE ALWAYS HERE and always will be. This whole process is one of a slow and gradual biological growing process, it is a physical transformation. Slowly ego-self gets weaker and at the same time higher-self gets stronger. You never disappear in an instant, nothing happens that sudden, it is all gradual and slow and takes many years. You are always there in the center as the observer, watching as you slowly change. You are always in control; even it might not seem like yourself in moments. The reality is YOU are healing yourself, and YOU will not put yourself in danger. It is all happening for your highest good when you allow it. Now it just depends upon how much you want it and how much you are ready to let go. Ego-self doesn’t want it at all and doesn’t want to let go, because there is fear of losing oneself (the fake pretending one). Higher-self wants completely to be fully awake and is ready to jump into action whenever there is an opening (when mind quiets down).

As vibration level in body increases, such as which happens when one lies down to sleep at night and systems rest, when the level gets high enough higher self takes over and shuts up the mind of ego-self and you feel like you fall asleep. Most people can’t observe the exact moment this transition to sleep happens, it just hits you — Hahaha… Higher self takes over and the healing process goes on in the night. Now when this happens the first time when one is sitting in meditation or giving oneself reiki, it is scary feeling because one is observing and notices a shift and you get a sense of losing oneself as you feel like you are falling asleep. You try to shake off the sleepy feeling and stay awake in truth because it’s scary and you don’t want to miss something. The reality is falling asleep is ego quieting down and higher self waking up and waking up from sleep is higher self going into background and ego rearing to the forefront. Fear of the unknown is that of existing in a reality that isn’t driven by the ego being in full control, but rather allowing higher self to take over and that is what is so scary. When higher self takes over, it is a pure energy rush, and using tools like reiki to raise one’s energy level very high is allowing that. Egos are very afraid of that….

April 14, 2011

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