Rocks vs. Humans

I think you missed my point because I don’t see it represented here… I was not saying that you can step outside of the stream of consciousness, I was saying one can step outside of the stream of our programming. As far as I can tell, the rock can’t do that, the rock has no capability to change itself.

It appears to me that things do change, but that we fight to keep things as we see them, and here exists our illusion. In order to combat this tendency for us to want to survive, as we now see ourselves, we have to fight to change. This fight to change I see as resistance of form (or of survival), growing us towards non-form, or light which is boundless.

It appears that things change all around us, yet every system fights for its survival contrary to what seems to be an obvious fact. Perhaps you are right, our perception that things are changing is the illusion after all. Perhaps that is what we don’t see, that we are not changing, existence is caught in an infinite loop, re-expressing the same forms over and over again. Deep down inside, I hate the idea that we are stuck forever in this eternal, non-changing loop, I resist this thought at all levels. When people say we just need to just be, that we can’t change anything anyway,  just enjoy your life, …,  I can’t accept this because then I would have no motivation to go on. What would be the point?

I see that something new can only be manifested if consciousness (spirit/one) itself is modified. Consciousness can be modified if the forms can modify themselves. If I can break out of my programmed normal responses, then I can change my forms expression and in this way change consciousness, allowing for something new to be expressed subsequently. I don’t see it as a fight for survival, quite contrary, I see it as the fight for change. But this is very hard for us, because we have to give up the fight for our systems’ survival, because we have to constantly keep letting go of things.  I would compare it to learning how to live in chaos…

I can understand that we are all one, but I also see a difference between being human and being a rock. I don’t see that these boundaries are all in our head and are therefore illusion.  The difference is that the rock doesn’t have a choice to change itself, but we do. We can break out of our programming, in other words, we can fight against our tendency to want to survive.

Acting like a rock is not enough for me today – I need a goal…

June 2000

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