Should I Fold Up My Chakras?

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Question: “After meditation, do you normally close down your chakras? Leaving only the crown and root open? I’m struggling quite a bit at avoiding taking in especially other peoples emotions all the time and I wonder if this has anything to do with it. Sometimes I also feel that the energy surge can be too much because I basically walk around with them open at all times. I read something recently about closing them down in order to protect yourself. Surely, you must know something about this?”

Answer: I never did anything in my journey to close down the chakras, I only worked on opening them and accepting whatever life presented to me.  In early awakening stages, you will be more sensitive to other people’s energy, but it is just an assimilation phase. This will eventually go away as you get used to being more receptive and empathic. You want to have all your feelers going, that makes you more alive and receptive to what is happening around you. You don’t need protection, you just need to get better at being the observer of reverberations in your body and thoughts that get triggered from feelings. You need to learn how to distance from them, to discover how to not get personally involved or cling to them. You learn this skill by practice not avoidance. You learn the most from facing the strongest provocations and emotions.

When you maintain observing awareness of your inside reaction, the reaction will quickly fade away.  The reaction that happens inside of you is actually YOURS not the other persons. The other person can trigger it in you, but the reaction itself comes from your history of experiences. Your brain automatically maps any happening to a past experience or yours and then creates that automatic reaction inside. If you encounter an experience for which you have no known history, then you will feel confusion as it is unknown. So knowing about how your system works and observing the reaction you get is valuable DATA for you, to see how you reacted in past to such provocations of situations and to learn how to go beyond the auto-pilot reaction and take control to make a ‘new reaction’. The less you react re-actively, the more you change and the more subconscious programming you unload.

When you stay calm you will diffuse the triggered reaction and then your system is clear and you can see objectively and make a clear choice on how to react to the situation. That is the TRUE protection, clarity and freedom to choose. Of course, this does not mean you want to hang around people on regular basis on low level that constantly provoke and/or create drama. You choose your own company to the degree you want. But also realize, you can be helpful to provoking people, just by staying present and not reacting internally or externally as per your past history. When you stay calm, it will allow space for a spontaneous, creative, new response to arise from out of you for the encounter. Even you don’t need to respond to provocations and sometimes this is the best choice, just being calmly present and non-reaction can be healing by itself.

So no, don’t close off or fold up your chakras, keep them open and learn how to relate and respond to whatever comes your way…

May 25, 2015

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