Simple Tools for Emotional Pain

From my recent awakening, my view about what is going on in terms of humanity as a whole and the awakening process has expanded. I am quite certain we are at the point NOW where ‘many people awaken’ foreseen by most religions.  Because of this many people are having awakening symptoms. The PAIN you are feeling now is that. The pain is to wake you up. You don’t need pills to eliminate the pain, rather love the Pain you have and allow it to be your teacher to guide you to find the spot where there is no pain.

Meditation is not something people know how to do; you have to learn how to do it. You learn by practicing it. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Meditation is a basic skill of learning how to ‘see’ & ‘hear’ & ‘feel’ which helps you grow closer to ‘God’, dissolve your pain and is non-denominational. Sometimes meditation is called prayer and often people pray but do not get help they need, because they are not praying correctly. Prayer is about asking for guidance or help then quieting the mind to HEAR or RECEIVE the answer or help.

When our thoughts become very noisy an intermediate step must be taken to help quiet our mind. The simple act of repeating the name of an inspirational spiritual person and being quiet is a beginner prayer/meditation. If you do this as often as you can, your mind will start to quiet down, followed by strong emotions quieting down. As the noisy mind and emotion settles, you will become CALM and still inside. When you are CALM, it is like connecting directly to ‘God’, who is in the calm space always HERE underneath mind and emotion. When you are calm you can see better & hear truth, which truth is ‘guidance’ or receiving, which helps you grow closer to ‘God’. But to receive you have to be CALM and quiet inside which is same as quieting your mind. To quiet the mind you have to take action (do prayer). You have to practice to get good at it. Setting aside time each day to do prayer, is by itself the act of letting go of our attachment to the ‘physical world’, which is better called our ‘dream world’, which illusion is created by identifying with our thoughts or story, which we think is ‘truth’. (That is ego). Effective prayer, is working to detach from ego=mind, or quieting OUR thoughts.

Triggered Emotions (pain, fear, loneliness, anxiety, anger) comes from allowing our thoughts to carry on too much, thinking about the past or what happened or what might be in the future. When we let our thinking go on unchecked for too long, then we get highly triggered or charged up with extreme emotion. Once we get into this state, we have to reverse ourselves out of it, by first calming the emotional energy in the body and then calming the mind – the latter is that which created this situation in the first place (non-stop mind-chatter).

WORK TO GET THINGS DONE (Do as things come up)

Another thing that can cause excessive thinking is when we are not dealing with things we need to get done. When you face things you need to get done and act upon them, it will calm your mind and emotions. If you have many things like this you have ignored, it is helpful to make a list of all the things you need to do and prioritize them in order of importance and just force yourself to get each done one by one. Just working on these things will make you feel better.

WORK TO CALM EMOTIONS (Do every time you are triggered)
Modified technique from the highly recommended book: The Way Back Home – Clearing the Energy of Our Emotional Wounding by Bonnie Serratore

Step 1: realize when you are TRIGGERED: you feel strong Pain, Fear, Loneliness, Anger, Anxiety (any kind of strong emotion).

Step 2: Remember what a trigger is: when we react to a trigger, our reaction is about us and nothing else. (We are attaching to the thinking). This gives you awareness about triggering, which  enables you to draw your focus INWARD rather than blaming the OUTSIDE world (person, place or thing) for the pain we feel.

Step 3: Surrender to the triggered emotion. No thought or analysis is involved to surrender. You don’t need to worry about being able to locate unfelt emotions or know what the emotion is. Just relax, surrender and let the energy pass through you, just FEEL IT – healing of the pain or emotional energy will happen by itself (from God) as long as you are in state of FEELING.

Step 4: Just keep FEELING the vibration energy (emotion) in the body, keep surrendering. When you NOTICE you are thinking about anything at all (attention going to outside world), remind yourself to put your focus back INWARD on simply feeling the emotional energy.

Step 5: You might start to feel different emotions arising while you are surrendering, continue the ‘ride’ in the same way. As long as you are feeling any kind of strong emotional energy, just continue to surrender to it by keeping focus INWARD on FEELING until it dissolves. You keep focus INWARD by feeling, when thinking starts you are no longer simply FEELING, thoughts put focus on self – in outside or physical world.

WORK TO CALM THINKING (Do twice per day for one hour)
Note: the instructions below are beginner meditation to calm your thinking. After you gain skill with this you should learn more advanced meditation techniques.

Step 1: relax the body to help release tension energy form the muscles, when you release tension energy you can be more effective to calm the mind. You can do this with warm bath, massage, walking, exercise, or doing body scan and noticing where you have muscle tension and consciously relaxing that area

Step 2: Sit comfortable or lie down in quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Then simply repeat the NAME of ‘Your Inspiration’, splitting the NAME into TWO SYLLABLES using one syllable for the in-breath and one for the out-breath to create your Mantra. Say silently “First Syllable” when you breathe in and silently say “Second Syllable” when you breathe out. With each out-breath relax the body more. When you notice thoughts starting up, then just go back to repeating your ‘Mantra’. You can practice this anytime during the day when you feel strong emotions or ego reaction. This will help you settle down your thoughts which are the cause or generating the strong emotion. After you have done it for awhile, stop saying your mantra and just remain still with eyes closed for some time afterward and simply BE AWARE or OBSERVE.

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    Great read. Thanks Betsy – inspiring stuff which the world needs.

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