Stages of Kundalini Awakening

Full-Blown Kundalini Awakening Pattern

When the kundalini fully activates in the body, it will make nervous connections rapidly in the body connecting all main parts of the body together. The first thing to activate is the left leg, then the left hip, then the left shoulder and lastly the left side of the skull. After this the right leg will activate, then the right hip. Next both hip joints will then work together and the pelvic bowl energy will build into a vortex of energy and the tailbone will activate. Then energy is then sent up the spine to the shoulder girdle. The energy next will traverse across the shoulder girdle from the left to the right side and go back and forth for a while, then all arm meridians will activate and the arms will feel tingly. Lastly the energy will travel up the spine to the skull and activate the right side of the skull. Finally the energy in the skull will combine forming a vortex of energy there and be sent back down the spine once it’s established. Next you will feel nervous connections being made to the spinal column and breast bone. During this activation process you will distinctly feel the energy traveling the paths through the body rapidly, activating and joining energy to make the main connections along the Central Nervous System pathway. The whole process might take about one hour. Note: It is possible that this could be reversed in some people, that the right side is done first and then the left side. I don’t have enough data to know for sure.

Kundalini Working Pattern

The sequence described in kundalini awakening pattern will continue to progress in the same pattern, making repeated passes in the body over the entire duration of the kundalini transformation process. The amount of time between passes will get progressively shorter as one progresses. The basic way it works is that as new nervous system connections are made, the totality of energy to do work in the system is increased each time. Each time you surrender your personality (you become quiet), the free energy is available to do work towards the transformation to a light body. This work that is done changes your nervous system, resulting in a permanent physical change, resulting in ‘realized awareness’ due to the physical change that was done because you surrendered. Nothing is lost. Because you are a ‘work in progress’, then your system and higher intelligence wants more energy, more awareness, so the body works to do that for you by making the necessary changes. Each surrender grows your awareness by changing your nervous system, each change increases your vibrational energy and your system’s ability to make bigger changes requiring more energy. The muscles are the main ‘work horse’ of the kundalini transformation, because they have the ability to exert force, move you and are elastic and respond to nervous system stimulus and hormones.

As you progress your CNS (central nervous system) will grow in the capability to charge and move the muscles of the body, so the spontaneous body movement will increase when you surrender your personality to the process and allow the energy to move as it will. The stretch response in the surrender state is doing work to increase nervous pathways in your body in those areas which are essentially frozen into form due to the habitual ways your personality is existing in the body. Repetitive ways of moving and behaving as the growing personality is etched in your body. Kundalini transformation is all about transforming your personality or erasing it from your frame. As the charged muscles stretch and you make yoga-like spontaneous movements, restrictions of energy movement in your body are slowly opened up with the force of the stretch. The spontaneous full body stretch itself is a transformation of energy, there is pain like if one is working out with a new exercise routine and pushing muscles and bones into positions they are not used to going in, this pain is the healing energy transforming the old into the new.

As this stretching phase goes on, released energy from the stretch builds in the pelvic bowl. When the energy in the pelvic bowl reaches a plateau, then the energy vortex there activates the tailbone and the energy is sent up the spine and work is done in the skull. After work is done in the skull, a similar response happens with the released energy in the skull, forming a vortex in the skull itself. When this energy reaches a plateau then it is sent back down the spine. This energy that is sent down the spine is that which will now change the nervous system in all the areas that were previously cleared with the stretching phase. It is a relaxing phase, which I’ve called ‘free fall’ simply because it is totally pleasurable with extreme blissful feeling and no work is required, you just sink into it. After the nervous system changes are made in the body, then tension will build again in the muscles and joints preparing for another round of stretching to do more work to open more pathways. And so it goes on for quite some time until the process is complete and all pathways are opened. I just want to add that none of this which is described above is intended as a technique. Once one has had genuine full-blown kundalini activation, then the body will respond as it needs to every time one surrenders to the process (quiets the mind-voice). Growing body tension in the muscles will eventually force that you surrender to the process. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. Surrender is the easier softer way…

Stages of Kundalini Awakening – in order of them happening to me

Vortex Formation: After the first full-blown kundalini awakening, later will follow another one that forms vortexes of energy along all of the pathways in the same order as the first. Symptoms during this include: energy in skull making fine adjustments to the bones. Internal music very loud  and sounding very rich with all notes of the scale, tingles in various areas of the body, feeling that the bones are moving, feeling of internal rain, rotation and popping of shoulder girdle, vortexes of energy in skull and spine, rotation and stretching and pulling of neck to all sides and holding the neck in one position for a long time, shoulder and sides of back stretching making connections towards spine, sparks of light seen in air outside, nervous system work in heart area, kidneys, liver and gallbladder, sinuses and lungs.

Major Nervous System change: This is a phase of main nervous system changes being made to all the body parts. It is likely that one will want to fast or not eat very much during this period. For me this lasted around 12 days.  I would call this another Dark Night of the Soul, because it is hard mentally, emotionally and physically. This is probably the hardest period for many because it will challenge you in your beliefs, in your mind, in your trust in this process, in your trust in yourself and you will be totally alone with it. I want to assure that anybody who has made it this far has the strength and the tools to do this. You are never given more than you are ready for. Many people are concerned about going crazy, but one should know that it is one’s identification with one’s mind, emotions and body that is what in truth makes one crazy, and this includes nearly everybody on this planet. To transform your personality you are going to have to surrender all: the mind, the emotions and the body. That in essence is why this phase is so difficult to get through, ‘you’ the ‘personality’ simply are afraid to let go of itself and will find every reason to stop at this point. In fact the decision to surrender or not is entirely under your control, only you can do it and nobody can do it for you. Which is why you are alone with it. One part of this phase is learning how to surrender and learning about different levels of consciousness and how you can distance yourself from your body when needed during parts where the body pain seems too much to bear. If one doesn’t surrender in this phase then you won’t progress much more with the kundalini activation. For people who have had similar symptoms and for some unknown reason the process has slowed down, it is most likely because one quit surrendering. I guess for these people then they will have continuous tension in the body and kriya type symptoms for many years, a very slow type of process.

Stinging Prickles, Numbness & Sleep Paralysis: Strong tingling sensations that sting sharply like being pricked with needles, doing one section of the body at a time, going over and over it for many hours, being bent over for 8 hours straight, sitting with my legs to the front, while the energy criss-crossed back and forth across the spine, like it was being laced up like a shoestring in a tennis shoe. I had the sense new nervous connections were being made in the spine; limbs growing numb and the feeling that one can’t get up or move from the position one is in (sleep paralysis). Spontaneous cleanse of liver and gallbladder. Sprinkles of light, like being rained on from heaven. Being taught procedure of how to do the kundalini transformation, loud internal sounds that were melodic, episodes of incredible joy and laughing and of intense pain and crying. Natal and prenatal memories, stretching into hip and shoulder and TMJ joints.

Work on T1/C7 vertebra: There was a building force upon the joint and then I heard a snap. Nearly all the time it felt like it was making connections all around the T1 joint. After it snapped then soon the energy rushed up into my head and then the movement back down to work on the spine again. The work in the spine finished, then at the end of this session, the energy inside sounded like a storm with huge winds it was so strong. Then it felt like connections were being made, like billions being made in my body. First the right leg, then the right arm, etc. I feel asleep getting the best energy massage I’ve ever had. I watched the energy coursing around in my body for around an hour, not doing anything. That was so nice to just do nothing. I felt my whole body coming alive with a warm and tingly feeling. A few hours after this a big energy vortex rose up into my skull from below and as it did so I felt a whoosh, then felt it close with a loud windlike sucking sound.

Whole body vibration: The kundalini energy feels different, not limited to the paths of the energy meridians anymore. It is like waves of light prickles moving up and down my body, just massaging it all over which feels great. The light prickles collect and form waves of energy all over the body. This is the sensation of body vibration which happens after the main nervous system change is made, this senstation will continue to grow in intensity each day.

Work in head with view of galaxy: After the energy work in the body, then there was much work going on in my head for maybe 30 minutes or more. I remember having an internal view of the galaxy pretty clear at one moment. I was “holding” still while this went on, feeling it important. Then at the end there was a rush of energy, then some music and it felt like sprinkles of light showering down from heaven. I could see the rays coming from above with a bright light and waves of energy coming down from that center point in descending circles falling on me. Then there was a whirlwind and the sound of a wind storm. A little later this stopped and it was totally quiet. At the exact time it stopped my eyes automatically opened. It felt like my eyes were pointed to the outside edges. Then they slowly settled to being straight ahead.

Double Helix in Spine: I can sense the energy waves in my body starting to spiral. As I view it from the inside it’s counter clockwise. I see they are actually waves and they are coming from two angles, so like a double helix creating a crisscross spiral. Connections are being made in the body in many directions. Before there were only the main ones connecting the vertebrae in the spinal column and to other joints, such as T1 to shoulders, etc. This type of connection seems to have an advantage of not needing to connect in a line or in sequence, it’s like each vertebra can act by itself. The neck can spin and rotate and also the tailbone, creating an energy spiral up and down the spine. Before the energy just went up in a singular line on either side of the spine, one up and one down. Consciousness automatically withdrawn from body while skull work is done, creating the symptom of enhanced or amplified hearing lasting during the duration of skull work. After the skull work, another pass is made down the spine to the tailbone. The whole process takes many hours.

Stretching into joints: including hips, spinal column, neck, TMJ’s and shoulders, many pops and cracks as tendons are loosened up and move and pain is experienced with the corresponding sensation of release of huge amounts of energy from the joints. One can feel the energy being released like a huge wave going on for hours, and feels it as pain being released, as well one can feel the conversion of this released tension energy being accumulated into the pelvic bowl in a vortex. Neck rotations in all directions, making new connections for amazing possibilities of movement. One will feel a looseness and new capability in the neck but it will not last. Much later this will come back as one gets closer to completion.

Increasing Vibration & Tingling: Skyrocketing energy, feeling of billions of nervous connectoins being made all over the body. Tingling in face and skull, ear popping and opening. Energy vortex forming in neck and head. Sleeplessness. Soon after the feeling that one’s body is springy, light and buoyant. Continued stretching working on hips, neck, shoulders and jaws with popping and nervous system changes. Intense tingling in genitals.

Spontaneous Body Movements, Trauma Healing, Organ Cleanses: full body spontaneous movements which are often yoga or dance like. Learning to surrender one’s bodily movments to the muscle charges, letting the work go on by itself. This is a growing capability, where one’s capability to surrender to the body movement increases along with the changes to the nervous system. When one closes ones eyes, there is a sprinkle-like energy path that one follows with one’s eyes and one’s body automatically follows, if there is no resistance it’s like that. So it’s like finding the path in the dark. There is no tension and no pain; in contrary one constantly gains energy. Not tiring at all. Continued emotional and traumatic releases from joints and body tissues. Spontaneous liver and gall bladder cleanse, moving out many liver and gallbladder stones.

Neck Cracks: Neck work,“crack” in T1 vertebra. It gave with a very loud pop. The last few days were incredible stretches through the back, shoulders, hips, legs and arms. Each time after the stretch, then sitting on floor with legs out front and leaning forward relaxed. This seems to accumulate the tension (from the stretch) then when you go forward it can go out the spine somehow. Then after sitting upright, one floats gently following the same stretch pattern, seemingly removing that ‘knot’. I went through many repetitions of stretches before I realized how to complete the process. I was usually so tired after a session that I often skipped the complementary step. One stretch forward and one stretch sitting upright.


Additional Resources:

Update: I have written a book which covers the first year of my kundalini transformation as well it summarizes my ideas about Kundalini Awakening. It can be read online for free at Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial. My Kundalini Transformation is still active but it is much calmer and easier to work with today, it is like coasting downhill. When this finishes, I plan to write a book which will summarize the entire process.

The Little Book of Hercules by William Bodri describes the stages of kundalini awakening

Wikipedia: Kundalini Syndrome

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114 comments on “Stages of Kundalini Awakening
  1. Phoenix says:

    The Kundalini Awakening Process is different for every person; what you just described is your experience of the Kundalini: please don’t post it as fast for every person, since it has the potential to scare people when they do no fit into what you just described.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Kundalini Awakening is a biological process and thus certain steps of the growing will eventually be experienced, like any growing process such as growing from child into puberty. What is described in this article is the full-blown kundalini awakening step, which not so many today have yet experienced. What most people are experiencing is earlier awakening steps, which also have kundalini reactions, but these reactions tend to be much less and are short-lived (6 months or less). These steps are described in my free online book: ourlightbody (link below). The common full-blown kundalini awakening steps are also described in the Little Book of Hercules book which is referenced at end of article. Everyone will have a different EXPERIENCE of their awakening (no matter which step they are in), which has to do with the fact that everyone is an individual, having a unique past, body and personality with their own concepts and beliefs which is being transformed. But biologically they are the same steps, they only seem different because of the colorful personal descriptions given to them as well confusing different steps (like comparing apples to oranges).

      • Laquinta Mcgowan says:

        Hi I experienced this exact feeling today… I felt so high up, that I had chest pain like I was having a heart attack. My whole left side went numb. Brain, neck, leg, arm etc. I rushed to the er because I was that concerned. They referred me to mental health because they are unable to comprehend it. I’ve been meditating and balancing my chakras. Going into deep spiritual places. I lost my son last month by having a miscarriage. Since I released him in a releasing I have really been spiritually transforming. My whole body is numb now, there is tingling and pokey sensations. My body feel’s asleep. My brain and neck feel light and tingly. I know this is the beginning of my new life. Thank you universe for choosing me as a vessel to live out your purpose in the experience of this ego/body. Thank you for the article.. I didn’t know what this feeling was. While in the er they gave me a EKG. As of that moment I had to Google what else was a possibility besides an anxiety attack. I googled, what chakra is awakened when the left side goes numb. Quickly this article came up. Thank you thank you thank you!!

        • betsy rabyor says:

          Hi Laquinta, glad you found my article and realize what may be happening and see it as a blessing. Given that you are meditating and working with chakras, kundalini awakening is likely.
          Love & Blessings, Betsy

      • Kylie Glass says:

        I had a very,very similar experience to the one you described about 20 years ago. But no one has been able to tell me what it was,until now that is, when I just recognised it in what I read.I didn’t try to get this to happen to me but it did during the first part of the Reiki attunement, but the person doing the attunement at the time denied any knowledge or part in what I felt or experienced at the time. It’s happened once on its own since then and I recognised what was happening and went with it. Once again,I had no part in this it just happened . When it happened the first time, the process was going on almost continuously for at least a couple of days . This is the first time I’ve ever come across anything that could even remotely compare to that experience,and I only found this by accident because I’ve been able to feel my kundalini vibrating for a couple of days now and I was just curious to try and find out why, or what it meant.
        Ironically with the amount of experiences I’ve had with this,it’s been nothing at all to do with my conscious mind,it just happens so I go with it. Any idea what this is or what it could mean. Would be really interesting to find out.Thanks for the insight,what a nice bit of serendipity, answering an almost life long question I’ve had about my life when I wasn’t even asking it. lol

        • betsy rabyor says:

          Hi Kylie, all awakening experiences are spontaneous – so happen by themselves when we are ready to awaken. Anything can trigger such an awakening and at the time without consciously knowing what we are doing… we just seem to run into exactly the person or situation that we need to trigger it. Right, it just happens – life just happens- and going with it is the most we can do. To know what it could mean, you would need to explore and look more deeply to answer the core questions which remove all doubt such as: Who Am I?, What is the World Appearance? and What is Truth? Reading good points on self-realization can give helpful pointers to answer these key questions. Thank you for appreciation of my site, glad you found it and reached out. Namaste’ Betsy

      • Robert says:

        Kundalini is not merely a body biological process. It is a biological/psycho-spiritual process. It is not an experience that lasts 30 minutes. It takes a lifetime. The initial energy traveling up the spine and blowing out the top of the head that results in the experience of Cosmic Consciousness or the yellow/white Source Light is just the beginning. Kundalini then does its work clearing the unconscious mind and the psycho-physiological blocks in the body.

        My initial awakening was 17 years ago. I have done most of the clearing work and the knots are almost all gone. I have completed the phase where the skull is altered to make room for a bigger brain mass that results from the integration of left brain/right brain.

        I doubt I will ever finish this process in this lifetime. At first, all I could think of was becoming enlightened…but this goal has faded. I now understand that this is lengthy process that can take lifetimes.

        • betsy rabyor says:

          Thank you for your comment Robert, what you say is true. That awakening is not merely about opening energy channels, there is also the most important aspect of self-knowledge. Working with both aspects one will get the best result. The energy blowing out in the head is the crown opening or the first awakening and not the kundalini awakening, the kundalini awakens fully by blowing out the root chakra. But many confuse the first awakening with kundalini awakening, as the crown awakening also produces some kundalini phenomena and it also is a very profound experience. Hard to imagine there can be another one even stronger years later – and it really shocked me when I had the second one after the first! The difference between these 2 awakenings, is with the first the kundalini vibration gradually settles down over a period of about 6 months whereas with the kundalini awakening it never stops and goes 24/7 with vibration in body getting stronger each day. Right, so after crown awakening then the mind-emotional (psycho-physiological) blocks are working on being cleared. When enough of those identities, attachments and beliefs are cleared and one’s overall energy is high enough, then the kundalini fully awakens from the root. The process finishes when there is no longer any resistance to ‘what is’. The vibration doesn’t settle down, it keeps getting higher and higher until you merge into it and the imaginary split is dissolved. Sorry to hear you have given up on the notion of enlightenment in this lifetime (even though I do know that nobody gets enlightened and the goal of it can be an obstacle). Are you sure there are past lives or other lifetimes? What if this short time in manifestation is your only chance? Thanks for sharing. Namaste’ Betsy

          • Jessie says:

            As Tom Petty said ‘well I know what’s right, I got just one life’ 🙂 wow! There’s a root chakra awakening to come!? Amazing! This is the most helpful and in depth review I’ve ever found. Thanks so much for sharing.

          • Danielle Q says:

            Hi, I’ve noticed that as my vibration increases along with the free-flowing of the Kundalini I feel restless and it’s hard to sleep. As I integrate will these symptoms ease up?

          • betsy rabyor says:

            Hi Danielle, This is very common complaint with awakened kundalini. In my experience, it only gets stronger because what is happening is our vibration or perception is increasing – we are existing at higher vibration and as this goes on we actually need less sleep. I found the best to do in this situation was to just make it into a meditation, accepting the high vibration and really not moving, just learning to relax the body and mind and letting the energy flow. When there is no resistance to this, then it is like a meditation and you will still feel rested even if you are not in deep sleep when you wake in the morning. I have an article on this blog that is helpful to learn how to do nothing or relax while this goes on.

          • deepthi says:

            what has worked for me with kundalini awakening that happened in 2008 and has been going on ever since is being in the place of ‘i dont know’ and BE in the moment and in what feels like Truth, the energy will take care of the rest. Right now Kundalini is guiding me to work with crystals , i am feeling connection to them like never before , Kundalini is utilising crystals to root the awareness in the present moment and in the constant state of surrender. The desire to reach any goal is the obstacle. It is being in the truth of the now in each moment that is the path. the ideas of how it will unfold or how it is experienced as a roadmap will be just be ideas and may even create obstacles if one expects them to be so, instead i feel the need to just BE in the moment and allow kundalini to work for my highest good in ways that i cannot conceptualize.

    • Jameson says:

      the crackling im the head is the equivalent of decalcification. as the spine and neck begin to coordinate it will feel like opposing directional magnetic rotation.. if that makes sense.. can’t really put it any simpler than that – every left/downward motion feels it is coupled by a simultaneous right/upward movement. the head and neck rotation generally wants to become the initiatiom point for your movements for reasons i won’t get in to based on energetic efficiencu. so the popping will come and go if you don’t accept this as your new norm. advice – for a week or so, think clearly and with intent each time you turn your head. ie if you look to the left, imagine turning your head abruptly like snapping it to the right, then allow the tension you start to feel to release like a rubberband snap and your head will feel like it rotates to the left as if a magnet on your right shoulder is pushing an opposite charged magnet on your chin. should be fun, and feel amazing. don’t be afraid it is super amazing and you are lucky if you are going through it. don’t get too confident and think that something mystical is happening. it is simply rapid evolution that our level of intellect allows for. usually happens around your 28th birthday, thanks to Saturns orbit being where it was when you were born. hence the magnetic field change notably between your pressure points and adjacent joints that many of you are likely feeling 🙂

      • betsy rabyor says:

        Thanks for sharing your tips Jameson. I agree with a few of your comments. As far as technique, I found that it actually is more powerful and effective to have no intention with this process, just allow it to happen itself. It is not true that kundalini usually awakens around one’s 28th birthday, due to Saturn’s orbit. I have information from about 500 people that have contacted me that have awakened kundalini over the last 12 years and it just isn’t true…. Please don’t jump to conclusions so easily from your experience of ‘one being’ and then state it as facts. When your energy is strong enough or when the ego has been blown up too much that it is becoming dangerous to one’s own survival, it will trigger it. But these days there are other influences too in that the vibration the planet earth is being immersed in from outer space is increasing greatly now, which is pushing everyone to awaken at this time in all age groups. You don’t need to take control of this process, it is a natural innate unfolding, the best is you just let it happen.

  2. Sylvie says:

    Can you have back pain when your kundalini awakening it start this Monday the first of sept and the pain goes and come back. My back pain goes from lower back to my left side then to my right. Then pain in my neck….Then for hour no more pain then start all over…….

    Thank you R.SD

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Sylvie,

      You can have back pain with kundalini awakening, as vertebrae loosen and
      expand. What you describe, that it moves around is more indicative of kundalini
      rather than another problem. But without knowing you personally I cannot be sure.
      When did your kundalini awakening first happen, what triggered it, and how old are you now?
      Do you work with it everyday, if so, what do you do?
      What have you experienced prior to this pain appearing?

      I certainly experienced pain in all the vertebrae at different points. Opening the T1/C7 vertebrae at base of neck and C1/C2 at base of skull can take some time. lower lumbar and
      sacral spine can give some grief too. You can read my free online kundalini awakening testimonial which covers my
      first year where I worked with my transformation full time 10-12 hours per day.

      If energy got stuck in one place for a longer time and was painful then my go to tool, was spontaneous movement, allowing my body to open that area itself with

      Love & Blessings,

    • Jameson says:

      yes that is absolutely a side effect. focus internally and run mental simulations of flexing, HARD flexing, the exact spot in which the pain is being felt. even if there is no muscle to flex, just do it until you feel it. it sucks a little bit think of it like a series of muscle cramps that will relax, but will relax much more quickly if they are helped along by thw conscious mind. it goes against all instinctive tendency, but you want to actualy make it hurt MORE for a brief time, because this will make it go away since you are simply aiding the brain in coordinating with the body at points it previously was not. a useful exercise is to learn, on your own, to move ypur middle toe on each foot without moving any other toes. this will help you take control of the process, trust me. i know it sounds weird but if you get it you will be like “OOOOH I GET IT NOW!!” lol

  3. kamini says:

    i am 23 years old and its been 3 weeks i started practising kundalini yoga,normally i have back problem but once i started kundalini yoga my back pain has gone worse plus i get really bad pins and needle n my feet goes numb,can you please guide me is it my kundalini is awakening ?
    Many thanks

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Kam, it sounds like the yoga stretches have been effective to open channels that were blocked, either in a joint or vertebrae. When a blocked area opens then more nervous energy can flow to areas previously blocked off. Then what happens? Healing results. When healing happens there are ‘healing reactions’, the tingling, numbness and back pain sound all related to neurological condition or blocked vertebrae. I think all healing happens from increase of kundalini or ‘life force’ energy. Awakening is another matter and has to due with your consciousness level. Healing reactions causes ‘transformational pain’ as the areas that were previously blocked ‘heal’ when they get more energy. So the next step would be to not identify with those healing reactions as unwanted or annoying and rather just use the happening to learn how to not identify with the sensation, just stay still as the observer feeling the sensation but not running away from it. As blocked channels open and things heal in body, vibration in body naturally rises which can be helpful for awakening event.

      Many experience tingling and numbness with kundalini awakening because most people have blocked channels in various areas. See it as light expanding into the body and opening up areas wherever the light can’t flow fully which includes body and brain. Those areas that open then experience healing reactions as the tissues change to allow more light to flow through them. Lastly, more people are experiencing kundalini awakening with less effort and at younger ages each passing day as our collective consciousness is getting stronger.

      Is it kundalini awakening? Yes, but very early stage. As I see it today, we are ALL in some stage of kundalini awakening. We are all growing something. What is grown depends upon what we focus on. We are either using ‘life force energy’ to build up the personality as in getting larger egos or starting to let go of that structure as in awakening. If you do meditation twice per day and do your yoga stretches and eat healthy and live healthy lifestyle, that is the most you can do to nurture your awakening process. The second is to realize that healing reactions do get stronger the more your awakening process accelerates which becomes classic ‘kundalini awakening’. So then at that point, you really want to get better at meditating, or ‘being the observer’ and not identifying with what sensations you feel or what appears in consciousness such as thinking and self-talk and ‘mood making’ (being the reactive ego self). the better you get at observing and letting things pass by and not identifying with them (esp. including healing reactions or pain sensations and self-talk) the easier this process is and the less you feel the side-effects as annoying or unwanted.

  4. Matt says:

    Betsy, I’ve been meditating for about ten months now and I am experiencing close to all the signs and symptoms you mentioned in your post. When I first started, the left side of my body would experience jolts of energy, then as I meditated longer the right side of my body and muscles would start to extend and contract. Then about two months ago, my root chakra started contracting and shooting energy upwards. The order you described was dead on. I start out with Kriya yoga, then finish off with inner stillness meditation. I’m just happy to see someone with very similar experiences. I’m excited to see whats to come.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Matt, great to hear you are serious with your meditation and yoga and get this result. thanks for leaving your comment and stay in touch!

  5. Enda says:

    Hi there 🙂

    Is there somebody I could speak with who has had first hand experience with the kundalini rising. When you mentioned about the pains in the legs it seemed to answer a question that I had asked my spirit guides (about why I have this pain in my legs after an intensive releasing session where large amounts were released). There was one part of me that was partially concerned that this was perhaps a result of a suppression but after releasing that concern this article appeared and after reading it was as though a light bulb came on which makes me now wonder if indeed it is a kundalini symptom.

    For the longest time there was numbness and pain with durations of intense rushing down the left leg and left foot in particular. It is only recently that the experience of numbness in the right leg and foot appeared. Ive released on a huge number of issues (cant believe how much is in there 🙂 ) and have come from morbidly depressed to .. a much better place.

    I have never had a mentor (someone who has walked the path successfully) only teachers like Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Buddha, Jesus, David Hawkins, who’s teachings all combined perfectly with both the practical applications of “the sedona method” and the principals thought by “a course in miracles”.

    Sometimes its nice to be able to ask a direct question especially with such a thing as this leg situation and other questions in regards how the energy flows throughout the body and what to expect at particular stages.

    I hope that the writer of this article has not entered into a state of bliss and divine peace such so that computer operation has become an impossibility but if not may we perhaps converse for a short while as this is the first opportunity that has arisen where it may be possible to speak with someone who has walked the path and can perhaps offer some guidance most especially with kundalini and what to expect at different stages.

    Wonderful article by the way, it has very much made things much clearer. Having done much spiritual work it really does explain a lot of questions which had so far gone unanswered 🙂

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Enda,

      From what you write and given your history, it does sound like kundalini awakening in you.
      I wrote the article and had this first hand experience.

      If you want to know about the steps and what you can expect please read my free
      online book:
      This book should answer your current questions.
      If a particular question is not answered, I would be happy to answer it for you.

      Love & Blessings,

  6. Kim St.Germain says:

    I was wondering about eyesight. After I felt movement in my pineal gland 3 times, I started seeing halos around lights. This continues today, 2 years later. At times I see halos further out. I feel my pineal moving here and there still today.
    Also, I definitely feel energy coming into me at times. This is often signaled by a cracking or popping sound somewhere in my environment. My cats can see this energy move through the room and into me. I have caught glimpses of it myself. It seems to me that my kundalini activation is being aided by this outside energy. Does anyone know of or see this? It has shut my computer off once.
    Joyous Blessings! Kim

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Kim,
      i know with awakening process the eyes (as well every body part) go through healing phases at different times. with Kundalini awakening this is increased sensitivity of nervous system, you are basically at higher frequency the more you awaken and more sensitive to seeing and feeling things at higher frequencies. So you can see ‘auras’ around lights, you can also see this around trees at sunset, and later on in people. The reality is we are like fish swimming in an ocean of energy, where any movement in one object causes all the other objects to feel it and be moved in turn. Like one big moving web of life. We all participate in the expression of every living thing. We are ONE. So this energy is not only inside you but all around you. When you get spikes in your frequency, then you can affect things around you and vice-versa. things like this can be more common when we get strong sun spots or flares from the sun, as well planet alignments, moon position, etc. We are not an isolated system of earth and sun, the reality is the entire universe is also affecting us, every movement out there in relation to our own physical place. This energy that is inside us and all around us is indeed intelligent, and the higher your awareness level the more you realize that. I’ve had times when i get into high energy mode and get a bit off, and find that when i am typing things at computer (like an answer to someone) i experience power outage or email failures. Like i am being prevented from writing certain things which may move my life in direction that is not desirable and the Oneness interferes in some way and stops that trajectory. But also one can read too much into common happenings which don’t have a mystical reason. I’ve been helped many times in various ways over my journey so far, so yes i know of these things. love & blessings, Betsy

  7. Mona says:

    Hi ,

    I never knew of Kundalini and don’t do yoga too. This is weird, but there’s this guy I saw at the gym and there was this familiarity about him . Long story short , we never spoke , but lots of eye contact – really intense ones . Thrice when we were at adjacent treadmills , I felt my kundalini uncoil . This happened last month. The guy stopped coming to the gym – I think he got uncomfortable or scared- I think he felt the uncoiling too . The kundalini has moved to my left hip and now my kidney are moving/swelling . I feel really strange .

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Mona,
      It is hard to know what actually happened without talking with the person you saw at the gym.
      That he quit coming suggests to me, you might have been looking at him TOO intensely…
      It sounds to me like this was your interpretation of the happening and did not exist in reality,
      which can be a lesson itself to realize how we see the world through our interpretation.
      If you are having kundalini awakening, the process will continue for many years.
      to find out more about specific stages you can read my online book for free at
      Love & Blessings,

    • Jackson says:

      Hi, I have a long story to tell. I hope you won’t get bored reading it.

      Few days may be few months back while surfing internet I found that one could get orgasms just by breathing. It really interested me. So during sleeping, I started trying it and I was able to achieve orgasms just by breathing. Soon I realized that it was also a kind of medidation.

      I continued it for some time. Last month, during doing the same exercise, one night, I really felt something wrong, like uneasiness feeling. The next morning, there were cramps in my brain. I was feeling the complete brain heavy. Then the feeling would become like pricking needles in my brain. I became very nervous. I visited a local doctor. They did my X Ray as the feeling of brain-heaviness was continous. The experience was very terrying. The report was more or less normal. The doctor gave me medicines. I was also not able to sleep properly. During my medication, one night I got a feeling that something from my spine struck my brain. I was very nervous. I was sweating. I hope no one else should go through this experience. The treatment continued. Then finally the heaviness of brain decreased and Cramps also gone along with needle pricking feeling. Although, they continued for 10 to 12 days. During this whole thing, somewhere I was knowing that it has to do something with kundalini and it’s awakening (as I have read about it before on internet).

      I tried to read again about kundalini awakening. I read that it continues for years and it completely ruins your life. Although my brain feels alright now, I am very afraid now and I am feeling that I had done something very wrong with my body. Also, occasionally I had started to feel my brain (head) heavy. Also some crawling sensation on my back. Now, I get pain or ache on my neck and on the area slightly below it. I feel uneasy. It is really frightening me. I also feel pleasure in my whole body.

      Could you help me out? I have some questions and I would be glad if you answer those.
      Is it about kundalini?
      Is my kundalini is fully activated?
      Should I be afraid about all these thing?
      How to put an end to all these?
      When will I get back to my normal body?
      Also I read about people hearing voices, lights and all those stuff, That really makes me more nervous.
      Please help me sir.
      It’s been almost 20 days now.
      Due to nervousness, even I don’t get sleep at night. In right words, I find difficult to sleep.
      Plz help me. I also sometimes feel muscle spasm between my eyebrows.
      Plz tell me that whether those lights, voices remains with you continuously 24×7 or they are just symptoms. Is life after complete activation is normal or is it very different from the life we live now. I mean, continuously hearing voices, lights and all that stuff.

      I would appreciate if you could explain me a little bit.
      Plz do reply
      Thank you

      • betsy rabyor says:

        Hi Jackson, Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry it has been difficult.

        I don’t know enough about you and your background to know if it’s kundalini or not.
        What I can see is you are panicking and fearful, so this is not helpful in any scenario.
        So the first would be to calm down and relax which will help give clarity as well help
        heal or transform. Fear comes from the personality, it is a reaction in the system
        and one can learn how to settle this down. I would suggest the following
        article to get more information:

        With most people having kundalini awakening, it is the first awakening and symptoms will only last a few months and then subside.
        Awakening does not ruin your life! Awakening is triggered by your true self, to advance you to the next level in your evolution.
        What ruins your life is not going with it when it happens, so it’s your own resistance that is the cause.

        I would suggest you do more research on kundalini awakening and awakening in general so you are informed about this
        ‘natural process’. the more you accept whatever is happening with you, the easier it will be to go through it and
        heal it or transform. So important for you looks to be to deal with the anxiety, the article i gave you link to has
        help for that.


  8. PK says:

    I have been meditating for a while. Since last couple of years as I meditate I get jurky exhalation of air through my mouth and nose. Lately I have developed neck pain. I have shortened my meditations as I am scared. I have heard that lots of people have suffered in the process of kundalini rising thru the body.

    Any suggestion would help

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your question. It sounds like kundalini energy is working to open up energy flow blockage in your neck. these are known as kriyas or spontaneous movements and are quite common in those that have meditated effectively. As your awareness or vibration grows, then the healing capability of your body increases and then larger energy blocks are opened. I think most people have some blockage in the neck, so it is a common area that opens. Suffering is not necessary, rather don’t think about the reactions, include the healing reactions as part of your meditation. Just stay as the observer or witness and don’t’ cling to momentary sensations. When you can stay calm and still like that you won’t experience pain or suffer. You’ve been meditating a long time, i presume because your inner self wants to awaken. So now when you get an effective result do to your diligence and move into advanced stages you don’t want it anymore? Again, suffering is not necessary, the less you resist the more you learn to go with the flow and not attach, the easier it is. It’s a learning process itself.

      It is always good to also see a medical professional and have checkup so one can be certain there is not a serious health problem.

      You can read more in my online book


  9. atikranta says:


    Is it possible that the process of awakening ,root to crown, reversed?
    Because that’s what seem to be happening to me.

    To briefly explain my background. there was major change in how I perceived the world in the last year. I started to let go of Ego and try to commune with the unity.

    So I started Meditation in January 1st 2015, at the first day, I sense a sharp tingling, almost like electrical energy or there was a sharp needle on my and inside my tip of my head.
    At that time I didn’t know anything about Chakra and kundalini just

    and it has been 4 months now.

    1 month : tingling, pressure at the tip of my head, it slowly spread to my forehead, there was a popping feeling and sound when it reached the line between my forehead and hair and then sharp feeling ran down to my 6th chakra. since then I have been feeling powerful vibration in both the crown and 6th,

    It the feeling got stronger and stronger to the point it can be felt even though I am not meditating at all. but It was very pleasant 95% of it.

    there was also a feeling that hot air is pumping out of the 6th chakra in the first month.

    I also felt energy moving down along the central line in the back of the head and I also felt slight vibration in the throat(but not much)

    2 month : I started have incredibly vivid dream. Frankly I could not distinguish which is real and dream. imagery I see in the dream was so shar p and clear..there was no difference at all from what I see in the waking state. the content of the dream mostly dwell on fighting my fear and refusing sexual pleasure.

    in addition to the Pressure,tingling,vibration that I had I started to feel
    very fresh and cold energy. starting from my crown and next 6th. by this time the hot air feeling in my 6th disappeared. Repeatedly having sleep paralysis (I experienced this a lot when I was a child but not much for the last 5 years) and one of the episode of sleep paralysis was interesting. I felt my entire back portion the head tingling(I could not move) and the sensation was too intense and I felt extreme fear but I just observed, that tingling converged and focused to the one single point. just left of my base of skull on the neck and that energy moved down my spine like a shooting bullet.

    sometimes I felt at my crown that something is spewing out of it and I sense prickling feeling in my shoulder as if some kind of energy particle is coming out from my head and falling to my shoulder.

    3 months : I found, these energy respond to the breathing, feelings,.
    I started to hear ringing sound. very rhythmic. one time I felt the
    source of the sound moving around in my room when I meditate and 3days ago in the subway I felt a cold energy that mostly stay at the forehead and 7th,6th chakra suddenly moved down into the back of my skull along the central line. it was very sharp , I felt a great pressure is building up and after 30 or more seconds it started to go down along the spine and I sense cold energy again in there.

    and yesterday, When I was meditating, for the first time I felt hot burning flame like feeling that coming up, not down, from the lower part of my spine to the skull. I felt strongest vibration since I started this there was also a popping sound and feeling in my 2nd chakra. that energy from lower spine was so different from the energy in my head in terms of sensation. it was as if electrical fire or flame is rising. it felt really good.

    I know I wrote a bit messy text but I am really curious. I live in Korea there are some people who do this kind of thing on their own “traditional way” and I asked them a lot about it. but it is not helping because it is clear I am having a different phenomenon from theirs. I am really curious to know what would be the next phase.. I mainly wrote about phenomena but I do a lot of mind work like building a sense of appreciation for all things and to transcend all duality.

    Do you have any suggestion in how to proceed?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, there is top down awakening process, but eventually it becomes continuous as the energy expands into the nervous system and branches out. There is really no need to know what comes in what order, top down vs. bottom up. The main symptoms are the same no matter the direction. What you describe so far, follows that progression. The first awakening happens in the crown chakra, it is when energy enters into and awakens the mental body. The second major awakening happens much later when energy awakens the emotional body, and after that the 3rd where energy awakens the physical body. All awakening events will have kundalini reactions, as the energy expands into the mind and body. After opening of crown chakra, the symptoms will slow way down in about 6 months or so. You can read my book which can be read for free online at for general description of the phases. The way to proceed is to keep doing what you are doing, because it is effective to nurture your awakening process. Follow your intuition, pay attention to your vivid dreams, they have messages for you, do your meditation each day and also do one stretching session. Doing Yoga Sun salutations is a simple routine that flexes the spine and helps for the energy to open up the physical body.

  10. Paola says:

    Hi ! I am very confused . If anybody can help I would highly appreciated. I started doing yoga and meditating like this past 3 months . & I thought I wasn’t good At it so I just kind of stopped . One day as I was doing something , I noticed that I was aware that I was thinking . & it would go away , but now I am always aware of my thoughts and I made peace with that . A lot of unconscious thoughts have been surfacing and I let go of a lot of fear . Now my question is . I was dreaming or at least I think I was , & I felt this hotness on my spine & I was hearing like a whooshing sound . I felt very scared and couldn’t move . I moved my leg and then woke up . It was so real that I felt like that wasn’t a dream . Does this have anything to do with awakening ?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Paola, from what you recount it sounds like you are experiencing awakening. It is a blessing to have this happen, there is nothing to fear accept ‘fear itself’.
      So just relax and enjoy the ride and do as best as you can.

      Many people are having awakening symptoms these days, i would even go so far to say EVERYONE is having them. Why do I say that? Because the growing force keeps getting stronger and eventually triggers evolution to new species (what is happening now to all lifeforms on earth) and there is no escape from such a cosmic force. It is our current reality and the best is that we accept it and go with the flow of this transformation — it is an amazing time to be alive! What healing reactions / expansion symptoms you get is dependent upon your current awareness level. Those with higher levels are more likely to get the classic kundalini reactions, such as you mention.

      Common healing phases of early kundalini awakening are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibroymyalgia and mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. Years of built up toxins move out of the system as light expands into the body causing a healing crisis, our long hidden *learned* thought and response patterns come into our awareness as mental health concerns. That is the mind clearing up. Where we have more physical imbalances in spine which includes skull bones and joint positions, then we will get more spontaneous movements or kriyas as these areas open up.

      The way through this is to

      1. Accept it as the blessing it is and to understand it takes a LONG time to transform and heal and awaken — think decades. There is no hurry to complete the process, yet one should also encourage / nurture it along every day.

      2. Do meditation twice per day and do some form of yoga asanas, sun salutations can be an easy to learn routine. You should do them twice per day. You can start with one, and then build up strength over time to do more of them in one session. Meditation / reiki heals at nervous system / chi level, opening blockages, then the physical stretch of spine / joints, helps to do the physical opening of those areas opened energetically.

      3. Eat healthiest diet possible, take vitamins / supplements if you lack, the healthier your diet, the more energy you have and the easier this is.

      4. Take a walk outside everyday, being in nature recharges you.

      5. The most important is to work with self-inquiry, awaking is not only about the physical, indeed that body-change itself is only a side-effect or healing reaction of the real thing that is happening which is you are coming alive! You have to get good at self-observation which is why meditation is essential, and then question what you observe without and within yourself. From this questioning of observations you will gain wisdom through insight which is key for self-realization.

      In summary, the most important is learning to let go of things we cling to because of our conditioning to think they are ourselves, such as our thoughts, emotions and our body. None of those are the true you, they are only something that exists MOMENTARILY and keeps changing. What you need to find is that which does not change, the source within, the one that is observing the fact that nothing is permanent.

  11. from the ashes says:

    Thankyou this is the first place ive been able to read exactly what it was that happened to me, ive heard kundilini awakenings happen differently for everyone but im starting to question whether people are actually having an awakening or are talking about something they havent experienced (the ones who write websites) i looked everywhere to find this info! i think its only the second stage that is different as people have different blockages/ issues ect. The awakening was exactly as described, i googled specific symptoms and nothing. Thankyou once again xxx

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Sam, thanks for your appreciation and validation. I agree, people have different blockages and issues, which is ‘their personality’, so that part will always differ.

  12. Lynnie says:

    Hello Betsy and Others,

    I have experienced a completely unexpected and spontaneous Kundalini Awakening and I am elated and overjoyed. I was in the ER last Sunday night with a severe allergic reaction to something still unknown. I couldn’t breathe through my nostrils as there was a complete obstruction, which had never happened to me previously. I went home from the ER and for six hours tried to sleep, but couldn’t. Finally, my nostrils opened up and it was 4:30AM; I got some sleep. But, before I could slumber, I felt my body levitate and slam back onto the bed. This was not the ‘falling’ feeling or jerking motion we are all familiar with experiencing. I thought nothing of this. Next, I felt a tingling, creeping sensation on and in my left foot, then up my leg, over my knee. It felt like it was moving quickly, but I am not certain of this. In my slumber, I attempted to ‘brush it away’ with my other foot, then simply surrendered to it as it was not unpleasant and I desperately needed sleep.

    The next day, I researched this and realized this was the Kundalini Awakening. I am starved for more and so excited to feel, experience and open each step or phase.

    The energy seems to be remaining in my left leg (as far as I can tell), but eating has caused an upset, deep in my intestines, along with low back pain. No matter what I eat, I experience an upset lower abdominals. I have noticed that being upright and moving IE walking causes this discomfort to subsist. I recall that I didn’t eat all day Tue after this began early Mon AM. I have been ‘tired’ and not interested in getting together with friends.

    Could this be opening the sacral chakra? This early? Or, do I need to go through the entire body feeling before the chakras are open and realigned?

    I really love that this has been a spontaneous awakening. I will say that the last 12-18 mos have been more of a spiritual journey for me; so, on that level, I have been open. Feb 17 of this year, I felt an awakening of Spirit within me, which did enter through my Crown Chakra. As a Christian, I call this The Holy Spirit and this event was a rebirthing. I do sincerely love that the two have occurred so close together. But, I wonder how religious groups view the Kundalini? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    With gratitude~~~~~~

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Lynnie, thanks for sharing your experience with us. A common reaction in early awakening is toxins moving out of the digestive system, there is now more energy and it works to open up any blocked areas. This may be related to your plugged nostrils, with sinuses and lymph drainage. When I felt like this, the natural conclusion that came to me was to fast on clear juice (I did pineapple juice), do liver cleanse and enemas as my liver felt blocked, and Neti pot to help clear out the sinuses. I also started working with acupressure and reiki on meridians to help open the lower body. In this process, I learned the routine which I call Quicken Touch. Full directions for Quicken Touch, Liver Cleanse, Enemas and Neti Pot are on my website. I did these kinds of things until I felt all the toxins had moved out. I detail this in my OurLightBody book which is online for free. You can get repeated episodes of this kind of cleansing as well with opening of chakras over the duration of the kundalini transformation process. The chakras don’t just open one time, in fact they are all already open in everyone, it is more the degree to which they are open. In the process, they keep opening further in repeated passes over time called ‘refinements’ in the body. So even when full blast of energy gets to the crown, one may have a profound experience, but that is not the end of it. On average it takes 12 years for this process to complete, but do not worry, it does get much easier over time and eventually is like coasting downhill. When the energy first reaches into the crown, that is what I call ‘opening of one’s eyes’. Not full awakening, but now you realize you are more than just your body and mind and the ability to observe inside and outside yourself of objective reality is improved. Just to be clear, kundalini transformation is not the awakening process itself, it is linked to higher level of self-realization. The main goal is to realize your true nature, which self-inquiry is the most important and doing regular meditation to gain the skill of self-observation.

      • Lynnie says:

        Hi Betsy,

        The lower backache and lower abdomen dull aches have subsided. I am now extremely tired. For the past 48 hours, I have been exhausted. Also, insomnia! I am seeking a way to manage this fatigue as while I am thoroughly enjoying this journey, I do need sleep or I am worthless to myself and others.

        I feel tingling very strongly in lift leg and arm. I feel tingling in my right leg, but not as strongly. I felt an energy in my lower abdomen and I have this energy for about one week. I still feel tingling in my scalp. And, I have had sensations of someone poking at my arms and legs.

        Any suggestions for managing the fatigue are welcomed and thank you.


        • betsy rabyor says:

          Hi Lynnie,

          One thing subsides and then the next pops up, and that is how it will go on for quite some time.

          I would suggest full acceptance of whatever side-effect you are having and then relate to it and
          ask questions about it. The more you exercise your intuition, the more you will get direct answers.
          Fatigue is not that complicated to figure out, so I leave you that concern for you to
          figure out, because I think you can do it and want to encourage you to find your teacher within.

          I would not look at the these kundalini healing reactions as things to be managed, rather they are things to pass through.
          The more you can learn to let go of clinging to reactions happening in the body, and just sit in the center
          as the observer, the less pain you will feel in this transformation process, as well the quicker these things will clear up.

          Indeed, I found this was a crucial thing to learn early as later on the reactions will get stronger.
          Few symptoms or stages last that long and all will eventually go away.

          Love & Blessings,

  13. Aset says:

    I have been doing yoga, meditation and, daily mantras.
    I have noticed when I lie down on my back I can feel a warm fluid like sensation moving up my spine. It started. Being just at the base, now over the last five months it has crept halfway up my spine. I don’t feel any pain it feels like the fluttering movements during pregnancy but in the spine.And I’m definitely not pregnant:)
    Any thoughts on this?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Sounds like your practice is effective and you start to get kundalini healing reactions. But this is not what is most important, rather it is getting the answer to the question: Who Am I? and finding out what is your true nature. You do this by using your growing skills of self-observation and mind-body sensitivity to question what you observe and get answers about it, finding out the cause or your reactions, thoughts, feelings, etc. There are many kundalini awakening reactions one can experience and for sure you will notice more as you go on. But they are not the main event, just a healing reaction as the life-force energy expands. Many people describe a happening differently, so it can seem like you have something nobody else has had before but that is not the case. In my journey, I’ve had many reactions and never has one of them been bad or hurt me, they were always healing me further and I value every one of them I went through and would gladly go through this process again.

  14. Paola says:

    Hi it’s Paola again , Im kinda scared so I would appreciate some insight in this . I had a dream last night where I was sleeping as I was and woke up Cus I felt like something was lifting me up . I saw all black but the more I focused my eyes on what was moving me it looked like a black ghost with a face . Like it was transforming to lots of scary things & normally I would freak out ! But this time I just relaxed and said it’s ok my angels are with me God is with me. I kept repeating that and it just went away . I honestly don’t know if I was dreaming . Do bad spirits exist ? Can they harm me ? Or was it just a dream that helped me see that I wasn’t scared anymore so I was releasing it ? I was relaxed so maybe that can’t scare me anymore ?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Paola, I think you did exactly what you needed to do: relaxed, took focus off it and put focus on God/Angels. Then it went away. So likely it was created by your visualization. If it happens again, you know what to do. There are spirits, but if this was one or not I do not know. I had several help me in my kundalini awakening and at first I was scared, but then realized they were actually there to help me. I feel if a spirit is around and you/I don’t want it near, then you can just do what you did and not invite them in and they will go away. Being in Oneness or state of ‘no fear’ is your protection, which you can call on anytime you need it. It is also possible it was just a ‘test’ for you and the lesson was learned, like you stated yourself. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  15. betsy rabyor says:

    Hi SMB, just to be clear this is Betsy writing to you not Paola. Apparently your kundalini kriya and meditation practice has been effective to increase your vibration and awareness level and now the expansion of light in your body is now strong enough to work on healing deeper structure energetic blocks. I went through all kinds of healing reactions in all parts of my body, and I can tell you when the neck first cracked with a loud pop and energy worked in the head with these strange crunchy sounds it was scary. On my part, I intuitively knew it was a healing reaction and that fear was a reaction of my ego-self, so I could quickly let go that fear. I never stopped my meditation, actually i think at that time I actually felt I needed more as well more yoga stretches. More energy I’ve found always helped me when the healing would get stuck for a while in a certain part. So I would just up the energy level, not stop. Although there have been times too when the healing reactions got WAY too intense, so then i might take a day off from my practices. Given you have this strong fear of the unknown, it looks like you likely are not balanced in your realization approach. In the sense that you are focusing too much on the body and not enough on gaining self-knowledge through observation and questioning of your reactions, beliefs, and what you observe. This is known as self-inquiry. So to get the best result I feel one should be doing both things equally. If it were me, I would be deeply questioning what it is I am afraid of and why the unknown is scary for me. I would also have an eagle eye on this fear reaction to see when it comes and to try and see WHERE it comes from. As in WHO is afraid? Things like that….
    Hope that helps!

    PS: For more information about various healing reactions you can get, you may find my free online book informative at this point in your journey. You can use the journal part more like a reference to look up specific points you are at and see how I dealt with them to give you ideas when you hit harder parts.

  16. Shauna says:

    Hi Betsy –

    I can wholeheartedly identify with the experiences you’ve described. I’ve been meditating for several years and have no doubt about my experience and connection to Divine energy. I’m on a transcendent journey now for a few years.

    I’ve been trying to understand the intensity of changes in the root chakra area which I’ve been experiencing for a few weeks and if these are a normal rate of the kundalini awakening especially now for me. It’s very severe and the point where my Osteopathy practitioner describes it in the way he can interpret it, given he works with energy.

    I went through and still experiencing stages of severe lower spine to tailbone pain with emanations of pain and various sensations in many directions at different times. It evolved into severe hip pains that made it difficult to lie on my sides during the night. It would evolve then to almost feeling like nerve pains that make my legs buckle before the brain even registered a pain. I’ve had no treatments other than one Osteopathy assessment to progress it in the stages. As each stage of what I’m describing occurs it would pass with a period of days sometimes weeks evolving into another stage. Nothing alleviates it, which confirmed what I felt it to be … as I sense throughout the years of my transcention … not of cause arising of my vessel, but energetic and of a Divine purpose. One Eeamples of extreme changes I know have nothing to do with my physical vessel are changes in my skull that took place over approximately two years at the back top forming almost circularly like a crown. It was very sensitive and very painful at times and activating at different periods of energetic occurrences. The range of things I’ve experienced and can sense and feel during the past few years is incredible since a profound experience a few years ago right before this begun. So this occurrence now caused me to start researching Kundalini further.

    My Osteopathy practitioner feels it as an energy around my uterus to to the point he senses it twisting and contorted and pulling on my hips as the uterus is held to the hips through muscle and facia. He can’t explain it and I don’t feel it to be physical but transitional. I feel this to be the triangle shape in Kundalini in the root chakra region he is sensing.

    I wondered if you had some insight as to the intensity of this experience in relation to the other progressive experiences which I can relate to over time. I’ve had many other signs with Ravens and other totems in recent weeks that I find timely given this experience right now and I’ve felt with everything else I’m experiencing that this is none like I’ve experienced before in my transcention journey I’ve been on for the past several years. I feel it is a major aspect in my connection to Divine energy, but it doesn’t quite fit the mild descriptions I’m reading about.

    Have you any knowledge of this type of intense occurrence in relation to kundalini stages. Just trying to learn more about it in the form I’m experiencing it.

    Thanks for any help,

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Shauna,

      thanks for sharing your experience. I went through quite a bit of what you describe after my full blown kundalini awakening started in January of 2006. I detail much of that process of opening the sacrum, hip and legs in my journal which I’ve published in free online book. I used 2 main methods which came to me partly from visions and from working with the energy and over time found out what was best way to help open up these areas. It is a two part process. First i energized all the Chinese meridians in a natural order of activation pattern in body with an acupressure/reiki sessions which I called later: Quicken Touch. This open energy channels at micro level — wherever there are blockages. Later, I would do another session to then help to physically open those areas which was standing and+ allowing my body to move by itself, which I called later: Moving as Being. Opening my sacrum and hip joints was the hardest thing I did the last 10 years, causing highest level of pain… I think it might have been harder for me because I the right side of sacrum was fused or had defect in it. Anyway, the stretch was really the key to help open these joints. And it happens by itself, in relatively pain free way. So suggest you read my book ,and then give these tools a try and see if it helps and/or you get it… These tools are in transformation tools section of this website, and the book is

      I have only published one year of my experience, there are 9 more and the intensity goes on all those years. I will probably publish more later on but at the moment it looks like the first year is more than what most people are going through.


  17. Claire says:

    Hi there, thanks for providing this amazing insight into your own journey. I am a 31 year old female. Ive been meditating for a while now and i am starting to experience intense tingling in my belly and spine, this can be at any time of the day even when not meditating. During meditation i feel the tingles in my heart, face, crown arms legs etc my leg muscles twitch as if my muscles are being plucked. Last night i woke up chanting??? AarnaYama??? Over and Over again i cant find a meaning of these words anywhere??? I don’t know if they are just jibberish or something of significance. I’ve never heard this before. Lately i’ve been waking up 4/5 times per night but this morning after waking up after the chanting i have a pain in my lower back this is not extremely sore but just uncomfortable- any insight would be much appreciated, Much love in advance Claire xx

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Claire, spontaneous mantra is common kundalini awakening reaction. It chanting phrase doesn’t mean anything by itself.
      I had several come to me at different points. Mantra / sound healing, can be effective intermediate meditation technique to
      help quiet the mind-chatter, and relax identity with the ego-self.

  18. Jason says:

    Hi there I’ve been under going a kundalini awakening for the last month and a half. I was doing exercises too advanced for me. What can I expect in the first 6 months. Also what do you mean by full blown awakening? I believe I’ve. only activated the kundalini.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jason. As far as when awakening happens, it is being done by your true self, so there is never a premature awakening, or exercises too advanced. You awaken when you are ready to awaken, the apple falls off the tree when it is ripe. A common first reaction when one experiences awakening is fear, which comes from the personality — you get a feeling you are losing yourself. So one just needs more information to realize this is a natural process and beneficial for oneself, so one can relax and trust and go with it.
      Please see this article for more information:

      Stages one may experience are described in my free online book at, but what result and experiences you have depends upon your actions and response, so there is no hard and fast rule as far as time.

      Full blown kundalini awakening is described in my book, and no, you don’t start out with that. That comes much later and not so many have experienced that, although many believe they have. The first awakening has many of the same symptoms – the main difference is that the kundalini reactions only last a few months and then fade.

      But anyway, the most important part of awakening is not about the changes that happen in the body, it’s about finding out who you are, which one can facilitate that by doing regular meditation and self-inquiry.


      • sandesh says:

        hi Betsy,
        Wonderful post, thanks for this post.
        I am experiencing kundalini awakening since long time now. I feel energies have reached the third eye region and i also feel i have taken a jump from there by surrendering even that. But I get stuck in the head region with my mind chattering and afraid to let go (afraid that if mind dies I will have to depart from my body) but at same time i am aware that i am away from mind….in fact i am in a state where i am completely surrendered including body, mind, emotions. But only thing is that the mind is still active doing its chattering on its own. How do I stop this chatter which i know is not me.


        • betsy rabyor says:

          Hi San, it is a good question. You can’t stop the chatter by wanting to stop it, that is just the ego wanting reality to be other than it is. Which is a state of resistance, whatever you resist (don’t accept), persists. You just need to accept the Is-ness of the moment, accept whatever appears in consciousness (even mind-chatter), stay rooted in your center as the observing presence and not cling to arisen thought. Thoughts will continue to arise, in fact that is a wonder of our mind. Let them rise and fall, don’t cling. When we cling to what appears, then we get distracted from ‘present moment that is unfolding’ and fall into illusion and the story telling starts.

          In other words, there is nothing you can do except to observe the phenomena. The more you stay in observing and not clinging state, the more the mind quiets down. You should notice this in your meditation, the mind chatter is there at beginning then as the session goes on it settles down. How I understand it is mind-chatter is a programming we have had for many lifetimes, so it’s a deep seated habit energy. You just have to keep withdrawing your attention from it, which helps you to do that when you can clearly see that it’s a waste of time and very little comes from it that is useful in daily life. The less you reinforce this old habit, the more you give signal to your self you no longer need this program and eventually it will be put to back burner and/or fully removed. My teacher seemed to imply that when the final answer is received (which could be understood to be enlightenment), then the questioner or mind-chatter capability is no longer needed. Then you just are no longer having any identity with your reflection (mind-body self).

          It can feel like death to not think but that is only the ego-fear of the unknown — you certainly do not depart from your body when the mind is quiet.

          This article talks more about this subject:

          Love & Blessings, Betsy

          • Sandesh says:

            Thanks Betsy…..this was helpful….
            so until all my past life tendencies have been wiped out in the present awareness…i guess the mind will be active…

            Another followup question:-
            So after complete enlightenment… we just depart from body or do we have control on when to depart ? in other words can we choose when to depart and dissolve completely after our complete enlightenment ?


          • betsy rabyor says:

            From what I understand you can just get ‘enlightened’ instantly at any point in your process (like today), so it’ more a matter of direct perception, understanding and experience, not about anything you are doing or attaining. What you believe to be as your self cannot be enlightened, recognizing that fact is helpful to drop the striving to do it.

            As far as enlightenment, technically there is nothing to enlighten as your true self is already enlightened. You just don’t know who you are yet. All forms have a beginning and an end, a natural life cycle and are not permanent as you can see in all growing objects. But who your true self is, is timeless and has no beginning or end. You already have the choice to leave or stay anytime you want. I’ve never heard that a person suddenly makes the choice to leave all this beauty, when they are filled with love and so happy to be alive … because they broke out of their illusion and realized their true nature. I think that decision comes more often from those that are extremely unhappy, suffering, etc.

          • Sandesh says:

            Yes Betsy you are right….our self is already enlightened …

            let me re-phrase my question as below:
            Right now, although I have achieved witnessing state to some extent (i.e. i am the background silence on which thoughts rise and fall, my body and mind are in this silence which is me), still i feel that because of my mind which is still active, duality is still seen/exists in me. There are moments which last literally like for less than a second where i experience no mind and that is really awesome feeling where i am everything but also nothing. I feel somehow this is the complete state of enlightenment.
            Do you think the same ?

            I think duality exists as long as mind is still active. I mean the feeling there is me and there is separate you. I feel this can be overcome if mind is completely empty / wiped off. Because i feel mind is the thing which perceives duality. Body cannot perceive duality but mind can. Although we might be aware that we are not the mind, still as long as mind is active i think we will see duality. The awakening (/witnessing) has occurred but not complete liberation (/enlightenment). This is what i feel. Based on this feeling, question arises to me, if I am completely enlightened (i.e completely wiped out mind and hence no duality – everything is me) , will i still be able to retain this present body ?

            Sorry, this may sound stupid question but may be i am not completely liberated so such questions.


          • betsy rabyor says:

            San, I feel it is a good question and I am happy you bring it up, so no need to apologize. I am not completely liberated and am contemplating the first part right now, so welcome digging into this topic.

            So yes, our self is already enlightened. So what have we been doing all this time to enlighten ourselves? I’ve seen my journey as realizing what I am NOT versus what I am. It’s been a process of seeing what keeps me in identification / duality and then realizing that is not me nor valuable to myself and then I can let go and drop identification with that aspect or habit of duality. Over time as I did this ‘letting go’, I react less and get lost less in ‘turning around myself’. My baggage lightens which I see as the enlightening process. But it’s not like I gain anything at all, I just lose or drop all those ways which I had that gave identity as a separate self. The less things that you pull me back into duality mode, the more often and longer I experience stillness states.

            I would agree that when we are still and not clinging to anything and have that awesome expansive feeling, as just being, that is a ‘taste’ of the enlightened state. But then we go back to duality with our mind-chatter, so obviously it doesn’t stick. To me that behavior gives me proof I am still are getting my identity from my form in some fashion, otherwise I would not go back to it. Logically then, it can’t be enlightened. So I look to see what it is.

            I would attribute duality state to lack of self-knowledge, rather than the mind. There is still some way I believe the form is myself. Because that belief exists, then the duality state remains. The mind (brain) is like an antennae, it receives consciousness as visible thought forms. It’s really not different than other senses, like smell or sight, where outside energy impulses gets translated into images or things we can perceive. Thoughts makes consciousness visible. So it’s not about getting rid of the mind, but rather being the observer of what appears in the mind. Also we use our mind to do common tasks and to make decisions and to contemplate, it is a wonderful tool. But there are parts of the brain (programming), that can go away when we no longer need them. The mind is NOT that which perceives duality. I invite you to listen to this talk on that subject:

            It looks to me like one thing that keeps you in duality mode is fear of losing yourself, which is a common fear that arises. One thinks things like: But if I let go, then what will happen to me, who will I become, will I become something else, etc. Then one doesn’t want to let go. The fake one doesn’t give up easily … the main fear is ‘fear of death’ which is also the same as ‘fear of the unknown’. I can tell you you will not lose this present body or go anywhere, but I can’t convince you of it! It might be helpful to understand that everything is already known. When you ask a question to something you don’t know and get the answer, the answer is ‘received’ from the Oneness (your self) so asking the question is already 1/2 the answer.

            The oneness is all around you and inside you, it is eternal and present everywhere. It is the one thing – the constant – that never goes away. It is always here, it has always been, it always will be. Oneness is animating all the forms, as infinite expressions of it’s variety, all interconnected to each other, each being of expression is one part of the One Whole. One of them is the body you currently inhabit, a unique expression different from all others. So when you enlighten, you will still have that body, but now better able to express yourself through that vehicle because you are no longer turning around your ‘precious creation’. You now understand you are part of the whole, one with life, and all beings are part of the grand expression of oneness. We don’t go into nothingness when enlighten or lose form, otherwise everything would be the same and nothing would change. Variety (different sound signatures or energy forms) are needed to cause reactions for life to continue to expand. Form is needed for light to see. Your true self has no form, but it is awareness, it is the perceiver, the true mind / knower, the energy that supports and drives all life forms.

            The ego is like: “I will let go, but only if I am convinced that I can still be alive.”

            You are already alive, being-ness is what is alive, the body-mind is not alive, it is just dust, material, a momentary form. It is always past tense, but our ID with our reflected aspect makes us think that being alive has something to do with a quality in the mind or body.


  19. Khan says:

    I had few dark knight of the souls like 3 times where i had nightmare and alone while up. had sleep paralysis problems for few days where getting up hurts my back and back can’t get up auto. I just felt backcracks near my hip on left side. Is kundalini awakening automatic like ascension? Thanks.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Khan. They are the same thing, as light energy (awakening) expands in body the nervous system changes, senses become more refined and any areas in body which have energy flow blockages are opened. As all channels in body open gradually over time, the areas with bigger blockages can produce stronger reactions, such as vertebrae pops. Betsy

  20. Sandesh says:

    Thanks for that video….Mooji is my favorite too !! 🙂
    I am awareness, this has been realized by this. In this awareness there still exists mind, which is being watched (by awareness). Mind is dancing in awareness but it does not touch me. I am awareness engulfing this mind, body , emotions etc. This state I am already in. I am not sure if this is savikalpa samadhi. Stream of mind is active but does not bother me as awareness. But duality still exists because of stream of mind.

    I would like you to listen to Sadhguru in this video (specially from 3:30 minutes onwards).

    Here he says moment of enlightenment and moment of leaving body is same for 99% of beings.

    I think awakening/self realization is beginning and liberation(nirvana) is the end.

    Anyway, as it is, I am in wonderful state, i am the silence watching whatever is happening. With mind active, duality is still perceived.
    I think final goal will be get dissolved completely in to that silence where there is no trace of individuality to even ask any question. It may be Nirvikalpa samadhi that I am seeking. I think once this state is reached person will not have any dreams since mind is dissolved completely. i.e perfect turiya state.

    I still have dreams but one thing i am intensely aware even in dreams. But dreams still exist. again i think related to existence of mind (vasanas).

    • betsy rabyor says:

      You are welcome, Sadhguru is a favorite of mine as well! 🙂

      There is mind and absolute mind. The mind you see is more like the brain and the absolute mind is that from which mind arises. Everything including knowing, seeing and awareness arises from the absolute true nature (which has no form itself) which is also everywhere at once, having no specific location. I looked up savikalpa samadhi:

      “The soul as the meditator, the spirit as the object of meditation, all become one. In this state, the mind is conscious only of the spirit within, it is not conscious to the exterior world. The body is in a trance-like state, but the consciousness is fully perceptive of its blissful experience within.”

      This is *close* to how I would describe my meditation state of the last years. I would modify to say I am conscious of both exterior and interior experience. I realized I was awareness a long time ago, and still the mind-chatter went on after that and there followed many more steps of insight into my true nature, like seeing it more clear each time. I can’t know where you are at and don’t think these definitions are that helpful because we interpret or see what we want to see.

      I listened to this video before, but somehow I missed hearing this part:

      “Don’t seek enlightenment right now, because over 90% who reach that state, the Moment of enlightenment and moment of leaving the body are the same. Once your energies reach such a peak, you can’t hold onto the body, you can’t retain it. Only someone who knows the tricks of the body can hold onto it. Most people who attained haven’t learned that kind of sadhana. They only learn how to drive the car, not build one. They will have to play various dramas to hold onto the system.”

      This brings up something I’ve written before, that there has not existed a fully enlightened being on Earth in our history so far. High levels of self-realization, but not enlightened or fully liberated. I welcome having this point by Sadhguru brought up about leaving the body, because it helps to make more sense of my life and what I am trying to achieve. I’ve had the goal of full liberation since my crown awakening in 1999. I’ve often wondered if I am transforming myself towards physical death. But the other revelation comes to me that humanity is metamorphosing into a new species that has more capability. So now I can come up with a new theory that the new humans will have this capability to be enlightened in the body on the Earth. Perhaps that is why my body vibration expands so much since 2006, to allow for such a possibility?

      I realize my true nature is eternal, I don’t exist in this body and am therefore not afraid to die. I also understand that all that I am has been created by the Oneness, as a needed part of the collective whole in this divine play. I see myself like being programmed before I was born and just unfolding and growing what was put in there as a seed. I feel when a person dies for the most part, it is when their life lesson has been learned. They leave this plane when there is no point to continue on in it anymore, there is no more goal or anything to keep them going, so they let go and ascend. After that they come up with a new idea and come back in form again in one place or another. What more can a human being achieve than nirvana in this earth plane? Sure, it would be great if once enlightened one could stay on the planet to help the rest go forward. But also it may be better to leave, and come back in the new human body, which has more potential to be enlightened in body on earth. How, I’m seeing this is to trust that whatever plan the divine has for me, my life will play out just right. So I am NOT going to worry about losing my body if I were to attain Nirvana. To worry, will only make me not be able to let go fully, and I know that letting go is the path. So then a choice comes, to cling to life or to trust and let go. I’m not Christian but that is about the only religious material I’ve read, a quote comes to mind:

      “Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.”

      I am happy to know you are in a wonderful state, which I know comes from much dedication, sincerity, honesty and effort on your part. I rarely have dreams and did have period when I could observe when I was sleeping, but that latter state seems a temporary state. I feel like I am awake most of the night now, but do dose off deeply for a few hours each night. I’ve had several profound experiences of being-ness which last longer each time it happens. This experience shows me that the goal would be an alive being in a body on earth, that is purely spontaneous, needing no reflecting mechanism such as mind-chatter or visible thoughts, neither of reflected sensory information either — all energy impulses would be received and responded to directly from the ONENESS itself.

      It was interesting to think about these things, but now I get to the state where I feel I have few questions left and just want to let go and be.


      • Sandesh says:

        true betsy….i will just keep surrendering….finally this knows this all is creator’s leela….there is nothing called me / I….
        this body and mind have appeared in it or rather evolved in it and finally will dissolve some day….

        One final question:
        When i close my eyes specially when i am still/silent but not meditating….i see my body as black body surrounded by sea of white light everywhere….any idea what could it mean ?
        I know again it will be concept but this mind was just curious.

  21. Sandesh says:

    Or rather than more seeking …more surrendering is required !!..i will keep surrendering 🙂

  22. Jayant says:

    I am doing meditation from.last 2 years. Lately I have tailbone pain from last 6-8 months. I stopped meditation before 6 months and tailbone pain was gone. Tailbone pain was gone after 1 month of stopping meditation. I started meditation 2 month back but from last 15-20 days again my tailbone pain have started. It is mild pain but if I do meditation for more time 20 minutes regularly than pain increases hence I do just 3-4 min of meditation. I have also skin peeling of on the tail bone. Skin iching and skin sort of allergy below knee on both legs. Skin ichy and skin problems base head and above neck. All this things keep varing without particular reason. Could u please guide me what it is and guide me ???

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jayant, certainly these can be healing reactions from kundalini given you are meditating. If so, it is a good thing, something is being healed, with the rash perhaps a latent virus is being moved out (eczema, herpes, chicken pox, lyme, etc.) I’ve had episodes of rashes in different areas of body over the last 10 years, appearing suddenly. With kundalini transformation all kinds of symptoms can be experienced in mind and body as energy channels open, things are healed. The key with kundaini is there is something different, they vary and generally don’t linger too long. Structural problems in spine or joints will take longer and may be more persistent. It could be you have block in tailbone area and with that pain sensation there, it is opening up energy channels, and thus more energy now goes into the legs and with that increased energy, it can now move out stuck toxins in skin / muscles, and sign of that is the “rash” or areas of skin renewal (flaking). Opening of tailbone nerve center will also send more energy upward in spine, which can cause healing reactions higher. This is source of energy in the spine, so tailbone is very important to be healed… I had broken mine several times, so did experience pain there although I could easily distance from it by not identifying with it in meditation state. Another way I worked with spine corrections was doing spontaneous yoga routine, which is described in this article:

      But I am not a medical doctor and any problem causing prolonged and/or acute pain should be seen by a medical professional.

      Hope that helps.

  23. Karen says:

    As a kundalini yoga teacher I have been practicing yoga for several years. I believe I am myself going through a kundalini awakening although not yet so intense as some of the stuff described above.

    From everything that I have read and been tolb by others who have gone through this process even though an awakening is intense and can last for days that this is not a process that should be scary or life damaging IF your body has been properly prepared for it.

    The scare mongering of kundalini awakening being dangerous is that if people are physically/ mentally/ spiritually not prepared for the awakening it can be dangerous. In our modern world many of our stresses and strains are causing more spontaneous awakenings in people who are not prepared.

    Therefore would you not agree that the more work someone does on themselves prior to awakening the smoother the process will be? This can be (though is not limited to) practicing kundalini yoga or sa similar kind of yoga, meditation, stretehing, breathwork and general mental destress work.

    Thank you for your interesting article.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for your comment. My opinion is kundalini awakening is not dangerous whether one is prepared for it or not, at least no more dangerous than life itself. Kundalini awakening gets triggered when the individual is strong enough ‘in spirit’ to trigger it, thus when it happens it is always perfect timing. Kundalini is the life-force energy itself, and when it gets triggered then healing happens at all levels of the being in mind, body, emotions and soul. How much one needs to clean out, repair or discard and one’s own level of resistance to allowing this to unfold in oneself is what makes it difficult. I’ve never been hurt in any regard in the entire time and I’ve been through quite a bit because I have congenital defects, which takes more energy and time to open up. But, that’s my karma, I don’t go into self-pity story about it. I am rather very happy everything in being healed. Yes, I agree the more work you’ve done prior to awakening (in this lifetime and others), the easier it will be and the more you are guided. But it is never easy, it is the most challenging thing any being will ever do, but embracing the challenge and going with it you will grow and receive benefits you never dreamed were possible. Everyone has their own unique challenges in this process, which challenges will be perfectly designed for that individual. It’s all about letting go of whatever one is clinging to which is not the self, which includes layers of attachment to body, mind, emotions and soul. You go through them one by one, relating to each as it ‘comes up’. So you don’t have to figure out anything, just related and respond to what turns up in the process, you always there alive and anchored as the indestructible observer or witness to the process. The changes happen slowly, you never change overnight in an instant and people in your life will probably not notice any physical changes in you. So don’t worry, you have done good preparation and whatever comes up will be perfect for you… Love & Blessings, Betsy

  24. Mariposa says:

    Hi all, thank you Betsy for all the free information you share about kundalini,
    I would like to ask you, with regards to what you wrote, I quote ” One part of this phase is learning how to surrender and learning about different levels of consciousness and how you can distance yourself from your body when needed during parts where the body pain seems too much to bear. If one doesn’t surrender in this phase then you won’t progress much more with the kundalini activation. For people who have had similar symptoms and for some unknown reason the process has slowed down, it is most likely because one quit surrendering. I guess for these people then they will have continuous tension in the body and kriya type symptoms for many years, a very slow type of process”. How do I understand whether this is my case? I started having severe kundalini symptoms about a month ago, it was very very scary, it lasted a week, since then, it has been much milder in stages…could you help me understand please?
    Thanking you with love.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Mariposa, I guess the kundalini symptoms you had a month ago were experienced as [i]severe[/i] because they were very very scary. Your question comes from worrying about having that severe experience again. When you feel fear next time (any time in daily life actually), realize the fear in body comes from fearful thoughts you are thinking. The mind-chatter will relax when you observe the thoughts, then the body will relax (or you can try it opposite, try to relax body and release fear tension, then the mind can relax). Then your mind will become quiet and the kundalini energy can easily flow through you without resistance or pain. This is the skill one needs to learn, the more you practice, releasing thoughts and body tension, the better you get at it, and eventually you won’t have fear. One also needs to see where the fear thoughts come from, what is one afraid of, and is it based in reality? Hope that helps! Betsy

      have let your mind relax (relax the fear thoughts), the body would have relaxed, and it would have been a pleasant experience.

  25. Hemant kumar Sharma says:

    Sir,i started the meditarion 1 week ago ,i am from very spiritual background but started to eat chicken. Resently after maditation i feel sensation on my foot base.i want to know can i meditate for kundlini in sleeping posture. What are the do and don’t of this process which i should follow.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Hermant. Meditation is most effective (highest energy moves in spine) in order of these positions: standing, sitting with straight spine, lying down. For beginners, meditation lying down is never recommended because one tends to fall asleep easily. The do is to find your inner guru and learn to use your intuition. Self-realization NEVER happens from changing the body, it happens by gaining self-knowledge and wisdom DIRECTLY from your own introspection process, finding out Who Am I? This free booklet by Sri Ramana Maharshi explains the self-inquiry technique.

      This site is also good on the self-inquiry method:, Awareness Watching Awarenes

      Love & Blessings, Betsy

  26. Mork says:

    Hi Betsy,

    I have experienced kundalini awakening in three different stages, at least as far as I was able to determine them. Last time it was on a spiritual retreat this summer where the energy opened my third eye. It wasn’t really a pleasant experience and was followed by paralysis for at least ten to fifteen minutes. During the following weeks I was quite strongly destabilized, not being able to deal with the waves of the energy surplus. It seems to have normalized ever since and I am incredibly grateful for the experience and feeling blessed beyond measure. There’s been however recurring, sometimes sharp pain and/or weakness in both of my thighs right above the knees…I would greatly appreciate your views on what that could be. many thanks and blessings to you all

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Mork. As you progress in your awakening, see it like a *physical growing* that is happening as your body increases vibration allowing it to carry higher vibration (more energy) and become spontaneous being. As this expansion process goes on in body, all parts of the body and mind are healed and continuously refined, cleansed, healed, opened to remove any restrictions. A big part of this process is expansion in body and mind that one has never experienced before in one’s life, due to enhancing nervous system. These kinds of healing reactions can continue on for a long time, think in terms of years, and as your vibration increases the healing capacity gets stronger. Every part in body is refined many times. Any area in body where you have bigger defects or areas of damage, you are going to notice the most healing and different reactions repeatedly in those areas. It’s impossible for me to know if the concern you are feeling is due to kundalini or something needing medical attention. With vibration increasing in body, one should be able to detect and feel the swirling kundalini energy and *just know* that a refinement or healing is working there. I do hear from more people lately that they start to feel heavy in the legs for longer time. I’ve experienced this off and on over the years. What happens with kundalini is there is a shift in lower spine/sacrum alignment, which in turn affects pelvic bone and hip joint alignment and leg bones. This is due to spine healing and moving towards better central alignment, which happens very slowly. When a bigger shift is accumulated, then a kind of ‘regrowing’ or realignment of legs take place due to new pelvic alignment. One can also experience this in the arms, but in arms it tends to move out faster, but in legs can last several months. Hope that helps! Thanks for your kind words. Love & Blessings, Betsy

      PS: The big jumps in ascension happen when one discovers a main delusion that keeps one in identity, so drops a layer of getting lost in ego and thus gets big return in energy by no longer reacting to that kind of imprint. What I’m saying is the more insight you get into your true nature (find who you are via self-inquiry), the quicker and easier this process is.

  27. Mork says:

    Many thanks again for your swift reply, Betsy. This is really helpful. Wishing you well.

  28. Jill says:

    I’m hoping you can comment on this, my left leg below the knee and into the foot has been tingling without numbness or pain for about a week off and on. I have had a couple of acupuncture treatments, he thought it was a tight hip flexor. However, I’ve been chanting a mantra and I changed a few days ago to Om Namah Shivaya, hoping to surrender to what was going on with my body. Would it be common for the leg tingling to go on for this long without proceeding to other parts of body?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jill, opening the hip joint can send energy down into the leg by opening a channel and one can experience tingling for some time as cells repair. Surrender by just observing any sensation that arises in body, mind or emotions is always a good practice to speed healing and for awakening. Sounds like the tingling is related to opening the hip joint, and not kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening is very profound happening, stronger than any life experience you have had to date. Betsy

  29. Andrew says:


    God Bless you.

    I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2008, basically as a result of ego-shattering events in my career and my subsequent acceptance of my fate. At the time it happened I wasn’t particularly religious, I was in fact an arrogant womanizer with a huge ego. A traumatic career-altering event shattered that illusion and laid the foundation for a spontaneous awakening. I had all the physical symptoms manifest before witnessing the passage up my spinal chord and out the top of my head while entranced into a whole other dimension that must be experienced to be understood. It took me years to fully understand what had happened that day and the weeks after, this site being one of my original resources that led to my Aha! moment. Prior to finding kundalini-related sources I thought that I had been spiritually attacked, had a seizure, had a stroke, or had survived a type of heart attack/brain hemorrhage death event.

    During my awakening, I began to panic and used fear to “bring myself back” to consciousness. I remember being in the state of supreme bliss, unconditional love and knowledge, peace, a place that felt MORE familiar to my spirit than this 3D incarnation. The more time I spent there I seemed to feel as though I was gas that was continuing to expand and dissolve into the surroundings. At this point i think i began to get really scared because I thought this was it. I’m dying. I’m here in this supernatural spirit world of energy beings because i am dying and moving onto the next stage. A small voice (my ego?) said “if you want to live you have to fight like you’ve never fought before”. Then I began projecting fear and anger in order to “fight” my way out of the spell/magic/spiritual attack etc. This resulted in me flailing around violently on my friends floor and kicking a hole in his wall (two of my coworkers witnessed the event).

    This was 8 years ago. Since then I have never been the same. It’s a long list and basically is an example of the symptoms and effect/consequences you list in your writings. I can go on for a while, but there’s one thing that has me really confused. Is it possible that I did physical damage to myself when I “fought” my way out of the awakening rather than fully surrender to it? I think I’ve done some damage and altered or turned off some of my nerve pathways. I used to be a great athlete, very sure on my feet, excellent hand eye coordination. Now I walk like a pansy, have forgotten how to dance well and have lost all my confidence when it comes to sports and controlled athletic movements. After some reading I can say that my Sciatic nerve isn’t firing on all cylinders and some of the nerve pathways along this nerve are not signalling the muscles. I almost feel as though I am suffering the effects of a mild/micro stroke which has reduced the feeling/movement/control on the right side of my body by a material percentage. Enough to throw off my balance, my gait, etc.

    I’d really like some advice as to how to clear these blockages. Is it as simple as meditation and commitment? I’m cursed in that I wasn’t SEEKING the awakening. My subconscious was able to reach out and touch my due to the rapid and unexpected dissolution of my ego (i was a trader and wiped out my whole book because of greed and impatience). Any resources you can point me to that can guide me in self-healing energy work? I’m not interested in paid courses and gimmicks. I know this is all real, it happened to me. I was a self absorbed playboy before and am a humble spiritual vessel now. Only problem is I know that the experience I had is one that many don’t reach until years of devoted practice of some kind. So I’d like some help in fixing whatever mistake I made when I panicked my way out of the state of bliss.

    Please help.


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Andrew,

      Thanks for sharing your story here and asking your questions.

      In the experience where you recount that you felt like you were expanding and dissolving into your surroundings and then get scared because you thought were you were dying… Then the thought came to fight it…. With true self there is no fear, so one can be sure that that thought came from your ego.

      Next you expressed: “Is it possible that I did physical damage to myself when I “fought” my way out of the awakening rather than fully surrender to it? I think I’ve done some damage and altered or turned off some of my nerve pathways.”

      I doubt you did any damage to nerve pathways or physical damage to yourself. That fight happened basically in your imagination or just in the ‘experience’ itself. What remains from that experience is the fear memory and I guess an unwillingness to let go or surrender self again because worrying you may feel that intense fear of losing oneself again. Which means since then, you are not letting go or paying attention to spirit aspect of self, so you are no longer growing *spiritually*. What you focus on or pay attention to most grows, since you are ignoring your spiritual aspect then what is happening is your ego is expanding. As the ego becomes more dense, the energy pathways shut down, it’s like contracting your energy into what is familiar, and with that comes all the health issues. Looking at it positively, your suffering increases in proportion to the degree you are holding in that energy, which suffering or pain eventually becomes *too much*, which will then get you to ask these kinds of questions and consider trying to let go again….

      Yes, it’s as simple as starting to look within in again, doing meditation, querying yourself, etc. Your big obstacle is overcoming the fear of ‘losing oneself’ or of ‘dying’. If it helps, I can tell you this is not what happens with spiritual awakening, you never lose yourself, the only that is changing is really your mind and body, which is not you. And it is gradual process, you get used to the changes that happen every day. You always feel like you the next morning, just a bit different. The changes are just like expansion of the nervous system, so it can carry ‘more light’, more awareness. As that happens all the energy channels open successively more, clean out and the healing happens as your energy increases.

      Believing you were cursed, in that you were not seeking awakening is a belief that is not helpful. Your true being awakens or starts to emerge when you are ripe to awaken. The awakening is triggered by YOUR SELF. From the ego point of view, it seems like it is something that happened to oneself unbidden, but later you will see the truth that all that was you. Maybe you can have a big laugh when you realize that big fight you had was you fighting with your self…. If you continue to believe this, then you feel like a victim to life and the outside happenings, blaming everything on something else and then you don’t take ownership and responsibility of your own life. You awoke, because you let go of clinging to the physical world after your big loss. You felt like your were destroyed in your life, and no longer wanted to live kind of feeling and then you let go clinging to the ego-self. When you let go of clinging to your material or visible aspect, then your energy self released. But that scared you feeling you were not yet ready, and so you grabbed back to the physical aspect — what felt familiar and known to you.

      There are many resources on this site, under transformation tools and in other articles. All is free here to read and try on your own. You can’t fix a mistake, just chalk it up to an experience. With failure we learn much. You need to go beyond believing the self-talk, mind-story is truth, to learn to not react to strong emotions that get triggered, especially learn how to not react to fear. You just stay calm and observing and let the triggered reaction die down. If you don’t feed the fear reaction with more fear thoughts, it can’t exist. Getting sharpened skills via daily meditation helps to observe how one’s mind, emotions, senses, reactions, etc, happen. Basically it is two-fold approach, do meditation and also do introspection or self-inquiry, asking questions, receiving answers — like you are doing now. Of course also the healthiest diet possible, nature walks each day and doing some form of exercise all help to raise your energy and increase awareness level.

      Perhaps just do a meditation for 3 weeks, twice per day, to establish the habit once again. That by itself is a hard step for most people, as the ego does not like sitting still and not being able to chatter away… You have to force yourself to do it the first weeks, to establish the habit. Once it’s established, then you will want to do it, because you will get direct experience of the benefits from doing so. You could start with the dot meditation, breathing meditation and Stress release exercise (two or those are links to articles on another totally free & non-commercial site).

      Love & Blessings,

  30. IM says:

    I just recently saw this page but feel like i have gone/ am going through this process while using different vocabulary. I come from a science background, so for me it was more of a focus on fixing my posture and being able to transfer the force that I generate with my foot through my foot–> ankle –> knee –>hip–> shoulder–>elbow –> wrist –> with 100 percent efficiency. I’m in the medical field so I’ve had to do a pretty extensive anatomy course including a cadaver dissection and also exercise regularly , so I felt like I was able to gain a good conceptual understanding of the musculature, and the ways in which your muscle fibers run and the way your body would run if judging it at a purely mechanical level. Through my journey I’ve come to realize though that the joints which I am trying to gain mastery of are not static structures. They are fundamentally defined by their relationships to the other structures in such a way that behavior of your right ankle ultimately has large implications for the overall functioning of your left shoulder etc etc, and no deterministic paradigm really can hold true since each part is simultaneously changing all of the others . In a certain way it feels like I’m feeling my body in three dimensions for the first time rather than just seeing it. Sometimes it feels like I’m a cartographer charged with mapping the an ever changing space that exists when i close my eyes. It seems like I will be on a certain level for a certain time, my mind and body fleshing out the details of the new terrain. However eventually there is always a synthesis moment, where all that knowledge kinds of comes together, there is some kind of paradigm shift in the way I think my body should behave/feel and I move to another level, where I start all over again. Through multiple iterations I’ve come to realize the interconnectedness of the entire system and how seemingly distnict problems are frequently different manifestations of a singular higher level problem. Sometimes it feels like my body is a rubiks cube that I’m trying to solve, however the pieces themselves are changing , so my conception of what a finished cube looks like must also change as a result.

    I stumbled across this page recently online, and thought it was interesting just how similar our experiences though and wanted to ask you a few things.
    I wonder what you mean when you say surrender though and how drastic that transition is. I find that these days that when I’m waiting in line in the store, i’ll instantaneously kind of shift into this mode. Pushing the weight of my feet either onto my sole or onto toes and just try to steer the resulting tension as productively as possible. While i also have longer sessions where my attention is completely directed inside, it seems that around 30-40% of myself is always directed inwards, even if I’m interacting with people around me. The shift is very subtle and pretty much instanteneous for me. I found it interesting how two completely different paradigms could ultimately reach the same truths. My family is actually from India, so I guess there is some kind of cultural connection to India/yoga, but they are pretty non religious and don’t really express a lot of belief/interest in the subject. Interested in hearing your reply

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your journey, observations and experiences and congratulations on your kundalini awakening! I have a few comments to what you wrote:

      “… and no deterministic paradigm really can hold true since each part is simultaneously changing all of the others.”

      Right, so that is why you cannot figure it out as in using a model or technique to open the body. It is not necessary to do this, you only need to allow the energy to freely run and expand and the intelligence behind it takes care of the doing in the most efficient manner.

      ‘Through multiple iterations I’ve come to realize the interconnectedness of the entire system and how seemingly distinct problems are frequently different manifestations of a singular higher level problem.”

      Right, it’s all one whole. The problems mostly have the cause of our attachment to an aspect of our personality, as in ‘repeated’ reactions, conditioned reactions, behavior — these attachments are due to our ignorance of our true nature, lack of wisdom, beliefs, habits, etc. As you work more with introspection and self-inquiry, you will start to find these root causes and let go attachment to them due to wisdom gained, and thereby heal the cause. The multiple interactions are known also as refinements, and this process will go on for many years.

      “Sometimes it feels like my body is a rubiks cube that I’m trying to solve, however the pieces themselves are changing , so my conception of what a finished cube looks like must also change as a result.”

      You don’t have to solve this puzzle, that just keeps you busy getting identity out of being a ‘clever solver’. Best to not have any conception at all, nor any technique and just observe what is appearing and happening before your eyes.

      “I wonder what you mean when you say surrender though and how drastic that transition is.”

      Surrender means non-identity with the self, or activated personality. So it’s like you are in a state of witnessing consciousness. You are not doing anything, you just watch the mind and whatever appears there, thoughts, feelings, images — without attaching to them or going into narrative (self-talk) about it. When observing the mind, the thoughts naturally settle down, which were what was generating the activated personality. Surrender is a gradual process, you can’t let go of things you don’t know you are even holding. So it’s mainly based on wisdom and gaining insight into your true nature, nature of how things appear, etc. One by one you become aware of things you were getting identity from, and then once you can see that ‘illusion’ you quit attaching to it (with your self-talk), and rather than ‘be the auto pilot’ reaction for that case, you just remain as the silent witness, allowing the triggered reaction (program from your mind) to fade — in other words not reacting like you did in past, which eventually that non-reaction response erases that programmed response. So you keep letting go these ways you get identity, and over time the ego becomes less reactive — having less to get it’s fix or identity out of. You can never lose yourself, you are just letting go of those things one-by-one that aren’t you. This takes many years of meditation and introspection. It’s a conceptual emptying process, emptying the mind of it’s delusions. The less you identify with as being a self, the more real you are, the more joy, wisdom, etc.

      I also have free online book with more information at

      Love & Blessings,

  31. Ilse says:

    Hi Betsy,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I started to experience kundalini awakening symptoms soon after I started meditating late 2015. I challenged myself to meditate for 8 weeks, to see if I would be able to change my brain structure. I started to use binaural beats to help me reach deep meditative states and I noticed that it was fairly easy for me to meditate for at least an hour at a time.

    First I started experiencing pain in the crown area, then I noticed more rushes of energy, a ‘pop’ in my skull after which I felt energy flowing and then one day, my entire body started trembling very strongly as if I was having a stroke (like a fish on dry land). That was a very exhaustive experience, but I kept on meditating and soon I found myself doing kriyas while managing to meditate for 3 hours. This was near the end of my 8 week experiment and it was then that something awful happened, from which I needed some to to recover from, leaving me unable to focus and more reluctant to meditate, so I didn’t for another month or two.

    When I started again, I was unable to go as deep as before most of the time, although it was getting progressively better (with the help of crystals). I went to an energy healer three weeks ago, and I feel like that experience has definitely removed some blockages, allowing me to enter deeper meditative states again. Now I’m mainly experiencing muscle contractions on the left side of my body. My arm & leg even contract when I’m not meditating sometimes. A few nights ago, when I was meditating with a crystal on my root chakra listening to OM chants, I started to experience spontaneous orgasms. I have also felt my heart chakra expanding, and have experienced chest and rib cage contractions without feeling the need to breathe to the point where it becomes almost painful and my spine making serpent-like movements. I’ve also experienced hot flashes and excessive sweating at night.

    I was wondering, since I don’t really have anyone in my direct environment having similar experiences, if you could help me pinpoint where exactly on the kundalini awakening journey I am? I’m really curious, but I’m also aware that it’s possible to think I’m further ahead than I really am since I’m only 23 years old.

    Thanks in advance and much love,


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Ilse, thank you for sharing your awakening journey. You are getting a great result, and glad to hear you returned to it. I would guess you did not go as deep when you returned because of the shock of the prior experience, thus there was some fear to let go as deeply. Wonderful to hear you followed your inner guidance which led you to the healer you needed to clear that block and return and pick up where you left off. I think you are doing great.

      As far as your question where you are at in this journey, I would suggest you not be concerned about it or to just trust in your own assessment of it. The ego wants to see itself higher than it is, to believe it is God and to seek validation from others for it’s self-image. So none of that is really helpful. The reality is it takes a long time to awaken and one must be dedicated to it. To put it into perspective, think decades. You are just beginning. Try to be content with what’s happening now in the present moment. Just keep relating and responding to what turns up in your daily life as far as reactions going in inside and outside of you and doing what feels right to you with your meditation, working with self-inquiry and introspection, etc, and for sure you will evolve. Enjoy life as much as possible and the wonderful opportunity you have this lifetime to awaken. I get more contacts from people in your age group every month, so it is obvious to me that the collective awakening energy on Earth is getting stronger and people of younger ages are awakening in increasing numbers each day. Yeah!

      I would suggest you might like participating in my Facebook group for Awakening and Kundalini help. There you can also communicate and meet others going through the same experience and know you are not alone.


  32. Jean-François Coudert says:


    First of all , thank you for all those resources and insights regarding kundalini. I have a question regarding the notion of
    “pranothana”. I have read that it is often confused with kundalini awakening but that it is merely a precursor of it , prana entering sushumna,some qualify it a fundamental pre -requisite for the kundalini … For others there’s no such thing as pranothana, it is a stage of the kundalini awakening that is meant to purify the energy body for the full blown kundalini rising, a phase of the whole process…
    All of this is really confusing and I’d like to know what you think of this , if you could shed some light on the progression of the kundalini phenomena?

    Thank you very much!


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your appreciation, comment and question.

      “Pranotthana” is the correct spelling of what you ask about, which I found out when I googled the term because I had not heard it before.

      I had 2 big awakenings, one in 1999 and the other in 2006. Then came up with different names for them, because they were VERY different.

      The first I called spiritual awakening, which is the first awakening, where you realize you are not the ‘me’, but rather the invisible energy behind that reflection.
      I see this as energy first rising into the mind, like opening the eye’s of the witness. Many kundalini like symptoms and vivid happenings occur with this event, but the high energy state is not sustained and fades after awakening event in several months to where one feels about like before the awakening event. The difference is you have new wisdom. I felt opening of root chakra and energy rise to the mind, but really was not sensitive or able to observe energy movements in body at that time. I felt the high sexual energy and saw a light explosion in the mind. During this time I was doing much meditation and going deeper and able to sustain quiet mind states for long periods.

      The second I called full-blown kundalini awakening, where I had let go of body and mind identity, so like a much deeper meditation. The sushumna did open, I felt that very distinctly, following opening of root chakra. It felt like a hollow tube of energy inside the center of body was open on both the root and crown chakra ends. But actually the sushumna fully opened AFTER the full-blown kundalini awakening was triggered. I think first was root chakra fully opened, then an explosion of energy and activation of all the major meridians and chakras and then opening of minor channels/meridians, then bigger body channels in this order, which took weeks to happen: left body, right body, back body, front body — and after that the central channel opened. The details are all in my journal at William Bodri’s book: The Little Book of Hercules, also verifies and describes this same order of opening of channels.

      To sum it up, I would say first one happens when one lets go of identity with the mind, the second one happens when one lets go of identity with the body. I would then predict the last one would happen with enlightenment when one gives up all identity of self. Actually, I think there are 4 awakenings which are described in articles below.

      I tend to think that majority believing they have kundalini awakening are actually experiencing pranotthana or first awakening, not full-blown kundalini awakening. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what stage you are at and you can decide this for yourself. What is most important is accepting yourself right now in this present moment and trusting that when you do introspection and find out how consciousness works and who you are and what is this world appearance and do your meditations — you will continue to grow and evolve and eventually pass through all phases.

      These 2 articles discuss stages and symptoms further:

      Hope that helps!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jeff,

      A bit more detail.

      Around January of 2006, the kundalini awakening started and on August 22, 2016 the sushumna opened, which is described on this page in my journal. I actually see it goes from the perineum, up center of body and through the mouth, not to the crown of the head. When you read this description, you will certainly get the impression this is a physical process.

      • Jean-François Coudert says:

        Thank you for your answer Betsy, It’s helpful.
        So I understand that pranotthana is the energetic phase of kundalini awakening , the part where one goes through kriyas and the energetic canals are cleared gradually to be able to welcome the full blown kundalini later …

        I’ve seen the two stages referenced as lesser Kan LI and greater kan li (suzanne williams book) I think it illustrates these stages pretty well , maybe you’ll find it interesting 🙂

        Thank you , many blessings.

  33. Andrew says:

    Betsy I have meditated and astral projected my whole life. I have always felt the buzzing energy. 2 months ago my face would get tingly occasionally and it now has lead to random muscle twitches in the leg or stomach and sometimes the arms and hand. I eat extremely healthy and exercise. What could I be experiencing? The twitches have calmed down a little. I take vitamin b and plenty of magnesium and pottasium because the symptoms are what science calls benign fasciculation. Your thoughts?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Andrew. Given your past history with meditation, etc, it could very well be that kundalini is awakening. Mainly kundalini symptoms are signs of an expanding nervous system, which are happening so we can carry or support a higher vibration/awareness level. These physical changes facilitate or prepare the body/mind for enlightenment, but are not a cause of that itself. Enlightenment happens when you finally gain self-knowledge. In that vein, meditation/astral travel by itself will also not be a cause. So using your mind to understand your own mind, to find out Who Am I?, What is this world-appearance and what is Truth — those are the main questions to dig into. Reading good books on self-realization is helpful in this regard. I would relax about the symptoms and not be concerned they are a medical problem. If it’s kundalini, for sure it will get stronger and have very different symptoms than ‘benign fasciculation’. Betsy

  34. Jay says:

    Hi Betsy, From reading your book, I think I’m going through the healing stage that happens after the spiritual awakening and pre-awakening stage. Do you remember how long it took you from there to full blown kundalini activation? Great article by the way. My Mum is currently going through the full blown transformation and has been for I think 3 years now, she did Hatha Yoga for 11 years prior. I didn’t do anything though, it was like a switch just turned on and it intensified, peaked and faded. I’m currently relatively normal again lol.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jay, thanks for your comment and great news with both your mother and you! I had spiritual awakening in 1999, then full-blown kundalini awakening in 2006. How long it takes between different stages has many factors, such as your practice, health, diet, age, time this starts, level of resistance, etc. You can read in my book, where I describe these stages as I went through them. Betsy

  35. Satyaseeds says:

    I had a full blown Kundalini Awakening in 2011, it was so intense that fear brought me back into my body from the cosmos. I’ve been having crazy symptoms ever since that I can’t tell are Ascension symptoms or from an infection in 2009 from a wisdom tooth extraction and two emergency c-sections. My present symptoms have been building up in past two years exist in my liver, spleen and kidneys, and have been magnified like never before in recent. My naturopath says that my liver is having a really hard time keeping up with a source of toxins. I’ve been gaining a lot of fat and I have always exercised and eaten very healthy, as well as meditated for years. Presently my entire torso, front and back, feels tingly and warm, somewhat painful, but not, just really uncomfortable. Everything Feels full in my torso, and I have random weird moving pain that jump around throughout my body and pulses in my brain at times. At night, I can feel the expansion of energy far outside of my body. I feel there is a huge block in my diaphragm, liver, spleen, kidney area. Emotionally I feel moments of great peace and other times I’m diving deeper into the dark, however for some odd reason it feels more real yet lighter. I feel at times I am really dying which I know is an attachment of mine as I am a mother of two young girls, but oddly now there is an arrival of peace, surrender and acceptance that was once not there- always great resistance. Any guidance, thoughts or info as to how to navigate and open up these areas would be so appreciated. Thank you!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Kari, Thanks for sharing your experience and being open to ask your question. It sounds like kundalini activity is accelerating. As this picks up a classic sign is the increased night activity and feeling it move around and working in many places. It is a bit worrisome that you report that you have tingling, pain and warmth persistent on entire torso. In general, the kundalini should be moving around more, so there may be a medical problem. If a symptom persists in same way for 3 days, I think it’s good idea to check with a medical professional. Part of this difficulty could be due to belief that you have illness in these organs going back to some earlier or emotional trauma. The kundalini does go into a phase where it cleanses out the digestive organs. When I was going through that, I had some problems in the gallbladder and liver with stuck energy there. I then had the intuition come to use reiki with acupressure on the meridians. Then I went into a experimental phase doing that and found a way to accelerate the opening of the minor channels (nadis) and open up the leg meridians. Once the leg meridians open, then there is much more energy and the root chakra starts to energize strong and this greatly powers the opening and clearing of the digestive system. I have an article on this website which details how to do this. I think this would help you, as well if you are not doing it, I think doing some yogic asanas, such as sun salutations may help or trying the spontaneous movement routine referenced in the article.

      Hope that helps!

      Please get back to me later if you try this to give me a feedback on it’s usefulness for your concerns.

      Namaste’ Betsy

      • Satyaseeds says:

        Thanks Betsy. Yes, I have an appointment with a Dr next week. Thanks for sharing your experience and the energy techniques. I do feel intuitively there is a medical issue, but too like you said a lot is happening in the night. On the first I had an entire night of lucid dreaming. It was as if I weren’t even sleeping, in and out of dream as messages came. There was a sense that an energy was moving through me. My entire digestive system was bubbling and gurgling. I received “The Bear is coming”, which has a lot of shamanic significance to me. I feel I am in a prominent shift of consciousness whatever life events/spectrum of polarity that may be. There is much to learn/let go and surrender into on this path of awakening. Thank you again for your thoughts! Blessings- kari

        • betsy rabyor says:

          Kari. You are welcome. Good to know you will be checked by a doctor just to be sure. With kundalini they tend to not find anything. You might like to read the beginning of my kundalini awakening journal and prelude to that, which details the process where the leg meridians open and the digestive cleansing happens and how I worked with it. It’s free to read online at I also have a FB discussion group for kundalini and awakening, if you would like to join:, we would be glad to have you there. Betsy

  36. prasad says:

    it is a nice article
    I have a question my mom is doing meditation from one month and first, she feels vibration which is very strong and they are not stopping but after a week it stops and now she feel something spiral waves or vibration I don’t know what they are but it passes from bottom to head in a form of spiral energy and after it reaches head it stops and again it starts from bottom. will you tell what is this?
    and sorry for bad English.
    thank you

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Prasad, sounds like kundalini energy is waking up. I hear from many people these days that are experiencing awakening symptoms after doing only a little meditation. Seems it is just time for humanity to wake up and we ripen quickly. These energy movements are nothing to be worried or afraid about, they are opening the nadis and expanding the central nervous system so to carry higher vibration and move to higher level of awareness or perception. It’s a wonderful thing to have happen, but it also has it’s challenges which mostly are due to our own resistance, fears, beliefs, etc, that prevent us from letting go of old worn out beliefs and conditioning. There are more articles on my website if your mother or you want to know more. I also have free online book about my own awakening at Betsy

  37. prasad says:

    thank you so much

  38. Raul says:

    I had been meditating for a couple of weeks when this happened to me. First it felt like an orgasm then my heart pounding like crazy after that I saw with my eyes closed something forming in my forehead,it was a red stripe and a white stripe forming a SPIRAL one stripe came from my left side and the other one from my right and they formed this spiral it felt like a vacuum I knew I could get out of my body but I got scared and as soon as I felt afraid it went away I haven’t been able to do it again but it was the best that’s ever happened to me it was surreal and after I felt clarity I understood what life was for the first time. HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS?

  39. SayhaSeemoreSaywa says:

    Very nice work and write up. I have been dealing with a block in my root chakra for the past two years 2015-2017 a “block” I never tried to correct although being well aware my energy was not being well utilized in that two years. Being grounded in root certainly helped me finish my bachelors however I noticed much of my thoughts were grounded in materials looking at what type car I’ll buy or house how much I’ll make all of those things being fine but as we know are the nothing of life rather than its essence, again well aware of the state I was in. But the biggest issue or disorder being so rooted I developed a pretty bad sex addiction. Which in todays day in age led me frequent sites like craigslist and backpage in near compulsion, full on slave to my root. I am biologically and neurologically very sensitive to energy. This just happened to be where it laid. Long story short. I knew I needed a reboot. I am not a daily user of marijuana it had been over a year since I partook. It is an adjustment drug for me a good spank on the ass every time. Its not enjoyable but necessary and I know that going in every time but when its time its time. So I Met with someone who smokes a pretty potent strain. One good puff 5 MINUTES LATER. SEEE WA!ZING Kundalini through the roof crown on. Throat open haha. Im certain I scared the person I was with. But oh boy about 4-5 hours later I was sore as if worked out and did back exercises. Severe neck stiffness I know this is the kundalini this isnt my first rodeo ;). However this is the most painful after shock ive had. I think its because In so many words my higher chakras were rusty. Again great write up. I am aligned, for now hopefully I can start a meditation regimen or something. See u.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your appreciation and sharing part of your journey with opening your chakras. When kundalini awakens, the root does fire up and many can then get addicted to sexual pleasure. Finding more creative way than masturbation to channel this energy is key. Learning not to have desire for orgasm and just allowing it to run by itself (when it naturally energizes). Marijuana can give the effect to let go our clinging to our left brain or identity, which can release ‘held energy’ and thus we can get an insight into reality or our true nature. Any release of energy like that will later cause healing effect, so can explain why you are sore. JJ Semple with Golden Flower Meditation gives information how to creatively channel the sexual energy without losing energy. For more on Marijuana use, I think this video by Sadhguru is very spot on. What are your thoughts on Smoking Marijuana?
      Namaste’ Betsy

  40. John says:

    I spoke with Betsy years ago in 2012 when I had my awakening I’m no long 28 y/o I’m now 33 y/o.

    I haven’t had a job since my awakening because I developed a mental illness that caused social anxiety. And what’s funny is I’ve been in sales all my life and this anxiety I developed just took over my life. Actually kundalini erased my life; I lost all my money, my job; my girlfriend, my apartment and all my friends. I’m now in poverty living at my moms lol. I opened the Sahasrara chakra and SEEN the truth and I thought that was amazing. Now I hoping Kundalini’s energy will intergrate so I can get back to having a job. My third eye is now blissful when I put my attention on it; so many new changes have happened. I’m still being cooked by kundalini though I have neuropathies, joint pain, fungal infections in the GI tract, burning sensations and other symptoms,

    I have a feeling this is all going to work out soon.
    Anyway I enjoy your efforts and your work that you put in with the community.

    Thank you, be blessed.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi John, thanks for sharing your journey and update. I too feel this will work out soon for you. Thank you for your appreciation and staying in touch. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  41. Simone Phillips says:

    Hi Betsy

    I am very grateful to this article and comments. I have been doing menopause for a couple of years now, have not meditated for some years, but am into body work. Chiropractic, massage and stretching. For a few weeks now I have been experiencing intense pulsating energy through the left side mostly of my body. Now I know that I am not ill, was tested two years ago, with blood tests and am taking nutrition. My eyes vibrate, reality shifts, energy courses through my body in waves. I have just started a primordial meditation course through the Chopra centre and whoosh – just the intention and it all started and this morning I found this site. I have just bought your book on kindle and will read this afternoon. Namaste Simone

  42. Michael says:


    When you write about the fourth dark night (breathing in particular) and the different initiations the neck and skull go through; what was your throat and breathing experience like? As the skull moved off the atlas and the neck was shifting did you feel as if your breathing was constantly comprised? I recently had the experience where my skull felt like it was and elastic ball on a stick- but then it feels like a collapse. It feels like my upper energy centers are trying to move into alignment with each other- (through magnetism)

    • betsy says:

      Hi Michael, thank you for your comment and question. I don’t remember specific details at this time, but many times the breathing will stop which can be scary the first times you feel this. I just learned to relax and trust this odd sensation, it’s like a shift to pranic or embryonic breathing as one let’s go identity with the body. There are many connections that will be made between head and body, through this area of neck and shoulders. Sometimes I felt like the entire spine was being squeezed from bottom to top, and I would experience a total blackout – not like fainting but total loss of sensory perception while that energy squeezed up the spine in twisting motion to the head. The total loss of all sensory information was one of the hardest sensations to go through, because it’s a total void.

  43. Deb says:

    I just sent a message… if it’s possible to keep it private I’d rather or maybe just forget it. Thank you.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Deb, As you requested privacy, I will not post your comments to my blog.

      Good you realized you are in kundalini awakening.

      As kundalini awakening goes on, then whatever underlying problems you have
      in the system will come to ‘surface’ for healing. It’s not like the energy is causing
      these problems, rather it works to restore the body and mind as well working gradually to
      dissolve personal identity with the imaginary self. So it’s like a mind and body
      unraveling going on – where the energy can work in any part of the system. Sometimes
      with these underlying issues, you need medical help and sometimes you don’t. So
      professional doctors are always the first to consult when something comes up that is
      painful, at least to get diagnosis or opinion. Too often the only remedy conventional
      medicine offers is a pill or surgery for most problems – to eliminate the symptom ! Some
      stuff resolves on it’s own, but most things that plague us have a close association with
      our conditioning or history / habits, so is related to something unconscious in
      us. So looking into the area yourself and using your intuition try to see what
      the symptom is trying to tell you. You know yourself the best.

      All chakras are open to some degree and over time with awakening, they keep
      opening more, so it’s not really a question of one being blocked.

      Sexual energy can be extremely high at times, with spontaneous orgasms being
      part of it. When I have this happen, then I just don’t react to it, it’s really not
      about having climax, or in the usual way we want to feel the bliss of the orgasm. In other
      words, it’s not for you. This energy in the root chakra pumps energy into the spine which then goes up and branches out along the nervous system and opens areas that are blocked. You don’t have to do anything at all, just watch the flows inside the body with the energy moving from root and upward and you will feel an area in the body with ‘pummeling energy sensation’, that is where the sexual energy is being channeled into another body area. Eventually this root chakra energy will go all the way up to the head, which is even not the end of this… That is like a full opening pass through the spine and chakras and then it comes down and repeats and goes up the spine again and through all kinds of phases.

      I would suggest reading my testimonial at
      This will answer many questions. Also the Awakening Guide & the Kundalini
      Guide books by Bonnie Greenwell cover the basics of what awakening and kundalini are about and gives a roadmap of what will come and what this energy is doing. So getting the basic information will really help you relax and not worry too much.

      This is not an easy process to go through, but you will never be bored and
      it is amazing often. I and a few other women also run a Facebook group for support, many like to be in the group just so they don’t feel alone and know there are others going through the same. If interested, please read the group description in its entirely before pressing the join key just to be sure you resonate with our intention.

      Facebook Closed Group: Awakened Kundalini Support Community

      If you are still interested in distance healing, I am here for that. But just so you know, there is no magic pill or energy treatment that will erase these problems instantly, you have to go through them and have the experience and from this you learn. You don’t have to push the energy, you only need to accept it and relax into it.

      Love & Blessings,

  44. guillermina says:

    Sorry for this long comment.

    I would like to have an idea on weather this is connected with Kundalini activation or awakening and how to know which chakras could be blocked.

    I was not trying to activate it, but I took ayahuasca during 8 years. Mostly very beautiful and heaven realm visions. (In the last years micro dosing)

    2 years ago I received an “Atlas alignment” correction with very bad results. Since that moment a coxis tale bone gives me pain every time I have to stand or get down of my bicycle. My body feels dis- adjusted since that procedure.
    I think that the manipulation lowered my vibration and brought me back lots of tension and some restrictions in my movements.

    Also some weird things happened:

    A year and a half ago I took a small beer and an hour later when I got home I started seeing in the wall very clearly some patterns with Shipibo colors. (red, black, white and yellow). Later, orange and green. Later those patterns become a cobra slowly moving and at the end a bright purple color was there.
    Suddenly, everything was gone. It was on the wall beside my bed for 10 minutes. I never take alcohol and never smoke weed..I was very scared and this was the only time I experienced that. I had to google the colors to know that were connected with Shipibo.

    Every night when I close my eyes I have visions for a while. Same as Ayahuasca, but they go faster. I got used but at the beginning were intense.
    My dreams become very beautiful after the medicine. And I laugh a lot and enjoy very little things.

    I experience some lower back pain. This pain was almost all my life.
    For almost 6 years I had a pain on top of my kidneys on the left side.
    Lately buzzing in my ears that come and go.

    Seems like I have lots of energy or enthusiasm but my body can not react to this. I feel 100% exhausted. Very week in my body and lethargic feeling. Like a chronic fatigue.

    And the last strange thing happened a month ago in a plane when I was landing: In the area of my 3rd eye and forehead I started experiencing movements like infinite sign or “8” movement, with a burning feeling, like a strong burning acid moving in the area. No visuals. This was the only time.

    I use to meditate in nature. No special technique and am not too much into yoga. Just some times. I have no doubts that my intuition and 3rd eye are opened,
    I don´t feel anything going along my spine.
    Just had for a couple of time some ascending electricity in my left leg. And often some mild or subtle scull tingling.
    A smell comes just sometimes that feels ecstatic since some years ago when I´m in nature or cycling.

    In terms of my habits and life style:
    I didn´t eat healthily when I was young (lots of sugar), but in the last 13 years become way healthier as I become more conscious.
    I´m super sensitive and perceptive.
    Never took alcohol, never weed.
    Never used tooth paste in my life.
    I healed a lot with ayahuasca and meditation.
    I try since a year ago to walk on bare feet when weather allows it.
    I´m 53 years old and I´m daily exposed to big challenges.
    Never had a conservative life, though was raised in a conservative environment and family.
    I feel happy but sometimes seems that I have no peace, kind of too much and feel easily exhausted.
    I find difficult to materialize things in life. Everything takes too much energy.
    I have lack of oxygen going to my brain and was born with 2 cord laps. All connected with short term memory becomes stressful.
    So I don´t know wether hyperventilating might be a good thing for this.

    If I have to ask something to life would be more energy to do all the things I still would like to do.
    I suffered almost all my life of depression and was medicated for years making it worse.
    I was also diagnosed last year with asperges but fortunately don´t take any medicine, just some vitamins.

    I would appreciate some guide and advice.
    I started a month a go with Kundalini yoga. A mild one. With beautiful chantings.

    I will appreciate a feedback. Thanks so much in advance.
    Blessings. Guille

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Guille, Thank you for being vulnerable to generously share your awakening journey and the challenges you are facing so far. I am sorry it took so long to approve your comment and reply to you. You bring up many points which is a lot to cover in a comment in the blog. If you could reduce it down to the number one problem you have, that which feels most important to address that can be very helpful for you to focus your energy into just that one area as well then I could reply to that concern. Since it’s been so long since you left your comment and you’ve been doing kundalini yoga, your situation could be different today. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  45. Kyle Watson says:

    No way! I’m tripping right now. I literally felt an energy moving and releasing repressed memories in my LEFT LEG last night and was hesitant to consider it kkundalini.

    Now that I read your post though….woah, you literally said it starts in your left leg….. that’s insane

  46. Ben Lee says:

    I have had a full blown Kundalini awakening for a little over a year now. The spinning motion is constantly working throughout all parts of my body and I know it is changing the shape of my physique and mind. Much of what I have experienced so far and am continuing to experience is as what you have mentioned in your posting and I can literally show you the spinning motion because I have control over it and make a demonstration of its flow and sound. To be honest the process isn’t always pleasant. One day I feel good and the next day, I feel bad with lots of discomforts. My awakening started from my right side and it is currently working on my left and it is forming a medium line in the middle of my body. How long did it take you for this energy to fully stabilize so the spinning motion is working just from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine and you no longer have this annoying motion disturbing you? What is the quickest way to stabilize this energy and is there a certain diet I should follow to expedite the process? Does green tea help or does it not? I wish to further discuss about this process with you in much depth.

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