sustainabilityWe all own the planet together and share all the resources, if the planet is not healthy for life, then it affects us all. Part of spiritual awakening and of self-healing is to become responsible not only in one’s thoughts and reactions but also in how one treats others, the living animals and plants and the earth as a whole. Today’s society is one of consumption and a mostly throw-away society. We don’t think of our impact on resources or where things comes from. All comes in a pretty box or package and all is taken away for us with the trash service, we don’t know where things come from nor how they were produced nor where they go when we throw them away. This kind of ‘blind consumption’ is what is destroying the planet, polluting the oceans, polluting our own food sources, the air and water we all depend upon. It is time that we start to learn new habits, and learn how to do more ourselves and live in alternative communities and find new ways to build our houses which have less impact on the planet and resources and give us a feeling of being independent. On this page I share articles I’ve written as well ways I’ve learned to reduce, reuse and recycle. I hope it gives you ideas and leads to more creative ways we can heal ourselves and the planet. Topics covered are: self responsibility, alternative cleaning products, alternative toiletries, living on less, sustainability, community living, green structures, going green, recycling, volunteerism, meaningful work, green building, going green, do it yourself, cleaning up the oceans – to name a few.


Community Living

Changing Our Habits


Meaningful Work

Going Green