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Anxiety Brought Me to My Knees

Early Life I never knew I was an anxious person. My father was in the military and we moved often in my early years. I think that was a big factor for me to develop anxiety as I never felt

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When Pushing IS Effective

“What a wonderful book!!! It takes you to a very deep journey inside yourself to discover the strength and power that we all have when we believe in it and chose to take control and take the lead. Can’t thank

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Poem: The First Day of Fall

The First Day of Fall Isolation, all alone, me and my best friend. Drunken splendors, revelry, drunken illusion. Through the fog a voice was heard calling in the night. Clear as a bell I heard it say, “Go to AA”

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Poem: Father, Take the Reins

Father, Take the Reins We are all one, a part of the whole, the entirety of existence, one big soul. Humanity, the children of our father, the hands of the one who has all power. My life is yours, I’m

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Poem: The Politician

The Politician Telling us what he thinks we want to know. Steering our lives by his judgments and beliefs. Not representing – but presenting his own view of himself. The ultimate, actor on the stage false face, false views lying

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Tanka: Group of Fellow Drunks

Tanka: Group of fellow drunks Group of fellow drunks hurting souls open to share igniting love’s flame. Successful community grace in action – real life quotes. ~ Betsy ~ February 27, 2000

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AA 4th step – Make a searching & fearless moral inventory of ourselves

“If you react out of your internal structure to do something, this is exactly the moment, when you can observe it and discover the root of the reaction – the ground of reality, then relate to this, see it clear,

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