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Awakening Help, Guidance & Support

Awakening Help, Guidance & Support The awakening process is accelerating with everyone and it known by several names but is all the same thing and is due to an increase in awareness level which has the side-effect to change the

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‘Ascension Peak’ Guidance

‘Ascension Peak’ Guidance, a co-creation from BeiYin & Betsy Yes, I’m currently in a period of high vibration which I have given the name of ‘Ascension Peak’ to this phenomenon. And what what always happens is my deep unconscious ‘soul’

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My Scientific Viewpoint of Ascension

My Scientific Viewpoint of Ascension This article is my attempt to look at the ascension process from the viewpoint of our physical universe. Around the 17th century on average, many people on the planet thought the Earth was flat and

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Chakra Entrainment in Daily Life

Chakra Entrainment in Daily Life Every thing in nature is made up of atoms which are in a constant state of motion, giving every thing a unique vibration at any point in time. Sound is also a vibration and so

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Complete Surrender?

Can you do a Complete Surrender to the Guru? “If you are with two people and you both totally accept the other, the two become like one being. Even for one moment, if you experience something as part of yourself,

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Many are Awakening Right Now!

Many people are having awakening today and are experiencing awakening symptoms. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I would even go so far to say EVERYONE is having them. Why do I say that? Because the growing force keeps getting stronger and

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Why Does Kundalini Energy Look Like a Snake?

Question: “I have a question about Kundalini awakening. Why does it always look and move like a snake when seen clairvoyantly? Its length and width increases dramatically as awareness levels rise………its color becomes shinier and the mark on the hood

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What is Kundalini Awakening?

To understand kundalini awakening, a definition of Kundalini is needed. Kundalini refers to the life force energy that is contained in every cell of your body. An appropriate synonym for Kundalini is growing force. The growing force fills every space

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