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Transmuting Emotions

Around six years ago I was at a point of complete despair, not feeling any reason to live, everything around me seemed like it was taken away. At this moment I surrendered completely and when I did, a different worldview

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Kundalini transformation dissolves the personailty

The sense I get from this kundalini transformation process is that it is a dissolving of the personality. All the characteristics which make us individuals and anyone can see in us, such as our unique facial expressions, body postures, hand

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Tanka: Last Walk Through Dark Clouds?

Tanka: Last Walk Through Dark Clouds? Last walk through dark clouds? Inspiration seems to lead feet follow later. Dissolving old boundaries opening new horizons. ~ Betsy ~ October 25, 2000

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The Four Dark Nights & Four Awakenings

The Four Dark Nights & Awakenings  What is the Dark Night of the Soul? Dark night of the soul is a metaphor used in spiritual circles. The term describes a phase in one’s spiritual process, often marked by a sense

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