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Anxiety Brought Me to My Knees

Early Life I never knew I was an anxious person. My father was in the military and we moved often in my early years. I think that was a big factor for me to develop anxiety as I never felt

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Crying is Healing

Crying is Healing Where does deep emotional pain come from? While we were growing in the womb, we were pretty much protected from the changing world outside us, mostly all of our needs were taken care of and we were

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Simple Tools for Emotional Pain

From my recent awakening, my view about what is going on in terms of humanity as a whole and the awakening process has expanded. I am quite certain we are at the point NOW where ‘many people awaken’ foreseen by

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Transmuting Emotions

Around six years ago I was at a point of complete despair, not feeling any reason to live, everything around me seemed like it was taken away. At this moment I surrendered completely and when I did, a different worldview

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The benefits of menopause hot flashes

“They say I’m crazy, but I don’t give a damn, that’s my prerogative…” That was my sentiment last week. This week I realize that my manifesting craziness is trying to tell me something… I’m very sensitive these days and I

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