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Should I Fold Up My Chakras?

Question: “After meditation, do you normally close down your chakras? Leaving only the crown and root open? I’m struggling quite a bit at avoiding taking in especially other peoples emotions all the time and I wonder if this has anything

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Passive-aggressive Behavior

Definition: Passive aggressive behavior can occur when someone is angry at another person, but is restrained for some reason from openly expressing that anger. The anger is expressed in some hidden way, such as sabotaging the other person’s work. Dealing

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What is an Emotional Reaction?

An emotional reaction is a neurological response, which is generated in one’s body giving us information about the world we live in. When something happens then all the sensors in our body pick it up in various ways and this

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What is Root Cause of Addiction?

Nearly everybody is addicted to something. We might think that those who are addicted to substances like alcohol, tobacco, street drugs, gambling or pharmaceuticals, as being more trapped than we are, but is this really the case? I am a

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