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Accepting Your Role in Life

Accepting your role as being part of the One living being is necessary, so you can live it out and add experience to your collective lifetimes and allow you to let go of all you past.

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Doubt Can be Positive or Negative

The word DOUBT has eight different meanings depending upon the context. For this article I will only focus on two of them which have nearly opposite meanings: 1. A feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something.

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Do Our Eyes Deceive Us?

Is it possible our eyes deceive us? Question: “Both philosophically & spiritually, is it possible our eyes deceive us?” Deception happens from the mind not the eyes. Like another said: the eyes are neutral, providing data. What happens is people

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Change the World by Changing Oneself

If we could learn to see others beyond the acts & deeds of their egos can we change the world? Question: “If we no longer saw the error in others at all but only that which is real, without agendas,

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