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How Can I Grow Beyond My Shadow Self?

How can I grow without ignoring my shadow self? Question: “I am curious about shadow work. When working with it or noticing the energy in the body, is it enough to sit with it and just notice it (Eckhart Tolle

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How Can I Return to Blissful Feeling of Oneness?

Question: I had a very intense experience with a woman half way across the globe from where I live. It all happened in a magical way. I had published a short article on being still. A number of readers responded

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Poem: Passing Time…

Poem: Passing Time… A year and a half reversing massive buildup that was choking all. Maniacal abundance receiving just what we need. Endless useless works tending to material that no one will want Orphaned kittens needing love not enough hands

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