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Awakening & Cranial Sacral System Expansion

This is what our cranial sacral system looks like: With awakening, this is the main part in the body that is energizing and loosening. As it energizes it enlivens and physically loosens and this ‘expanding light’ then spreads out from

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Reiki & Kundalini Awakening

Question: “After having several reiki treatments, I had a kundalini awakening. I thought it felt great, and continued for the next year learning and practicing reiki. The Kundalini energy keeps getting stronger and I am wondering if it is wise

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Kundalini Sacrum Pain

Question: I am wondering how others have experienced, dealt with and resolved issues that have arisen with kundalini energies in the lower back and any pain and complications resulting from it. I have developed a very distinct knot of energy, tension

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