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How to Heal the Defense System of the Personality

Essential information for those in early or post awakening phases to learn about the outer most programmed layers of the personalities defense system which mimic the fight and flight responses and how to deprogram them so awakening can advance. This information helpful for anyone with spiritual emergency, spiritual or kundalini crisis, kundalini syndrome or dark night of the soul – and any mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, ocd, ptsd, etc.

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Anxiety Brought Me to My Knees

Early Life I never knew I was an anxious person. My father was in the military and we moved often in my early years. I think that was a big factor for me to develop anxiety as I never felt

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Alternative Therapy for Mental Health

Alternative Therapy for Anxiety and Mental Health Concerns Anxiety is caused by overactive mind with tone of thoughts that are fearful and anxious. Whatever thoughts we think, generate feelings according to the undertone of the thoughts, then feelings make an

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Passive-aggressive Behavior

Definition: Passive aggressive behavior can occur when someone is angry at another person, but is restrained for some reason from openly expressing that anger. The anger is expressed in some hidden way, such as sabotaging the other person’s work. Dealing

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