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Sungazing Testimonial

Betsy’s Sungazing Testimonial March 1, 2003 We (BeiYin, Betsy & Laura) started the sungazing today, 10 seconds starting today, then adding 5 seconds each day. I write it down here so I can remember how many by date. In 9

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How To Do Sungazing

I found out how to do sungazing due to the efforts of Shri Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) who has been working diligently to educate people about this practice. So far my practice has been very close to following the suggestions

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Moving as Being

Moving as Being Standing Meditation: Letting Go Conscious Control of the Body I recommend doing this meditation after spiritual awakening as it allows you to practice ‘moving as being’, or letting go of moving yourself using voluntary control of your

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