The Lovers


I see that three integrations of male and female energies happen when couples meet each other, which correspond to sexual, conditional and unconditional or Universal Love.  (The picture on the The Lovers card above depicts these 3 levels.)

The way this plays out in daily life, is two people meet who both have a longing to find their soul-mate, because deep within they feel alone and that something is not fulfilled in their life. They may or may not be conscious of this longing. The ‘Love Spark’ happens when these two encounter each other and they simply SEE each other by gazing into each other’s eyes. This all seems quite romantic, but in reality, what is happening is the One Absolute Self is merely recognizing itself in another being. The SEEING itself means that the energies inside the two people have made an energetic connection, which will then trigger a physiological alchemy in the bodies of each person. That energetic connection creates a ‘Love Spark’, which is energy from the two combining into one stronger force. The two people are giving each other a shaktipat.

That Love Spark will then move up through all the chakras in each person, starting with the root and ending with the crown. As this energy burst moves upward, there will be further expansion in each of the chakras; it is a healing reaction that produces higher awareness level in both people. This is a physiological growing process and it will take time for the energy burst to integrate into each person. As the energy works up through the chakras, it will trigger experiences for each person on all energy body levels of the body, mind, emotions and soul. The happening feels very illogical, yesterday you were a normal person going about your daily life and then suddenly you have fallen madly in love. It is important to understand that what is happening actually has little to do with the other person; they only triggered this awakening within you probably because you were vibrating at a similar rate to them and your energies ‘entrained’. It is rarely personal, but it seems we have to go through it that way to fall out of our illusion. There is a reaction happening physiologically often accompanied by our erroneous romantic and old soul story interpretations about the happening. This alchemical reaction rapidly increases your vibration rate, which makes you ‘lose yourself’ as the energy expansion takes over. This is why a common side effect is to lose rationality and get ‘drunk on love’.

The Love Spark is an energy transmission received from the other and it will expand into the entire body, moving from root to crown, as the two energies merge and integrate with each other. First, the root chakra energy will fire, we get a secure feeling of completion that we have found what we were looking for. Next, the sacral chakra will fire and our animal passion will wake up and it will be normal to feel sexual excitement. This is the lowest level of love, which has the densest vibration because it mainly physical and related to reproduction. That reaction, like all reactions, will eventually fade and after reaching peak energy the Love Spark will rise to the next chakra.

When the energy reaches the heart chakra another union takes places, which is now a more refined version of love, it has a higher vibration and is less dense. As the heart centers expand, it is normal to feel a tremendous increase in feeling of love for the other person and for other people in general. Your compassion expands. The love feeling is no longer rooted in reproduction, it is a higher form of love — but it is still ‘conditional’ as it is based on the form of an object (the other person). Next you will lose yourself in that way, feeling a deep desire to be joined physically with the other person, you want to be more near to them, you feel if they were to die you would also want to die. Like all things, this will reaction will eventually fade as well. Often it is the case that the reality of the two people’s life’s whom just happened to ‘gaze into each other’s eyes’, would require huge sacrifices and hurt to existing friends or family members to bring the couple together in reality. When the two start to think objectively about what choices they would have to make to come together, hopefully reality will have a sobering effect to break them out of the ‘love spell’.

If one can get break out of the Love Spell that is the best scenario! You realize that what you are truly looking for is not the love of another person, but unconditional love and the source of all creation. Aligned to this tract, now turned back to oneself, you can experience integration of one’s own separate halves of male and female energies. You merge your parts together and become a Whole Being.

If you do NOT break out of the Love Spell, it is likely your energy boost will be consumed by the other person, not to mention all the real life changes you would need to make to come together and all the heartache it would cause with any existing relationships. All those antics and drama take much energy to accomplish, leaving you drained in the end. The ego self sucks all that Love Spark energy up, using it to play out it’s fantasy. And once the spell wears off which it always does as the energy fades, then you will be faced with hard reality often finding oneself in a relationship that is not a beautiful as you imagined it would be and that is a hard life lesson.

If you do break out of it with good timing, then you should have a good reserve of the Love Spark left for its rise to the Crown chakra, which is the place for highest vibration in the body and least density. Being freed from physical form at least ‘for a moment’ as long as the reaction lasts, one can have the experience of truly unconditional love. Then you will have the certainty that you have found the True Love that you were looking for and have a good laugh seeing the long journey you took all around the world to realize that it was inside you from the start. You only needed to Gaze into your own eyes and recognize that fact.

May 27, 2015

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One comment on “The Lovers
  1. Louise Holman says:

    Both happened.
    First with father of my children
    Then divine love was activated through turn
    I had discovered it before.
    Then I dissolved
    Connected to everyone and everything.
    My relationship was ended because I was so absorbed and disturbed trying to make sense of it all
    I surrendered to waves of ecstasy..And relinquished anything and anyone threating what I was experiencing.
    Lost at the moment.
    Out of balence.
    Afraid of the energy and the dissolution of .y mind.
    Bare functioning.
    And my heart hearts
    Longing for


    And end to defender


    Giving love

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