There is Nothing to Enlighten

“Serenity of the Sun” by RassouliWhat is not PERMANENT is not worth striving for.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Comment: What is NOT permanent is not worth striving for and what IS permanent needs no striving — it already IS. Indeed striving only takes one further away from what is most valuable. But it seems all that striving after goals is necessary, to gain experience and realize the unfulfilled desires are endless and not what you really want (the me does not give up easily)… to finally realize striving will never fulfill your deepest desire and then there is no choice left except to stop running, to quit striving, to just give up the entire game.

3 hours Later: And now I can’t sleep and came back as I was struck by the profound statement by Trevor Lightbown: “The striving is the impermanent “me” identity…” I’m still integrating this. So much wisdom in just a few words —

10 hours later: The “me” is the striver, a reflected and visible extension of the consciousness, with an inbuilt survival mechanisms to keep it intact. Thousands of hours striving after material goals, giving that up, and then thousands of hours striving for the goal to enlighten. And what have “I” gained? Absolutely nothing at all! Now I can see it is just a process of finding out what you are NOT, a piece at a time, and then letting go identity with that piece, having less to identify with and define you over time.

Then, then… realizing there is absolutely nothing to attain, I am already enlightened and have been since the beginning. There is no me, there is nothing to enlighten — I just AM.

First impression, wow, it took a long time to see the obvious. But then realizing too, that it could not have happened any other way, as light is not visible if it is not reflected… The Me makes light visible.

Second impression, what a huge relief! I can finally stop striving and let that ‘me’ structure dissolve — I don’t need it anymore! The answer without question appears…

Betsy – July 25, 2015

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2 comments on “There is Nothing to Enlighten
  1. vicky gallagher says:

    Perfect! Nothing else to know.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Great! 🙂

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