Transform Suffering to Euphoria

Comment: “I don’t know why but I’ve over eaten this evening.”

It occurs to me we are not the mind nor the body, we are the observing self or the seer, just pure energy which is not limited to any form. When aware we can just witness what occurs in the body or the mind because we have distance from our form and are not identified with it. If we truly are being in the witness state we will not overeat. That seems to be the key that all suffering comes when we identify with either the mind or the body. When we truly grasp this and are convinced this is true, I think this would motivate us to be willing to be more vigilant in our daily life to let go of clinging to our form.

I also think we need the direct experience of the difference between euphoric and suffering feeling and anytime we do something we didn’t intend (like overeat) then that can be seen as a creative opportunity to make us more aware the next time. I think if we can directly contrast the two experiences of suffering due to our identity to the shadow self versus having the euphoric feeling of experience then this would allow us to make a clear choice. For sure we all prefer euphoria over suffering, but we have to directly experience and see the roots of what causes either state to gain clarity.

Giving up old habits can seem like pulling teeth, we are so comfortable with them that it feels like we are losing an old friend when we try to let them go. But making this direct experience has another benefit to transform our typical effort to change our habits from being a struggle into making it easy. This is for several reasons. The first is you realize where your true power lies and the second is it shows us that we never lose something. Rather the truth is when one thing goes away, another always takes it’s place. This is clear to see with the image in this post, it is hard to be pregnant and give birth to a baby, but it is worth to go thorough the suffering because new life always comes from the old. Letting go habits that we have due to self-identity, we actually are trading suffering for euphoria!

Making a clear decision to drop our identity state when we realize we are suffering we will have the experience of seeing our suffering directly transform into euphoria. Now when that happens it would be motivation to keep letting go of identity. I even imagine it only needs one pure instance of witnessing this phenomena and it would be enough to make a new lifetime habit of non-clinging. All what I just wrote is philosophical, perhaps easy to understand but hard to actually do in reality. But I totally trust that the more we practice anything the better we get at it.

January 11, 2015

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2 comments on “Transform Suffering to Euphoria
  1. Kathy says:

    I firmly agree. I can confirm it. Twice now, after our healing sessions, the following days, I’ve felt a sense of creativity well up within which deeply excited me. The first time I observed it and accepted it as high point that was a part of the overall increase of energy and creativity I’ve been feeling due to our work together. The second time was this afternoon while driving home with a box of cookies I’d just bought (as it happens). I removed three for the ride home and had one because I was hungry. Then I observed the deep creative sensation – it was about the same time of day as the first usually when I get a headache and want to go to sleep or eat to get energy. My thought at that moment was I don’t need another cookie, I’d prefer this creative energy and channel it into a project when I get home. The two other cookies went back in the box in my driveway. I came in and got online and read your blog. Amazing!!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for the comment Kathy. I did the same thing later in the day, different food but same story.