All is Vibration, All is Alive

All is vibration. All is alive. The spirit is the highest level of vibration.

Being alive as a human, we have the capability to detect vibrations inside and outside of ourselves, due to our sensory apparatus, nervous system and brain. Our capability to detect vibrations grows in tandem with our awareness. The higher our awareness, then the higher our rate of body vibration, and subsequently the greater our sensitivity to our own and outside vibrations. Our awareness level then sets the limit on what we can detect. Our body is our great gift; by observing how it reacts to influences we can learn about ourselves and the world around us. As we start out on the journey of self-observation, we then start to increase our level of vibration. This happens slowly because to start out we are mostly identified with our body, meaning we are identified with what we can see on the outside, not being aware of more subtle layers.

All objects can see (pull outside information to the inside of themselves in some sensory way ). Everything visible (what we can perceive) is a reflection of light. Light makes the highest vibration of spirit that is inside of life forms, visible to us. It is our interface to be able to exchange information with other life forms, including ourselves.

As living forms in order to survive we need to be able to respond to the world around us, sight gives us that information. Bringing the outside world to our inner world, to be able to respond to it as need be to adapt and survive.

When we look at objects, we are seeing the reflection of light; it is the same in seeing ourselves. Light makes objects visible in the spectrum of visible light, which our eye can receive. This is a great thing. Being able to receive a reflection, we are able to take the outside view into the inside of ourselves. From Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This means that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction. That is to say that whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard. So the same with everything, including sight. We observe an object; the light is reflected within creating an image in the brain as a kind of photograph. Actually when we observe, what is retained is more like a movie, because we sense many aspects about our experience including sight, sound, smell, taste, skin sensations, movement, feelings, etc.

What we observe of the outside world depends upon our level of awareness. If we are distracted in our thinking, then we are not involved in the action of observing and much of what is going on around us is not recorded. We are relying upon our previous knowledge of recorded images and how we learned to respond to them. This is the operating mode of most people today. I think many people have had the experience of doing something and then not remembering the details of having done it, we were running on ‘auto-pilot’. Blackouts experienced when in states of extreme unconsciousness due to drugs or alcohol, are the same thing, there is nobody there, so nothing was recorded, thus the lapse of memory of what happened.

The vibration level of our bodies dictates what vibrations we can be aware of. To start out we all have the tool to become aware of what we are observing. This is the start of meditation – the onset of observing the reactions happening within ourselves.

All objects can know or are conscious (can be aware of information brought from outside of us to the inside of us). As part of our ability to survive, living life forms must be able to process the information from the outside world that comes to them and make a decision about how to respond to it.

I guess we know we are conscious and we can sense that plants and animals are also conscious, but the truth goes deeper, consciousness exists in all objects. But the level of consciousness or what one can know depends upon the rate of vibration of the form and how the form is put together. Humans have the capability to be more conscious than other forms, mostly due to the workings of the human body and brain. After a picture from the outside has been brought inside of us, this then causes another reaction in us, which is called thinking. Thinking is a reaction of reflection caused by observation of the outside reflection. With consistent practice of meditation one eventually discovers that one can be aware that one was thinking. One can’t really watch one’s thinking, because when one is thinking then one’s awareness is totally withdrawn and one has become the thinker. One doesn’t think forever, eventually our attention is withdrawn from thinking, and we become aware we were thinking. Again this is possible by reviewing the reflected experience, the only difference being that this time the experience was being reflected within.

But one can reflect about one’s thinking or what one was thinking, this is called contemplation. By contemplating what one was thinking, we slowly become aware of how one’s thinking affects one’s life. To think about this deeper, we might realize that we can’t really watch thinking, what is happening is we are hearing our thinking. With the capability of our brain, we are recalling experiences and applying our existing knowledge to them, in a kind of audible reflection of sound. The sound of thinking makes that we can hear it or observe it internally. Thinking is a reaction formed as sound or like a little voice inside of our heads and the reaction of thinking is triggered by receiving outside images. Thinking gives us our capability to know, not only about ourselves but also to exchange information with others via communication, speech and writing. We can reflect our thinking outwards for exchange with others via speech and writing. Thinking is a lower level of vibration than sight, thus also harder for us to initially detect. With the continued practice of meditation we grow in our capability to observe the details of our thinking.

From our experiences we learn and when we learn something new a change is made in our body, in the brain and nervous system. In essence our physical body changes to reflect the new learning. When we learn something that is truly ‘new’ for us, then it is a revelation, which raises our awareness by making a permanent change to our body, so we can continue to be aware of it. This means also that our vibration level is now overall, higher in the body and we remain receptive to being able to receive the new aspect.

All objects can feel. (Decide how to respond to the outside information, survival instinct of flight/fight). The capability of the life form to respond with feelings is building our capability to react in the outside world; basically we are building the charge of the way we will react in our body. The emotions of our body give us a feedback on how we perceive our most recent experience, as threatening to our survival or not.

After sight and thinking, the next reaction that happens in our bodies is that of emotion. Emotion is our thoughts reflected in our body. It is our changing vibration of our whole body, as a body we are reacting to the outside vibration, merging it with our inner vibration, blending the vibrations and then lastly reflecting the merged vibration as ourselves as our ‘external reaction’. What we focus on with our thinking affects the vibration in our body; this structure has the purpose to charge our muscular system in preparation for movement in the way indicated by our thinking. In essence the body is being charged up and getting ready to react as a whole to all that came before, the external reaction, moving our reaction back out to the outside world.

To be able to become aware of one’s emotions in our body, one must have already become aware enough of one’s thinking. This is a gradual process. While one might be aware of emotional reactions happening within oneself, one can’t withdraw one’s energy from the emotional reaction until one has reached a high enough level of control over one’s thinking. One has to first have the capability to withdraw on command, from one’s thinking before one will have the ability to withdraw from the emotional charge. Steps can’t be skipped; it’s physically impossible as awareness itself is a growing process.

Each time one successfully withdraws one’s energy from one’s thinking and is able to be the observer, which is only seconds, this frees up energy internally. Being totally absorbed in one’s thinking, all one’s available energy is used by it. Withdrawing from thinking even for a second, frees the observer within, creating an open space for reception of new insight. These ‘insights’ are the seed that then causes the next reaction to make a change in the physical body, raising one’s level of vibration and awareness. This process is slow and can take many years, but with each step taken, it progressively goes faster. Each second of surrender of the thinker counts and there will be made a permanent change to one’s soul and the reflected body. This is in essence the growing process of awareness happening to our soul.

From continued practice of meditation, one’s awareness level slowly rises and one’s rate of vibration continues to rise as well, eventually to the point of being able to be very conscious of one’s thinking. When one’s vibration level is high enough, then one has enough energy at one’s disposal to be able to become sensitive to the lower vibration of emotional charges. The emotional reaction is harder for us to withdraw from because behind it we have associated it with our built-in defense system of the body. We have strong emotional memories and correlations from our early experiences as infants and children. When we experienced emotional or physical pain, we formed thought patterns to avoid those experiences, which echo in our body as emotional reactions to protect ourselves from further harm. This protective thought pattern we laid down, repeats throughout our entire life, buried at a deep level, unconsciously driving how we respond ‘overall’ to all of that which life presents to us. Usually this pattern lies dormant and not so prominent, but it arises to the surface strongly when we are faced with more difficult life challenges, usually those coming out of things of great value to us, such as our relationships with others or with our feelings about who we are and if we are successful. We will find out about these patterns when we are able to monitor our emotional body as it responds to life experiences. Strong emotional responses in ourselves then become tremendous opportunities to discover this underlying pattern. These kinds of reactions are usually provoked in us due to our interaction with other people in our relationships. This is because the pattern we laid down in childhood had to do with our relationships to other people in our environment, the most prominent of whom were our parents or lack of having parents.

Once we have grown to the capability to be sensitive to the emotional reaction happening in our body as it happens, then we have gained the capability to investigate the thinking we were going through that preceded the reaction. Do you see that it’s not possible to do this step before having reached a high enough level of awareness in the previous step? Because one is becoming sensitive to one’s emotional reaction, one is growing in one’s capability to withdraw from it. This is a stage of a big energy gain in one’s system. The lower vibrations in the body consume the most energy, yet one needs a high rate of vibration as awareness to be able to withdraw from the energy of them. It’s an inverse relationship. Every time ones is able to withdraw energy away from the survival instinct behind one’s emotions; this freed energy is then used by one’s innate bodily intelligence to make changes to the nervous system of the body. The purpose behind this is to realize one’s awareness level in the body, the growing vibration on the inside, gets reflected to the outside. This allows one to permanently keep one’s level of awareness not only in one’s soul but also in one’s body – the reflected life form.

All life forms react with their body as action and movement to what they have experienced.

As one practices their meditation, one continues to grow in one’s capability to withdraw energy from the emotional charge, to the point where one experiences joy more often than not. Joy can be understood to be contentedness with simply living, not needing the strong emotional charges of our survival instincts in order to feel oneself as being alive. When one has reached the point of feeling joy often with the ability to withdraw quickly from the emotional charge, one becomes aware of the next level of vibration of one’s spirit in one’s body. One could also call this action or movement. This lowest level of vibration in the life form is that which can interact with the outside world. To move and interact with other objects one has to be as dense as those objects. In essence, we have brought the high vibration of sight, into our body and down to the earth as the reaction in our body, our physical response to the input. This vibration level is the most difficult to control, because to withdraw from one’s reaction in the body happening out of one’s built up emotional charge preparing for action, which results from one’s thinking, one will have had to have mastered all the steps that came before it.

It should be said here, that one can fool oneself at any point on one’s journey, simply by thinking of oneself and one’s capabilities in any way that one wants to see oneself. One can fool oneself in believing one has control over one’s thinking, by getting confirmation for a mental concept. One can fool oneself in believing one has control over one’s emotions, by getting confirmation for an emotional strategy. One can fool oneself in believing one has control over one’s actions, by getting confirmation for what one creates. These are all difficult hurdles to overcome, but one should see in truth they all come out of one’s thinking. Withdrawing from the thinking is something we can all do if we want to. One should realize that concepts, strategies and creations keep one busy in the game of self-confirmation and by continuing to engage in these activities, we rob ourselves of increased awareness or of real growth.

When one’s awareness is high enough, through continued observation of your thinking, emotions and actions, you will eventually come to the conclusion that to stay fully conscious in your current body is nearly impossible. Because your body reacts on many levels to all of your previous experiences, for the reason to keep you alive, you realize that in order to go beyond it, your entire personality must be dissolved. At this point there is enough free energy in your body, your vibration level is high enough, to trigger the next reaction, which is the one of changing the physical form itself. The essence of who you are under all the experiences you have had has now gained enough energy to reflect itself in the form of your body. This will trigger a strong reaction in the nervous system and brain and cause a latent growing phase of the body (just waiting in the wings to be realized), triggered by a high enough level of free energy. This process is known as a kundalini awakening, meaning it’s happening at the body level. This is the process of changing one’s body to be the higher level of awareness. It takes many months to complete these physical changes. When it is done then you will have control over your action in the body, and of course over your emotions, thinking and seeing – all that which came before. You will be an entirely new being.

When this change of body starts, the nervous system will be slowly changed. The first noticeable reactions are those of tingles in areas of the body, this changes to needlelike pricks in the body, then to needlelike pricks in a whole limb at a time, then to numbness in a limb, then to waves of vibrations felt in a body part, then to whole body vibration felt as tingly waves, then as whole body tingly vibration, then to spontaneous movement of the whole body from the vibration, then to the whole body vibration feeling as a sensation of bliss, then to whole body vibration feeling as a sensation of quietness, then to whole body vibration felt as waves, then to whole body vibration feeling like one growing, merging and continuous wave, etc. Can you see from this description that it is a process of changing the body to be the vibration from within? The high level of vibration behind the life form is being realized in the physical form itself. In essence this is what is happening to all of us each and every day, the culmination of this process being described here. The details of this subject can be found in other articles I’ve written.


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