What is Kundalini Awakening?

To understand kundalini awakening, a definition of Kundalini is needed. Kundalini refers to the life force energy that is contained in every cell of your body. An appropriate synonym for Kundalini is growing force. The growing force fills every space in the universe and fills every space between every particle in our bodies and in all life. The growing force is responsible for evolution of all life forms. We can easily see the growing force in action as a seed grows into a plant, forms a flower and then reproduces by producing seeds for the next generation. After reproduction, the growing force in the plant declines and eventually the plant dies. Kundalini energy is thus present in our bodies and in all life forms, and all human beings are evolving at their own pace. Kundalini energy is always working in us and is moving each individual towards a higher level of self-realization.

Evolution of all life forms can be understood as a progression towards bodies that have higher intelligence and most importantly higher consciousness and awareness level. All life forms are evolving towards becoming beings of light, we are all moving towards becoming like our creator. As life forms progress in evolution, their vibration increases, until the point where their vibration is strong enough to convert all of their mass into an energetic life form. When this happens, the life form is able to exist and experience life without a physical form as a ‘being of light’, and has no need to be reborn into a physical body again. Earth school is done.

As our evolution continues, our vibration slowly increases over time. This is the same as our kundalini energy getting stronger over time. As we grow we all encounter insights or aha moments at times, where we take a leap in our consciousness. This is kundalini in action, and all of our insightful moments are important. One insight is no more important than another is and actually, it is not possible to skip steps. Even the building up of our materialistic personality is an important evolutionary step to move us to the next level. When we are very unhappy living with the weight and misery this form causes then we will be ready to let it go.

At some point in everybody’s life we will be fed up with the ‘material acquisition game’ and misery caused from our identification with our egos and we will be ready to let it all go. We reach a turning point, take our focus away from physical concerns and put our focus towards non-physical concerns by asking the question: “Who Am I”? When we switch our focus to our inner self, our spiritual quest has started and the kundalini energy increases. This happens because what we focus on gets stronger. Now that we are paying attention to our source, it gets stronger and at the same time, the influence of our personality diminishes. At this moment, the kundalini awakening process is strengthening, and it is common to experience sporadic spurts of strong kundalini activity with kundalini awakening symptoms. However, this is not yet full-blown kundalini awakening. These events are short-lived and the symptoms do not last long. Yet, our self-realization level is increasing and we are becoming more aware, something is definitely happening. Kundalini is now working stronger, and as long as we pursue a spiritual regime with focus on our inner self, we will continue to have these sporadic kundalini awakening events. As we progress spiritually, these events will come closer together.

In classic Indian literature, Kundalini is referred to as energy coiled at the base of the spine, and when this energy is awakened then kundalini awakening happens and deep meditation, higher level of self-realization and sensations of bliss soon follow. This definition is referring to an event where a huge amount of kundalini energy is activated or released, which is the beginning of the point of a profound physical transformation of the human body that I call full-blown kundalini awakening. A sign of full-blown kundalini activation is the root chakra activating strongly with a pulsing or fluttering feeling around the tailbone with strong sexual intensity. This means the vibration in the body is now strong enough to activate energy at the base of the spine, which is the tailbone. After this happens, energy is then sent up the spinal column to the mind, which begins the stage of mind reorganization into the new life form. Reading this description, you can see why it is visualized as a snake rising up the spine.

Full-blown kundalini awakening is triggered when our vibration is strong enough to activate latent DNA strands in us that have instructions to grow a new light body in our existing body. Once the full-blown kundalini awakening is triggered, kundalini symptoms are continuous and never stop until the new human form has finished growing in the existing body. Kundalini Transformation is also known as Light Body, Rainbow Body, Ascension, Merkaba and Transfiguration.


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