You Can’t Make Sense of Love

Resurrection by Claudette Dean

There is something in common between Love & God. You cannot make sense of either; both totally defy logic. If you try to make sense of it, you only move further away from them. Being Love is a feeling that words cannot describe. You can only touch them when you can set aside your logical mind.

Yesterday, I heard about this experiment. You sit across from a person, just look at them, and work to totally accept whatever ‘Is-Ness’ there is about that person. You work to drop any judgments that arise about yourself or about the other, as being good or bad or ones that you like or do not like, etc. If you can sit long enough and totally accept everything there is about the other person, not distorting reality and just purely SEEING them, the two can become like one person. This is because when you reach a state of full acceptance, your mind is calm like a mirror, your body is relaxed and there is absolutely no resistance in you to the other person. At that point you actually would not be able to tell where you left off and the other began, the two would be like one. Like this you are in a state of high awareness and receptivity, which I think the best way to describe this experience would be having the feeling of pure unconditional love. True love is not based on any condition, it just emanates from your innermost being, which is the source which is also connected to God.

Note: you do not need a partner to do this experiment you actually can do this with yourself, it is the same process. When you can fully accept yourself 100%, as you are, you will heal the separation that is within your being that causes all the suffering and misery you have in your life.

May 3, 2015


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One comment on “You Can’t Make Sense of Love
  1. paddy says:

    Thanks a lot for this Betsy. Even before I try it I know this is for me right now. I feel it. Blessings on your head for all your help.

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