You Must Come Back to The Source


The message in MoojiJi’s video was exactly what I needed to hear today.  What struck a chord were these statements:

 “All this beauty is always here and the reason we don’t see it is because we are not interested in it.”

 “Once we find a greater fascination, the fact that our self is always constantly present, not growing, it’s just totally perfect, harmonious and complete, then there is no thirst or aspiration for something else.”

 “If interested in the Self, it will bring you to emptiness.”

 “The flow is there already you just come to recognize it.”

 “When you come to know there is an order taking care, a power doing everything, you can let go trying to make things happen.”

 “It’s not practicing emptiness. If you are interested in the Self, it brings you to emptiness. When you let go of steering you think: Oh my God, I’m going to crash. And what happens? You fly.”

Comment: I spent many hours the last weeks focusing on buying some property which I felt was better for me to get a place of my own versus renting. Then when a house appeared as being for sale in my correspondence after I mentioned I was thinking about it…. Then I fell into much thinking about all the details and decision, should i move there, what to keep, what to give away, how much would it cost, where to get a loan, etc. At the time I was also wondering, is this something that the universe has offered up to me? So I did not know if I should respond to it or not, because I could not tell if it was part of the flow. Not knowing, I went with it. After it has passed, I can tell it was not part of the flow, but rather was wasted time of the ego-self trying to get something “I” thought I needed or wanted. I realize my wanting started the entire process and wasted much energy on it. However, it was a valuable lesson as I saw clear distinction between trying to make things happen versus just letting things happen.

The other thing comes to mind is having peak experience and feeling of being in the flow and seeing all the beauty that is all around and wondering why this way of perception does not sustain. Obvious is that it is always there, as well the perfect natural flow of the universe. So when it is not visible, then for sure I have dropped back into identity with the ego self — back in wanting and trying to make things happen mode. What is left then is realizing that whatever you focus on manifests, you have that experience. I’ve been in the emptiness state for short periods of time and had great abundance come to me in those periods and see that everything happens effortlessly, even speech and writing. I do trust in emptiness, that an order already takes care and does everything and it works much better when I don’t try to make things happen. What is left is for me to focus on and be more interested in, is the emptiness, the beauty that is eternally present, the flow itself. I am definitely very interested in That now!  In just a few days of practice of being more interested in the Self than the ego, I notice the synchronicity and flow return….

August 11, 2015

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2 comments on “You Must Come Back to The Source
  1. Mark says:

    Betsy, good article.

    Sounds so very easy just to “let go” and be a pure
    witness to this eternal Beauty. Unfortunately the world
    now comes at us, with the advent of this digital age, at the speed of light. We’re surrounded by toxic forces everywhere. I find that I am constantly on guard, through meditation and prayer, to these hypnotic spells that will
    find a ever so slight opening in the psyche as to lodge
    within the soul and disrupt the peace. Sometimes all I have
    is my faith to hang onto, as that empty feeling comes upon
    the soul, and I find that I cannot rise above these insidious forces that would keep me self contained in
    the world of want, desire, and need.
    Thank you for a good reminder. Very inspiring article.


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Mark, thanks for your appreciation of the article.
      As I understand it, the higher our collective consciousness rises the more chaotic the outside world gets.
      Everything moves faster and systems break down from the shaking vibration.
      I see the outside chaos as being perfect challenge and setting to encourage people to let go of clinging
      to the edges of the hurricane (forms) and to be able to find and rest within the calm eye at the center (self).
      The more chaotic the outside world gets, the stronger impulses and reactions we will encounter. Clinging
      to our triggered reactions will cause increasing pain level, which will motivate us to ‘let go’ this old habit.

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