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I started PhoenixTools to freely give information about ways we can transform, awaken and heal ourselves, not only our personality but also the way we live on this planet. To find out more read my mission statement. On this website you will find articles I have written categorized into six main topics of self-realization, healing, kundalini awakening, transformation tools, spiritual poetry & sustainability. All that is on my website is original and comes from my direct experience of my healing & self-realization journey. Often articles came as answers to essentials questions I had about myself or life, such as “Who am I?”, “What is Awareness?”, “How is something new truly created?”, “Is Awareness Permanent?”, “What is conditioning?”, “What causes disease?” or “What does it mean to heal?”.  I found that when I didn’t know something which was essential for my spiritual growth or healing, I only had to ask the question and I would receive the answer. I want everyone to know they are innately endowed with all the energy and tools they need ‘right now’ to start their healing and spiritual awakening journey. It does not matter what is your health or age, you can start right now. The only thing we need to begin our journey is a strong desire and motivation to heal and grow spiritually and to trust that if we do the work we will get results.


self-realization healing
Articles about spiritual awakening, self-inquiry, spiritual cultivation, self-actualization, self-realization, awareness steps, enlightenment, dark night of the soul, following our heart, internal dialogs, surrender, craziness, pretending, staying present & the personality. Articles about alternative health, healing of mind, body and emotions, stress, menopause, alternative therapy for various diseases, healing testimonials, how to do self-healing, cause of disease, what is healing, pain body, neti pot, enemas, fasting, master cleanse, menopause and addictions.
Articles about kundalini, kriyas, stages of kundalini transformation, kundalini awakening testimonial, working with kundalini, kundalini awakening, kundalini symptoms, kundalini syndrome, how to awaken kundalini, letting go, surrender, spontaneous movements, epigenetics, vibration, genetic mutation, new species, light body, DNA activation, merkaba. Transformation tools with complete instructions for healing including distance healing, emotional healing, energy healing, meditation, body relaxation for insomnia, stress release exercise, emotional freedom technique, standing meditation, contemplation, mantra, acupressure, sungazing testimonial and reiki.
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Poetry by the author inspired by steps of her awakening journey. Haikus, Tankas, Koans, Kundalini Poetry, Steps of Awareness, Inspirational poems, Spiritual poems, Religious poems, Nature poems, Spiritual Writings, Creative Poetry, Self-awareness poetry, Contemplation … Inspiration … Intuition Articles about ways we can heal and sustain our relationships and the planet. Topics covered are: communication, community living, changing our habits, recycling, meaningful work, going green, conflict resolution, changing our habits, alternative products, green building, ecovillage, intentional communities & sustainability.