Month: June 2014

Haiku: Aligned With Nature

Aligned with nature embracing one’s unfolding being one with life. Betsy Summer Solstice: June 21, 2014 – 1:00 PM

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Accepting Your Role in Life

Accepting your role as being part of the One living being is necessary, so you can live it out and add experience to your collective lifetimes and allow you to let go of all you past.

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Healing Repressed Memories

What is a repressed memory? When a stressful situation is prolonged or intense, a chemical is released in the mind, which causes recording of conscious memory to turn off, and information is stored unconsciously, creating a form of amnesia about

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Poem: Coming to Life

Coming to Life Bombarded with information from every angle. One part of me says: I want to take a nap. Another part responds: Wake up and smell the roses, this is exactly what  you asked for! Energy increases, the more

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When Pushing IS Effective

“What a wonderful book!!! It takes you to a very deep journey inside yourself to discover the strength and power that we all have when we believe in it and chose to take control and take the lead. Can’t thank

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When Pushing IS NOT Effective

  “The thoughts we generate based on our choices and perspectives can either block or facilitate the energy flow. The choice is ours. Thoughts that block or make us more closed not only repel people, events and actions we desire

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Life Gives Signs How to Change

Several interesting things happened walking today with my dog. The first is we met Merlin, a boy friend of my dog, where they had time to play with each other. What was different is Merlin was being walked by Martha,

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Doubt Can be Positive or Negative

The word DOUBT has eight different meanings depending upon the context. For this article I will only focus on two of them which have nearly opposite meanings: 1. A feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something.

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Responding in a Fresh Way

 “There is another way besides using will power to break our habitual response patterns. The ideal response is to be totally aware in the moment when the challenge arises, so we see the event as fresh and unique and do

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Benefits of Coming Together

Vivbala: “Wow! I just accepted most of the changes and re-read the second chapter, it feels like the chapter is elevated.” This morning I realized the importance of collaborating with other awakening people and sharing our wisdom with each other.

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Doubt Sabotages Success

“There is a common pattern for people with low self-esteem that is particularly dangerous or limiting. It has to do with the reaction to success. Core self-doubt or previous failures can cause us to feel we do not deserve to

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Cleaning My Space

Quote: “If you completely clean out your house and then put things back in, you definitely know what is important to keep and what is not needed. The pain of cleaning the house helps you discover what things give you

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The Sky Has Opened

The sky has opened, the tipping point has been reached! It is a cause for great celebration! Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring us to this moment! June 3, 2014

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