Month: July 2014

Let’s End the Israel/Palestine Conflict by US making Peace

Ending the Israel/Palestine Conflict begins with US making Peace This conflict has been going on a long time, in fact many thousands of years, and it is not just an Israel/Palestine conflict, infact this conflict exists everywhere on the planet!

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Do You Like Males or Females Better?

Do You Like Males or Females Better? This is an essential question everyone should ask of themselves, and reflect upon in terms of the energetic bodies of our four aspects which include our body, heart, mind and spirit. Before reading

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Balancing Our Male & Female Energy

I feel balancing our Male and Female energies is about understanding the deeper core energies that shaped us. It is about understanding how our mother and father ‘shaped’ us with their desires for themselves when we were born. When we

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Healing Our Wounded Past

Picture shared from Native American’s Online Website Healing Our Wounded Past It has been a few days of confusion, as I process information that is coming from me on all sides. This morning while reflecting, that thought came to me

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MidSummer Night’s Dream

BeiYin: I want to become a *Comedian*!!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * • Well, this is nonsense, – I don’t need wanting to become a

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Alternative Viewpoints

In the lasts days it occurs to me that there are two ways to look at any happening. I’ve written several articles along these lines based on dreaming, roles, doubt and other such topics. Today I am realize these are

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Societal Blueprint

What is clear today is I see the blueprint I inherited, finally understanding what it means that it came from society. If I can see the program, then also I know that that is not me. Therefore, I have no

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