Month: May 2015

Long Story of My Creative Process

The Long Story of My Creative Process I went to a “Paint Bar” yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin with my son Corey and made my first acrylic painting ever on a canvas! I actually have not drawn a picture since my

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The Lovers

I see that three integrations of male and female energies happen when couples meet each other, which correspond to sexual, conditional and unconditional or Universal Love.  (The picture on the The Lovers card above depicts these 3 levels.) The way

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Should I Fold Up My Chakras?

Question: “After meditation, do you normally close down your chakras? Leaving only the crown and root open? I’m struggling quite a bit at avoiding taking in especially other peoples emotions all the time and I wonder if this has anything

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Chakra Entrainment in Daily Life

Chakra Entrainment in Daily Life Every thing in nature is made up of atoms which are in a constant state of motion, giving every thing a unique vibration at any point in time. Sound is also a vibration and so

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Complete Surrender?

Can you do a Complete Surrender to the Guru? “If you are with two people and you both totally accept the other, the two become like one being. Even for one moment, if you experience something as part of yourself,

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Many are Awakening Right Now!

Many people are having awakening today and are experiencing awakening symptoms. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I would even go so far to say EVERYONE is having them. Why do I say that? Because the growing force keeps getting stronger and

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Awakening & Cranial Sacral System Expansion

This is what our cranial sacral system looks like: With awakening, this is the main part in the body that is energizing and loosening. As it energizes it enlivens and physically loosens and this ‘expanding light’ then spreads out from

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You Can’t Make Sense of Love

There is something in common between Love & God. You cannot make sense of either; both totally defy logic. If you try to make sense of it, you only move further away from them. Being Love is a feeling that

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Poem: Letting Go

L E T T I N G  G O . . . A moment of stillness and simply SEEING that there is: No Past No Future No Birth No Death No Inside No Outside No Up No Down No Thing

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