Month: July 2015

There is Nothing to Enlighten

“Serenity of the Sun” by Rassouli“What is not PERMANENT is not worth striving for.” ~ Ramana Maharshi Comment: What is NOT permanent is not worth striving for and what IS permanent needs no striving — it already IS. Indeed striving

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Let’s Work Together to Stop Poisoning Our Earth

I can’t believe it is 2015 and the majority of lawns all around my area are still poisoning OUR air, earth and water using pesticides and herbicides to make monotonous green lawns. How can people not know the damage this

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Awakening Help, Guidance & Support

Awakening Help, Guidance & Support The awakening process is accelerating with everyone and it known by several names but is all the same thing and is due to an increase in awareness level which has the side-effect to change the

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