Accepting Your Role in Life

role2You Know Your Purpose And Your Destiny:
“Your awareness of your body and all the events around you will clearly point you to what you are intended to do. You will be able to lineup all the events in your life and how they aligned to where you are now. Based on that alignment you can easily predict how the future alignment will be. This alignment exactly defines your destiny as well as the purpose of your direction in life. You become aware of the gifts you have been given and you see when and how to use them. What you do with your natural talents will be exactly in alignment with life so that it will impact all those who are looking for that flow in life.”
Extract from Life is Binary by Vivbala

Accepting Your Role in Life

I finished editing the last chapter in Vivbala’s book last night where this paragraph above appears in the Chapter titled: Life is Binary. After I read it, I closed my computer for the night and went to bed. I slept deeply. I woke early to a thunderstorm with very strong winds and when I walked by the window I heard two successive loud bangs. The transformers on the electric poles in my background were blown and the power was knocked out. I felt I had a full agenda this day, but accepted to go with the flow. I used the quiet time to think about what my role was in life, and how to integrate that with my current understanding of oneness and spirituality.

My thinking was logical. I can understand that there is only one intelligent being, call it the One source or Universal Intelligence, one big unit of energy that is infinite, eternal and supports and creates all life. Some people call this concept God. I also understand that this is the only thing that is constant and exists, all the material things and beings are just temporary manifestations of that Oneness. We are born and then we die, nothing lasts, the reality of the physical world is constant change and transformation. Every second everything is different, everything is always moving and changing. Also collectively all the beings and things we can see, together represent that One Being or source. On Earth, we are in truth, just one big family, where each one of us has a part of the whole. So then with Oneness, I understand I am both the energy that created everything, as well I am a manifestation of that one energy, in a body that was given the name Betsy. This is the same truth for every being in existence, of course they all have their unique names, as well their unique attributes.

What complicated this understanding for me is the notion of a role, and knowing I have past lives. It’s been a persistent question for a long time. How can our true self be all that is, but still we have past lives which seem to point to the reality of being an individual entity? I worked it out. The past lives actually have nothing to do with your true self, they are just the role or blueprint of the body your true self has appropriated. This can be perhaps better understood if you think about an acorn. A large oak tree will produce thousands of acorns in a single season. Each acorn has the potential to be an oak tree if it gets buried and has the needed elements to grow. In nature, no two things are exactly alike, so each acorn when grown will have something unique about it that no other oak tree has. Collectively all the oak trees, are like a family, working to evolve oak trees to the next level, according to their surrounding environment. Each oak tree, contributes it’s part collectively to the evolution or growth of the oak tree as a species. Inside the acorn is DNA, which can be seen to be that acorn’s growing instructions. Indeed, it is set in stone, or recorded like a blueprint instruction for it’s growing. The seed gets planted and it just grows and unfolds. But also during it’s growing it is an alive being, and it has experiences and thus creates a kind of new instruction which can be passed on to the next generation if it eventually makes acorn babies. But for it’s lifetime, the acorn can’t be a different kind of oak tree beyond the growing instructions that were recorded in it’s DNA. It’s evolution is essentially limited for this lifetime.

I could then understand that was the same for myself. What I see is my past lives are like my DNA, it is the collective experience of the body called Betsy, all that which brought her to this point in time. When I had my first awakening experience in 1999, this poem popped out and only today I know what it means:

DNA- the wiring of my soul
containing all the past lives
that have come before.

My next thought that came, is these past lives are not mine, as the real self is not the body. It is just that the true self finds oneself in this body. The other thought was okay, the collective past lives are like the blueprint, the growing instructions for an acorn. Thus there is in fact a role that every being in a body is destined to carry out. Okay, I totally understand this and also see that to live up to one’s full potential, then one must find out what one’s role is, what the ONE self had intended for this aspect of itself. Once you know your role and can see it clearly, then you can get in alignment with it and carry out your part the best you are capable of doing. You want to do that, because you created yourself to do that role, it is nothing personal.

The next thought that came is if this is all true, then what happens when I die? From the physical aspect, I realize it is just like the acorn. The seed is planted, the tree grows, reproduces creating baby acorns, ages and eventually the tree dies. From the energetic aspect it is different, which was the part I had difficulty resolving. I know understand that the DNA is the blueprint, which to people is like a huge collective memory of all our past lives containing all our experiences. We mainly have memory of our current lifetime, and the collective past lifetimes are like a repressed memory. It is difficult to be aware of them and how they affect our current life, but for sure they do, collectively all our memories comprise our role itself.

This morning all these ideas came to me and I took a piece of paper and wrote down the articles I wanted to write. As soon as I wrote them down I thought, those transformers getting blown in my backyard were not an accident, the power will come back on now. The power was off for four hours and as soon as I put my pen down, the power came on which reaffirmed what I was writing was the most important thing for me to do right now.

The first article I wrote was about repressed memories which is related to the essence of this article. I saw how the collective past life experience was exactly like a repressed memory, it was a big memory that had huge impact on our life affecting us in unknown way, but it was devoid of having any experience or emotions attached to it. In each lifetime we were on earth, we had experiences which were recorded consciously and with memories, so like normal experiences we have in our current lifetime. But collectively, there is no experience recorded for all those pastilles.

Then I understood why accepting one has a role and finding out what that role was so important. The only way to heal those memories or to bring them into ones conscious awareness is to live them out, to recall them and experience them, which is exactly the process that allows you to let them go. By living out your role, you basically empty your past life memory banks, bring all that experience into existence and integrate them into the One Being or One Self. Once they are in conscious awareness, only then can you let them go.

Which brings up the last thing I was unclear about, what happens to the energetic self or soul that has appropriated this body and has all these past lives? Then I understood that that soul has completed it’s intended life cycle and reached it’s full potential, as much as is possible in the physical realm of Earth. After this lifetime ends, then in the next lifetime that being has freedom to choose what to do next and where one would like to do it. Even so, you are still only another aspect of the One Creator, there is no individual entity, it is just you now are move evolved and have new capabilities.

The last thing I understood is that now that I am convinced I indeed do have a role and know why I need to unfold it; I am now ready to look into my memory bank to find out what that is. I have no doubt this will be revealed to me soon, and I will do my best to carry out my part of our collective awakening experience.

June 18, 2014

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  1. Dan Klein says:

    Did you ever think that your role in this lifetime is to write and teach people about these types of awakening experiences?

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