Benefits of Coming Together

Vivbala: “Wow! I just accepted most of the changes and re-read the second chapter, it feels like the chapter is elevated.”

This morning I realized the importance of collaborating with other awakening people and sharing our wisdom with each other. The reality is each person has the same core base or spirit that is the meaning of Oneness. Each of us is a unique manifestation of the One Being. Each of us has been on an incredibly long journey, for thousands of years, living a separate life in our own self-created dream world. We all started this journey separated from all the parts of our true nature, which are our brothers and sisters doing this walk. But that is also the way it is supposed to be, it is a long road we will travel with many adventures and learning to finally discover our true self. Once you find your true self, the first feeling you might have is feeling alone in this world. Even though you have found, when you look around in your world you do not encounter another that has realized their true nature. You know this, because you can see.

Now one day it is destined to happen that one day you will encounter a brother or sister, look into each other’s eyes and then will recognize each other. Now that is a joyous occasion because of the incredibly long separation, you have not encountered yourself for thousands of years. It is everything you have been waiting for! The next thing you understand is your brother has been walking, having experiences and learning about the world in his unique way. You have been doing the same. While at core you are of the same nature, your differences are actually what is most valuable but only if you openly share them with your brother or sister. This is because every person is unique as is every event in life; no two things in the world are ever the same, just like no two snowflakes are alike. What this means is no one person has all the answers in regards to what is the meaning of life or what is the most important information. Each of us has a unique and valuable contribution for our collective understanding, each of us has a piece of the whole, no one person has all the answers! It is physically impossible!

So what does this mean in a practical sense? When you meet your brother, it may go something like this… Hi Brother, nice to finally see you again! It has been a long time, yeah! Now tell me how was your walk and what did you learn? Let us sit down and talk about it. You tell me your story and I will tell you mine. Now is the perfect time to share our journey, what we have discovered and pass our wisdom to each other. Then we will know we will be more than we were by ourselves, being able to finally talk face to face we can combine all that we have learned our entire lifetime in just a short amount of time. What a time saver and efficient way to work! I am so glad we can finally have this talk and double our wisdom. Imagine what would happen if someone else were to join our talk!

A final thought is that communicating with each other is the most important first step, which does not need a physical setting. With all the communication technology we have today, it is easy to reach to any part of the world and have a discussion.

June 5, 2014

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