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Information how to do meditation

Basking in the Sun Visualization

Basking in the Sun visualization is a doing nothing meditation to help relax the mind and body and energizes the entire system.

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What is Meditation & What are the Benefits?

Meditation is Great for Releasing Stress I have a friend who has been meditating for 50+ years and he now calls meditation: “Stress Release Exercise”. He gives it that name partly for the reason it is great to release stress

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Alternative Therapy for Mental Health

Alternative Therapy for Anxiety and Mental Health Concerns Anxiety is caused by overactive mind with tone of thoughts that are fearful and anxious. Whatever thoughts we think, generate feelings according to the undertone of the thoughts, then feelings make an

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Empty Body Visualization

Empty Body Visualization is a Whole Body Relaxation & Healing Technique, also an Alternative Therapy for insomnia and help for falling asleep The following is a alternative therapy and self-healing tool which can be used for: sleep disorders, insomnia, difficulty

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Breath Meditation

Instructions for Breath Meditation 1. Find a quiet place as free of distractions as possible, no telephones, computers or TV. Nature is great if you can do it there. 2. Sit or stand comfortably in a relaxed manner, then close

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Moving as Being

Moving as Being Standing Meditation: Letting Go Conscious Control of the Body I recommend doing this meditation after spiritual awakening as it allows you to practice ‘moving as being’, or letting go of moving yourself using voluntary control of your

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Mirror within a mirror contemplation

Betsy’s Comment: “Seeing the old image of myself that was shattered, then I noticed in myself that I was creating a new image, it looks like to make myself feel better, or give some reason to continue on with the

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