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An Energy Block is A Program

Question: “What are the typical symptoms of an Energy Block? I want to determine whether I have had any in the past.”

I understand an energy block to be an area of the body that is either overused or underused, from conditioned or learned experiences of the evolving personality of the individual. Favoring is overuse of self-expression and movement to certain channels in body and moves too much energy to an area and avoiding is underuse and cuts off energy to certain areas. Channels move energy to certain tissues in the body. Overused channels get stress and injury and underused channels deteriorate. Thus, energy block in broader sense means unbalanced energy flow and is due to a program we have learned.

These programs happen at the level of mind, and our mind is in every cell of the body not just in the brain! Each cell in the body is alive and has the capability of the brain, to both receive energy signals and react to them. Each person is a community of 37 trillion living cells! For more on this topic read: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. The brain allows us to reflect about energy signals we have received through sensory information mapped to our past experiences and make a decision how to respond as a whole to it. The mind exists in every cell of the body, and is closely related to the wiring and programming we’ve stored in the brain. If one is not fully enlightened, (which I think there is no individual that has ever been like this so far in our human history on the planet), is riddled with energy blocks which are programmed responses to react to known energy signals. It is the personality itself being expressed in the body, which is basically a collection of programs amassed over many years of our individual evolution through our life experiences.

When one awakens, then the life force energy increases and flows and one has the potential to transform and awaken further. If one’s practice is not using our energy in a directed way or with routines to ‘make oneself into something’ (creating new programmed responses) then existing programs are naturally removed with the energy by focusing on nothing in particular or doing nothing but just letting the energy run through you with no focused intention. In this way another new program is not made in it’s place, and what one will experience is increase in body vibration and increased capability to respond spontaneously, as this process of allowing programs to be removed ensues.

My personal experience is all the programs of the personality are gradually removed in a natural way in multiple refinements or passes through the body of the awakened energy (kundalini) using the main tools of self-inquiry, witnessing meditation and allowing my body to move with spontaneous yoga like movements (which helps to open the larger physical structures). So first it was about learning how to surrender control of my brain (to be the witness), then next learning how to surrender control of my body. Both aspects are needed to allow the life-force energy to remove the programmed or conditioned responses from the brain and body, as the programming exists in both parts.

It’s a slow process this way, but what is interesting is that one gets all the *gifts* eventually that others get earlier by focusing their energy with their intention and Making themselves into something or developing special abilities. It’s been a long time, the 10th year now and it’s really pushed me to the limit to be patient and trust to do it this way, as it did not seem that much was happening at the ‘manifestation’ level. It was just this endless increase in vibration, but in the last 2 months, I feel this has turned a corner and now the growing starts. I am glad I was patent and trusted in this…

Recently, I have received reports from several elderly men that have meditated for a long time, that they are now experiencing classic kundalini awakening reactions that have not experienced them before.

Comment: “Thank you for your personal insight. When I think in terms of “energy imbalances” rather than “energy blockages”, a lot more things become clearer for me. I have had practically zero energy blockages but I can recall some instances of energy imbalances. For me they did not last very long, probably because my regular Yoga practices resolved them.”

Betsy: In yoga, they say there are 72,000 nadis in the astral body, which correspond to the nerves of the physical body. I don’t think any yoga practice, can ever perfectly balance these 72,000 nadis. To explain why I give this example of how the body and mind learns a routine.

When you first learn to ride a bike, it happens with trial and error as you learn each part relating to steering, braking, balance, etc. If you keep at it, eventually you learn to ride it. Once the bike riding skills are learned, you don’t need to think about how to do them anymore, they just play back by themselves and you can easily look around while riding the bike and enjoy the ride. The brain and body remembers how to do it as we learn the skill, a program is created. Imagine you don’t ride bike for many years, then decide to try it again in your adult years. You will get on and in just a very little time you will be riding again using the same skill set you learned when you were a child. Now it might happen that you decide you want to do a 100-mile bike ride, and as you prepare to do that, you realize the bike skills you learned as a child are not ideal for a long trip. So you refine your skills to learn to ride the bike in a way that causes least stress to body parts for longer duration. The next might be that you decide you like bicycling very much and now want to do competitive cycling. This is an entirely new level, and you realize you have some bad habits you have learned which you need to unlearn as well you need to optimize every movement to be competitive so you can win a race. This takes much effort and discipline to go to the next level. You will need to become aware of every body movement and your thinking to refine your bike riding skills. You might even hire a coach or have yourself videotaped to find areas where you lose energy, are imbalanced and can improve form and method. No matter what level you are with bike riding, you are always learning a programmed way to move the body on the bike with your directed thought. The more you perfect your body movements, the more athletic and healthy you will become and optimized for high-performance or ‘high energy’. Doctors will tell you, that most people that come in with injuries are those that do competitive sports. The overused areas of bike rider bodies will be most prone to injury.

What should be understood about this, is that there is no possible way to figure out how to move oneself with a certain routine to completely balance, optimize and activate the 72,000 nadis, partly because you can’t consciously detect all these finer channels. Repetitive routines can at most only optimize a small fraction of the nadis. There is nothing wrong with this, as it keeps strong energy moving through the higher level channels and keeps the body fit and strong. All the nadis can be activated and balanced, but the only way it can be done is with ‘no technique’.

Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to change—physically, functionally, and chemically—throughout life. It has been shown that when one learns new skills it increases the ability of the brain to change. This amounts to activating new energy channels so more energy flows through brain and body, which is moving away from underuse to more use. However, this expansion of brain change can only go so far, due to programming limitations as well the time it takes to learn new skills. Contrary to popular belief, the way to increase plasticity in the brain is not to learn new skills but rather to erase existing programs. A skill in the brain and body is an overused track and will eventually cause wear and tear. The way to make the neurons in the brain and body branch out into infinite fractal patterns to carry more energy in the body is done by erasing the existing programs (connections between neurons that make limited paths). It is clear that fractal pattern or neural expansion has the most potential to carry more energy, it is like the Universe itself! One erases existing programs by not ‘using’ or reinforcing them, with practice of witnessing, self-inquiry and detaching from identity with brain and body.

The following video demonstrates our programming capability as well how we lose spontaneity and brain plasticity as we age. The child can easily learn new skills because they are more spontaneous, they have fewer programs and more ‘free energy’ because they are in state of fast growth. I found it interesting how the older method of bike riding was still inside the man, just deeper in the memory banks and it just took a few nudges to pull it back up. This shows how many programs we store and how the older ones are more deeply buried. As the ‘erasing of the personality’ or transformation process ensues, one will move through the layers of programming one has laid down over all one’s lifetimes in reverse order of how they were laid down, the most recent is always on top.

The Backwards Steering Bike (Brain Reprogramming)


June 28, 2015


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2 comments on “Erase programs to expand awareness
  1. Mark says:

    Dear Betsy

    Excellent article on these blockages, and the learning and the relearning process we must slowly grasp like a child, and grow and evolve into. In this era we presently exist in, most all living symbols, mythologies that helped focus the subconscious on this highly refined rebuilding and recreating spiritual enfoldment, has been replaced by tangible scientific data. Nothing wrong with this, until we lose contact with this superlative refined Beauty (collectively/individually) that allows this Absolute Beauty, Perfection, to make contact with ItSelf through us, and grow ItSelf in the Human Being. When the age of pure reason was born (age of enlightenment 1750’s) science became our new King/Ruler. The positive is that science is ever expanding and exploring. Eventually, my hope, is that science will come to embrace through pure reason, this Universe, God, etc., that is a Story Teller and Lover that allows for every possibility. Ahh, Freedom by way of choice and chance.
    Thanks, Betsy.


    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your appreciation and wisdom Mark. I do see that with exploration of Quantum Physics the Scientists are getting very close to discovering the ‘theory of everything’, which uniting of science & spirituality will only happen when the invisible intelligence is included as being a very important part of all that exists.

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