My Favorite Videos


Nancy Neithercut YouTube Channel,  Selecting Three of My Favorites:




BUDDHA at the GAS PUMP (Video collection)
Interviews with “Ordinary” Spiritually Awakening People

Buddha At the Gas Pump

Reshma Valliappan: A Drop of Sunshine Documentary

Schizophrenia. One word, but conjures up multiple connotations – Mad. Incurable. Violent. Suicidal. Chemical imbalances. Crazy. A lifelong condition. Inevitable dependency on Medicines. Dark. Terrible. The Film takes us through the story of 30-year old Reshma Valliappan, and charts out her journey of eventual triumph. It takes a controversial and contrary view towards recovery from schizophrenia, proposing that the only treatment that can work is one where the so-called ‘patient’ is encouraged and empowered to become an equal partner in the process of healing.

For more information see Reshma’s blog


Rupert Spira: The Heart of Suffering

Bruce Lipton: The Power of Consciousness

Bruce Lipton: Biology of Belief (Full documentary)

Shamanic Consciousness – Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones

Ralph Smart: How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

Igor Kufayev: Fear of Discovering One’s True Nature