True healing is a growing process, which is the same as an increasing awareness level. Healing happens when our energy or vibration level increases. During the night healing happens because we are resting, which increases our vibration. As long as vibration in body is strong enough there is not degeneration or disease. Children who have not yet formed their personalities, have an abundance of high vibration, which can be seen in their quick growth and healing ability. As we age, our personality gets denser as we start to cling to habits and things we have learned which creates energy blocks and reduces our overall level of energy available for healing. We become less flexible, more fixed in our ways and thus more solid. This growing rigidity reduces energy flows and next some form of disease or degeneration will present. To heal, then we need to let go of what we are hanging onto, at the most basic level we need to learn how to be more spontaneous and adaptable. We need to learn how to change and not hold onto the past. Healing happens in reverse order of the erection of the personality itself, it is like taking a trip backward through time, back to one’s origin or source seed. The newest layers or problems are healed first, then after one layer is healed, the next layer surfaces for healing. To come to full healing it needs to happen on all levels that comprise our personality which includes the body, mind, emotions and soul. Healing happens whenever we increase our energy level, which there are many ways to do this. You start healing when you make changes in any of your habits to a better one which include: meditation, fasting, organ cleanses, taking supplements, eating the ideal diet, working with emotions, exercise, praying and getting information to name a few.

General Healing

Healing of Body

Healing of Emotions

Healing of Mind