Help For Entities, Possession, Negative Energy, Jinxes, etc.

Help For Entities, Possession, Negative Energy, Jinxes, Curses, Hexes, Dark Entities, Entity Attachment, etc.

The information in this article applies to whatever of the above conditions you are struggling with. To make it readable for any condition, I have used the word IT/THING.

  1. Don’t believe IT exists in reality.
  1. Do not tell story to yourself or entertain internal narrative that convinces you this is a real THING.
  1. When you feel IT is affecting you, tell IT you are no longer interested in IT, and ask for IT to leave or go away and ignore IT after that. Quit paying attention to IT.
  1. Quit attributing things happening in your life, believing that IT caused them or has any power to affect you what-so-ever.
  2. Do NOT react with even a drop of fear or annoyance or anger towards IT, be totally calm with whatever is happening in the body or mind, accept whatever is there fully with no resistance. If you are feeling something in the body, it is could be kundalini energy / healing energy — which Idea of IT (an energy form) might be triggering, but IT is not ‘hurting you’. Because IT doesn’t have a physical existence, it cannot actually interact in the physical world.
  1. Endeavor to understand that majority of your suffering is actually happening within your mind (like a dream reality) and not in the outside world. The suffering is predominately emotional and is a momentary experience and does not last forever and will eventually go away. No physical harm happens in a dream reality.
  1. You will know when you are gaining skill on your healing of this problem, when you can be perfectly still inside with no fear or anger thoughts and no fear or anger feeling in body. When you feel the experience as being blissful and joyful even when you sense IT is affecting you in some way — then you are making excellent progress. The more you can be like that and NOT REACT and stay CALM inside with your thoughts and have a relaxed body, then the power of IT will be fading and barely able to affect you.
  1. For IT to exist, it needs your belief in it and to be energized with your emotional energy to stay in existence. When you believe IT as being real and react to it with strong emotion, in a sense you are creating IT or attracting IT to you. The more you repeat the same happening or experience with the inner narrative and believe in IT, the more you empower it to keep pestering you and the more real IT seems to become.
  1. The truth is, the power has always been in your hand to get rid of IT. Don’t react to IT, don’t believe in IT, don’t entertain IT in any way. Stop giving your energy to IT with your strong emotional reactions. By not reacting emotionally, you have the key to kill IT.  The truth is, IT needs your energy to exist and the main energy is your emotion, which you are projecting to the outside at IT, because you believe in IT.
  1. For IT to keep pestering you, it needs 2 things from you:
  2. You have to believe IT is real.
  3. You have to react to IT with strong emotion, fear or anger are best.

Stop giving IT these 2 things and surely IT will go away.

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2 comments on “Help For Entities, Possession, Negative Energy, Jinxes, etc.
  1. Craig Allen says:

    That’s good advice, but if IT is still bugging you after practicing what is in the blog, then -IT- IS REAL!!!

    Next, we would seek the services of a good, experienced, spiritual healer.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      It is not the question if IT is real or not real. Your concern is your life and experience. When you no longer react to IT, you are no longer fueling it or giving it the validation it needs. If IT is real, it still needs or wants energy from others to feed, so if you are not feeding it it will lose interest and go somewhere else to get it’s food. If IT is still bugging you, then likely you can not yet BE like it is stated in Step 7. There is no harm to keep working to learn how to calm one’s mind and emotions to come to that point. One could also see the appearance or pestering of the IT, to actually be like your teacher and a creative opportunity to learn how to do #7. Then once you master #7, you may thank the IT for it’s help…

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