Kundalini Awakening

kundalini awakeningKundalini awakening refers to a stage in our self-realization where physical symptoms of healing are more profoundly felt in the body, such as: tingling, insects crawling, numbness, electric shocks, visions, cracking of bones, spontaneous movements, muscle twitches, altered states of consciousness, spiritual insights, internally seeing pulsing lights, sparks or hearing melodic tones, laughing, crying, elation, bliss. Symptoms like this are typically produced when the root chakra physically opens and the energy at base of spine starts to rise up the body. An awakening event can be triggered by several things such as: doing meditation, separation from a loved one, getting an energy healing of some form, to name a few. Basically Awakening Events happen when we truly let go of identity with ourselves.

I feel that today the collective consciousness of humanity is quite strong and all people today are actually experiencing kundalini awakening. What kind of symptoms they experience is dependent upon their self-realization step they are working on. The following article on kundalini symptoms explains the common reactions according to the step one is facing. Awakening steps cannot be skipped and do proceed in this order.

My full-blown kundalini awakening which was my 2nd major awakening event started in the fall of 2005 after deepening my meditation practice and starting to give myself reiki healings. I have published a testimonial covering my first year of this happening in a book that can be read in it’s entirety online for free: Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial.

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